FBI Proves Democrats Wrong About AR-15s

FBI Proves Democrats Wrong About AR-15s

You have likely heard of the many Democratic threats to take your guns away from you, particularly, those made by former Representative and current presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. According to him, if he gains the presidency and the White House, “Hell, yes,” he’s going to take your AR-15 and AK-47.

He and other Democratic candidates have made a huge point of including proposed gun control plans into their campaigns citing that guns are one of the leading causes of all murders within the US. Most of these plans include stricter gun-buying procedures, such as background checks, as well as “mandatory buyback” programs for “assault weapons” like the AR-15.

And while this type of rifle can be dangerous in the wrong hands and people can most certainly be killed by them, the FBI has just come out with a report stating that they are used in under 3% of the nation’s homicides.

This stands in stark contrast to the message many 2020 Democratic candidates and others within their party have been propagating. What is even more odd about the report is that, even though the AR-15 was labeled as the most popular rifle by far in the year 2018, the number of people killed with them, and the number of crimes used with guns overall, dropped.

According to the FBI, all the data used within the report are a “statistical compilation of offense, arrest, and police employee data reported by law enforcement agencies voluntarily participating in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.”

So what does the report say exactly?

It noted that 2.1 percent of all homicides and 2.9 percent of all gun homicides in the United States were committed with rifles. You will notice that this does not say “assault rifles,” such as the popular AR-15 or AK-47. It merely reports all rifles. This includes those but is not limited to them.

For those of you who are not familiar with firearms, the term “rifle” refers to any type of firearm that has spiral grooves inside a typically long barrel that is fired from the shoulder. Therefore, this means that this meager percentage of homicides includes the use of single-shot, pump-action rifles, lever and bolt action rifles, and semi-automatic rifles.

Just to let you know there are many of each of these three types of rifles. And yet, it seems that only two of the thousands available get a bad rap.

Nevertheless, rifles, of any kind, were used to kill a total of 297 people in the US last year. So how does that compare to other weapons on the list?

Let’s start at the top or highest amount of deaths and work our way down.

First up, with the largest number of people being killed by it, is handguns. These were used to kill 6,603 Americans last year. I’m no mathematician, but that number is significantly higher than rifle related murders, and yet not one single presidential candidate or congressional democrat is talking about putting a ban on or seizing them.

It doesn’t make much sense to me either.

Anyway, up next is “knives or cutting instruments.” These everyday household items were noted to have been used in 1,515 murders in 2018. By the way, that is over five times the amount of people killed by rifles.

Next up, “personal weapons” killed 672 people in the United States. Now, you may ask what exactly is a personal weapon. The FBI classifies this to be any part of your person or body. So hands, fists, feet, etc. this means that 672 people were literally beaten to death by another person last year. Note that this number is still three times higher than the one attributed to rifles.

And coming in last, but with still nearly double the number of deaths attributed to it, is “blunt objects.” These are things like hammers, golf clubs, and baseball bats. You know, that nearly everyone has lying around somewhere. These familiar items were used to kill 443 US citizens in 2018.

So since all of these numbers are higher than deaths by rifles, does that mean we are to ban baseball bats, golf clubs, and construction tools? Are we to rid people of their limbs, in the hope that fewer murders will happen?

Common sense would say we do something about these more dangerous weapons before we go after the one on the very bottom of the list. But there we go, thinking that Democrats have any sort of common sense when it is so very apparent they do not.


5 thoughts on “FBI Proves Democrats Wrong About AR-15s

  1. UhOh! More truths and facts for democrats and the MSM propaganda machine to run from, hide from and lie about… Basically business as usual for them!

  2. The GOVERNMENT has no Right to take away anything from the Citizenry without Proper Lawful cause! Guns have laws which governs the users’ Rights! But, never to take away that Right from any qualified citizen to carry GUN(S)! Yes, the evaluation for qualification tests are necessary for each RESPONSIBLE Gun Carrier! It is like passing the tests to become a Professional in the field of one’s profession! Gun Rights belongs to every Citizen who passes the TEST!

  3. What the people who want to get rid of guns either don’t understand or care about, is that people who want to kill will find a way to kill!. They also don’t understand that guns in the population are actually a deterrence. People with ill intentions tend to ‘behave’ themselves if they know someone could stop them, or they could themselves be hurt. Why did the ‘crazy’ in Colorado drive over 20 miles to shoot up a theater? It is because he knew that it was a ‘gun free zone’ – (one of the most dangerous places to be in) ! If every law abiding citizen had a gun and was trained in it, we would be the safest place in the world.

  4. I know this is obvious, but the first step to Totalitarian Socialism is disarming the populace! The Second Amendment was written by people who LIVED that kind of rule in England. So, they endowed US with the RIGHT to keep that from happening here! The Liberal Lefties, not just some Democrats, but ALL elitists in D.C. want you and me to be SUBJECT to them. They want to RULE us. But we KNOW the truth, that THEY ARE HIRED BY US! We tell them what to do! Is this not CLEAR! Do Not Believe ANY
    THING the D.C. Elites tell you. Always ask WHY.

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