Will Trump Resign To Avoid Impeachment?

Will Trump Resign To Avoid Impeachment?

Donald Trump has a lot of pride. The last thing he wants to do is go down as one of the few presidents who have been impeached. If it looks as though he will actually be impeached over the whole Ukraine ordeal, it is possible that Trump will simply resign, leaving Pence with the keys to the kingdom.

A former Trump Organization VP, Barbara Res, has said that Trump will do what he needs to in order to save face. The former executive said that he will either resign or make a deal before the House Dems are able to follow through on the articles of impeachment.

With Nancy Pelosi already beginning the impeachment inquiry, it’s only a matter of time before the House of Representatives takes further action. Once they vote to impeach, everything will be full-speed ahead in order to get Donald Trump out of his position as President.

As of right now, there are only a handful of presidents who have ever been impeached – Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both were acquitted and were able to stay in office. However, it is believed that Trump would likely take the route of Richard Nixon and resign before the House would be able to vote.

Barbara Res spoke with Reliable Sources on CNN. Although she believes that Trump will resign before being impeached, she also said that she could be wrong. Her gut is telling her that it would be bad for him to be impeached – and there’s no telling as to whether he’ll be found guilty or not. She says that her gut belief is that he’ll choose to leave the office or make a deal depending on how the impeachment inquiry continues.

There’s a lot happening toward Trump right now, especially as a whistleblower has come forward to issue a formal complaint about quid pro quo. Trump allegedly held onto millions of dollars in military aid from Ukraine in exchange for investigating his political rival.

The whistleblower has already been identified as having political bias and his information is second-hand. Further, the Ukrainian president has said that he did not feel pressured in any way. Does this mean that there is still enough information for the Dems to actually impeach the president? This is what everyone is trying to figure out right now.

Res may not be the best one to inform the world of what she believes Trump should do. She has said that he is “unfit for office” and has also gone on record for calling him a “supreme sexist.” To say that she isn’t a fan of Trump’s is an understatement.

The reality is that Trump isn’t likely to resign, even if the House does choose to impeach him. It is likely that the Senate, where there is a Republican majority, will acquit him. Should this happen, Trump stays in office to continue out his term. He, then, has the ability to continue to run for another four years – and this is where Trump’s arrogance may help him. Although arrogant, it also gives him the confidence to fight against the Dems who have continuously lied and cheated to get him into this position, to begin with.

By choosing not to resign, he can show the country once and for all that the Dems were willing to fight dirty in order to impeach him out of office. Assuming that the Republican-led Senate acquits him following the House impeachment, he can gain the support of not only Republicans around the country but also the moderate Dems who fear that there are too many far left-leaning progressives who want to ruin the country.

Trump has already pointed the finger at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi following the impeachment inquiry. He has taken to Twitter and accused her of treason. He claims that she was well aware of the lies and fraudulent activity of Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. As a result, Trump has called for the impeachment of Pelosi and Schiff for treason as well as “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

If there’s anything that we know about Trump it’s that he’s resilient. He’s already been able to prove that the Russian interference was a hoax, which meant that the Dems had to come up with another reason to impeach. With a whistleblower as a registered Dem, this is just another hoax that the House Dems have cooked up. Trump won’t risk resigning if he believes that he can drain the swamp a bit more after their latest stunt.


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