Buttigieg Opposes Death Penalty for Terrorists but Agrees with Abortion

Buttigieg Opposes Death Penalty for Terrorists but Agrees with Abortion

On Thursday, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana announced his “Douglass Plan,” which he says is aimed at fixing racial and equality issues within the nation. Which is fine except, that’s not the real reason he wants change.

Buttigieg says, “Named after American hero Frederick Douglass, this plan demands we take aggressive steps toward fulfilling long-broken promises of true equality, including reforming broken systems, strengthening access to credit, and injecting capital into the Black community.”

The plan would seek to “eliminate incarceration for drug possession, reduce sentences for other drug offenses and apply these retroactively, legalize marijuana, and expunge past convictions.”

In addition, the plan would also call for the end of solitary confinement, private prisons, and the death penalty. According to Buttigieg, “As we work to end mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses, as we work to put an end to prolonged solitary confinement, which is a form of torture, here too, we must be intentional about fixing disparities that have strong and deeply unfair racial consequences.”

“Speaking of sentencing disparities, it is time to face the simple fact that capital punishment as seen in America has always been a discriminatory practice and we would be a fairer and safer country when we join the ranks of modern nations who have abolished the death penalty.”

He said of the death penalty, “There are people who may deserve to die. I just don’t know anybody who deserves to kill them.” Clearly, he never served his nation in combat, fighting for our freedoms.

He says this goes for everyone, including known and accused terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Mohammed’s military tribunal is scheduled for January 11. 2021 at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for the murder of 2,976 Americans. But Buttigieg believes it would be wrong for him to be sentenced to death. He said, “I do believe that the moral consequence of killing somebody who is defenseless for any reason goes against certainly what I’ve been taught about the way we’re supposed to treat human life.”

So because Mohammed is in custody and “defenseless,” it isn’t fair to kill him? What if we place a gun in his hand or bomb? Would it be ok then? He wouldn’t be defenseless, right? And he certainly wasn’t defenseless when he thought up and helped organize the hijacking of four planes that would lead to deaths of nearly 3,000 people.

We aren’t sure we believe any of this.

Firstly, simply because none of it makes sense. Suddenly, we are no longer supposed to punish crimes.

Oh’ you have illegal drugs? No big deal. It’s ok. You committed a heinous crime years ago. Ok, that’s fine. Let’s give you a reduced sentence, free housing, the right to vote, good credit, and anything else you want. Nope, don’t worry, you won’t have to work for it like the rest of the country does. We’ll just give it to you.

That is precisely what these changes do. They make crime an ok thing. They give it an approval rating and why? Because our jails and criminal justice system house more black lives than any other race. And Buttigieg needs black votes. So he wants to ease up on crime, agree to reparation, end the death penalty, and legalize marijuana. Maybe then he’ll get what he needs.

Secondly, its clear Buttigieg doesn’t really care about “defenseless” lives. Just look at his stance on abortion. Can you think of a more defenseless human being than an unborn child? And yet Buttigieg, says they don’t matter. He trusts “women to draw the line.”

But what about when those women just don’t want to be pregnant? When they don’t want to lose their figure. Or maybe the baby isn’t a girl like they wanted. Perhaps the child has a deformity or down syndrome. Does that mean its ok to say that child won’t matter, that it doesn’t deserve a chance at life?

Of course, according to him, they aren’t human beings until they actually breathe air for the first time after birth. He even claims the Bible says this, that life begins with breath. He must have missed the verse that says punishment, even life for life, is due to anyone who harms an unborn child (Exodus 21:22-23).

Nope, we aren’t buying it. What it all boils down to for Buttigieg are votes. Just like most other liberal politicians, he wants power, and he’ll do anything to get it.


12 thoughts on “Buttigieg Opposes Death Penalty for Terrorists but Agrees with Abortion

  1. Buttigieg says he is a Christian and a married man,he maybe a Christian sense they do not require their followers to adhere to any form of Moral code or behavior,but the bible requires us to up hold the only standard of righteousness their is,mainly Yahweh’s commandments,statutes,and his judgements,his sexual perversion as he is an admitted Homosexual which excludes him from being a born again believer,according to the scriptures we must be incovenant with our creator by having his laws written on our hearts and mind Hebrews 8:10-12,they are written on the heart by the holy spirit in us if he truly is present with in us,this what is ment to be born of the spirit of God,sense the spirit of Yahweh does not abide in a sinner and will not hear their prayers,it behoves us to stop our sinning with the aid and enabling power of the Holy Spirit who was send for this purpose,so Mr.Buttigieg maybe a Christian but he is not a believer in Yeshua in any sense of the word,if we refuse to obey him then we are not a child of Yahweh and can not know him 1 John2:4 and Matthew 7:21-23 says he does not know us,and we will be labled as lawless and a worker of iniquity,and yet trying to tell Christians these thing is like swimming with the sharks,you will be attacked sooner or later and they will try to devour you if possible,Buttigieg is a liar when he attempts to justify abortion as a biblical act which is,all who practice abortion are under a curse because they are destroying the innocent which we are forbidden to do,Deuteronomy 27:25,Proverbs 6:17,even a nut bag like him should know better,the taking of an innocent life is murder of the highest order and carries with it the death penalty which is capital punishment he is against.

