Liberal Supremacy Killing Black America, Not White Supremacy

Liberal Supremacy Killing Black America, Not White Supremacy

Candice Owens appeared on Fox News and spilled the truth about Democrat policies which is killing the black communities more than the white supremacy groups do.  She defended President Trump on “The Ingraham Angle.”  The Democratic strategist Monique Pressley slammed Trump as a racist and pointed everything wrong toward “white supremacy.”  Owens and Pressley debated heavily on the show with Owens cornering the lousy Democrat, making him eat him own words with the help of Laura Ingraham of course.  Part of the interview is to show just how far Democrats go to put down the president until they are cornered.

On “The Ingraham Angle” Candice Owen hit the nail on the head when she made this statement, “The purpose for this is to distract black Americans from the fact that Democrat policies are actually harming the inner cities. They don’t want to talk about the illiteracy rates. They don’t want to talk about what’s actually harming black America because let me tell you, it’s not white supremacy. It’s liberal supremacy.”

She continued, “It’s liberal policies that have infested our inner cities and are destroying our youth that are driving up the gun violence. Nobody cares about gun violence when it happens in theses inner-cities. Isn’t that right? You can see 60 people every weekend being slaughtered in Chicago and Baltimore, and no one talks about it, because liberal policies are the problem.”

When Monique Pressley was asked the question by Laura Ingraham, “Do you think Donald Trump is a racist?”  She could not answer the question straight forward.  Pressley would continuously bring up the tweets from the president and other issues to deter from the actual question which Ingraham asked in several different forms to try and get an answer.  The first time Pressley answered she said, “I’m not here to defend anyone who takes the side of a racist, so when the president retweets or comments about Nazi enthusiasts or people in Britain who are saying things that are hateful or–”  Ingraham cut her off and revised the question, “So you don’t think he was a white supremacist in the ’80s, but you do today? You didn’t think he was a white supremacist in the ’80s or the 90s?”

Pressley then brought up Central Park Five, “I said I didn’t disagree that he received those awards. I think when he was taking out the article on the Central Park Five who was then the exonerated Park Five, I think that he was a racist then.”  A person does not just wake up one morning and claim to be “racist.”  Again, Ingraham grilled the question in another form, “That’s fine. No one’s gonna follow Central Park Five, but I’m just asking you because I really do want to understand. Do you believe in the ’80s and ’90s that Donald trump was not a white supremacist or he’s been a white supremacist his whole life but hid it from everybody?”

Once again, Pressley did not know where to put herself.  She brought up Obama being born in Hawaii and that the president had a problem with “immigrants.”  To which Ingraham corrected, the president said “illegal” immigrants.  Every time Pressley would try to switch gears to another subject, Ingraham and Owens quickly put her in her place.  Ingraham then asked Owens, “Candace, do you support people who are racist?”  She replied, “No, that’s why I’m a Republican.”  The interview lasted for almost seven minutes, and Owens answered straight forward while Pressley never answered the question.

Candice summed up what every conservative feels about Democrats with this statement, “So basically, your argument is that he went from being so not racist that Al Sharpton was hugging him to suddenly one day he decided to run for president and boom, just like that he became an avowed racist and all of a sudden we’re digging back into Central Park Five, which by the way in his ad said that if anybody is found guilty, any person of killing somebody in the park, then they should be put to death.”

She concluded with, “You want to know why he’s a racist suddenly? Because he ran for the presidency and this is how the Democrats try to score points in order to enslave black Americans ideologically.”

That last statement was the cold hard truth.  People loved Donald Trump until he announced he’s running for the presidency.  Every Democrat hates him now because he can destroy them and they know it.


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