NYT Helps Schiff Cover His Butt After Being Accused of Writing Whistleblower Complaint

NYT Helps Schiff Cover His Butt After Being Accused of Writing Whistleblower Complaint

For years the Democrats have tried and failed to get rid of President Trump. They were terrified of his win in 2016 and ever since then have been trying to undo the results of the election. And of course, they deny that fact. But it’s hard to see it as anything else when they continuously use the same playbook against their enemies.

Case and point: the phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

As soon as news of the phone call was outed, liberally backed news outlets and congressional Democrats claimed that what President Trump’s said on that phone call was wrong and criminal. According to them, President Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to open an investigation of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in an attempt to ruin the former vice president’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination.

President Trump and the Ukrainian President both say that nothing of the sort happened. And evidence to the contrary has been found. Firstly, the delay of military aid Trump was supposedly using as leverage was decided upon long before the phone call, and the Ukrainian government didn’t find out about it until nearly a month afterward.

Secondly, an investigation into the Bidens was never opened by the Ukrainian government.

To anyone with a brain between their ears, these facts make it appear as though there is some sort of set up or conspiracy going on to get Trump into trouble, even when there isn’t any.

This is even further suggested by the fact House Intelligence Committee Representative Adam Schiff knew about the contents of the whistleblower complaint before it was even filed.

Of course, after such findings were made known, Schiff and his cohorts have been trying to backpedal and cover their butts. Not surprisingly, the New York Times has even come to his rescue. Too bad it didn’t really work only made him look more guilty.

On Wednesday, they published an article designed disassociate the congressman from the accusation, saying that while he knew of the situation, it was nothing more than a “vague” sneak peek.

The article read, “The Democratic head of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, learned about the outlines of the C.I.A. officer’s concerns that President Trump had abused his power days before the office filed a whistle-blower complaint.”

It sounds a little damning, doesn’t it?

But it continues, adding, “the original accusation was vague” and that Schiff’s aide “did not share the whistle-blower’s identity with Mr. Schiff or anyone else.”

However, even with the last few lines included, it’s still apparent that Schiff pretty much knew what was going on. He knew about the complaint, what its “vague” accusations were, and he knew it before anything official was filed.

But the news only gets worse for Schiff, as the Times continues to try to dig him out of his own grave.

According to the article, a Schiff and House Intel Committee aide also told the whistle-blower to get an attorney and file an official complaint. By the way, the attorney, the whistle-blower was told to hire was none other than Andrew Bakaj, a known intern for both Schumer in 2001 and Clinton in the fall of the same year. Wonder who he has a bias towards…

Anyway, the article reads, “Like other whistle-blowers have done before and since under Republican and Democratic-controlled committees, the whistle-blower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report the possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community.” This was quoted from Patrick Boland, a spokesman for Schiff himself.

Boland also said that Schiff’s aides followed procedures and that Schiff never fully knew what the complaint was about, saw it, or even knew the whistle-blower’s name.

But many aren’t buying it and instead are calling it a “CON JOB” and “COLLISION,” according to GOP spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington.

After all, the entire saga looks awfully similar to another attempt to get rid of a prominent member of the right-leaning government, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. According to the Federalist’s Sean Davis, “Senate Dems provided Christine Blasey Ford w/ guidance and legal advice before she went to WaPo, then leaked her allegations.”

The same is being done here. “House Dems provided the anti-Trump accuser w/ guidance and legal advice before he went to the ICIG, then leaked his allegations.”

However, since the attempt against Kavanaugh didn’t work, you’d think they’d know this won’t either.


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