  2. Buttigeig doesn’t want the death penalty for terrorists but doesn’t mind murdering innocent babies. That tells you what the democrats think about Americans. Do we really want this this murderer in the WH.

  3. How disgraceful can Buttigieg get? He is completely devoid of what law and order means and what our
    constitution stands for! A soverign nation needs law and order , closed borders, courts, a civilized society,
    and the right of every citizen to feel safe in their homes! Buttigieg has had a lobotomy and no one told him!
    Anyone that supports him and his anti American rhetoric should all move to Cuba! How is a person so devoid in knowledge of law and order and a free America , actually be a candidate for president?? It’s the
    definition of INSANITY! Buttigieg is truly deplorable!
    God bless and save America! Trump 2020. Our only hope!!

  4. I hope he makes it perfectly okay for him to house these individuals at his personal residence. They are harmless, therefore, show them how much you care to get their vote.

    Of course, he wants the terrorists votes, because, they wouldn’t vote for him anyway, being an insane idiot that doesn’t know his penis dictates that he is a male. If he give the terrorists all these rights, they might swing his way & vote for him, even if it is against their cult rules. These fools, whether or not they like it or whether or not they agree, will face GOD at end time & it AIN’T GONNA BE PRETTY, when he cast them into the Lake of Fire to burn forever & ever. There is no bigger crime than abortion. Yeah, be a real man & kill that little, tiny infant that has ZERO power. That is a real match for manhood. You’re a big low life gay idiot & stand beside that little one & decide to destroy the tiny little one. Oh yes sir… There was a legitimate fight & you won, because, you were the bigger unidentified whatever you are. A real battle occurred there, didn’t it Bettigieg but hole.

  5. Buttigig (spelled wrong on purpose) knows NOTHING about being a President. He NEEDS to just go away. Go home to his friend boy. The MAJORITY of WE THE PEOPLE love the President we have & with the good LORD willing; we want to keep him for another TERM.

    The EVIL Democratic Party have done NOTHING to help A SINGLE PERSON in OUR country. While Donald Trump has created so many jobs & continues to do so, while he has made the ECONOMY rise & continues to do so, while he has already fought without ANY help from the DemonRats to start building the WALL & it continues to be built a little more each day; WHAT HAS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY done???

    They have LIED to the American people since Day ONE about TRYING to work with OUR Party in HELPING our country on ANYTHING. They have LEFT BLACK & WHITE homeless Americans, our VETERANS & our Latino Americans; along with our POOR Americans HOMELESS. Living under bridges or wherever, just so they along with George Soros could get as many ILLEGAL ALIENS into OUR country as they can.

    It’s NOT because they TRULY want to HELP them. It’s because they NEED something from them. They NEED these ILLEGALS here so they can VOTE for them. And even though some of OUR very OWN people are homeless & poor; the DemonRats continue to give all these ILLEGALS more HELP than OUR own people get.
    They get places to live, more money than our very own people get on Medicare & these people are also given jobs BEFORE our people are because they don’t mind working for pennies on the dollar.

    It’s a SLAP IN THE FACE to our very OWN people. But even though the ones that are here ILLEGALLY; it’s just a MODERN DAY form of slavery. A Democrat Candidate for President will talk all about the FREE STUFF people are going to get; when in REALITY a person with ONLY half a brain knows NOTHING is FREE. It’s just the DemonRats way of saying WE THE PEOPLE will NOT be in charge of any of our affairs that have to do with OUR banking decisions or any of our very OWN savings we may have put back for a rainy day. This is a form of Socialism.

    The BIG government will dole out the money they think we should have. No more spending money for what we WANT or NEED. This is their way of helping pay for ALL the free stuff they promised. Then they will keep going further to the left. This is when “THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD” will be brought forward. Black Americans will TRULY beg for the cops to come back. Because stealing gets your hands cut off, murder gets you be-headed & as for ALL the homosexuals that think ALL Muslims are nice & love them??? I’m going to tell you to read up on Sharia Law. Just so you all BELIEVE me when I say this. Homosexuals are just outright MURDERED. Think I’m lying??? GO READ ABOUT IT. Obama ran out of time. But now we have MUSLIMS in OUR very OWN government.


    AMEN ✝️✝️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

  6. And let’s not forget that Buttigieg is for all abortions!! Yet…… wants to spare a terrorist’s life!
    Truly the definition of insanity!
    Again, Buttigieg is a deplorable disgusting progressive lying liberal !
    Our “only” hope ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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