Busted! Biden Received $900K from Ukrainian Company

Busted! Biden Received $900K from Ukrainian Company

The Democrats want nothing more than to punish Trump. The only problem is that they’re trying to protect Biden in the process. He’s not as innocent as they’d like to make him out to be. It’s the Hillary Clinton scandal all over again, where they get mad at the Republicans for pointing out the crimes of a Democrat.

Former VP Joe Biden was shadier than many ever realized. Now, there’s new information being shared that’s startling to everyone. A Ukrainian member of Parliament reports that Joe Biden received $900k from Burisma, a Ukraine-based company, for lobbying activities.

The Dems haven’t figured out how to hide this one yet. And, it’s not the Republicans who reported on it – a Ukrainian member of Parliament was the one to come forward to share this information. In fact, a press conference in Kiev was held in order to make the announcement.

MP Andriy Derkach shared that Biden received the money from Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company that was founded and owned by Zlochevsky. The notion on the transfer allegedly reads “for consultative services.”

Derkach talked openly about this transfer of funds, which was discovered through an investigation – likely the investigation that Biden was trying to stop by threatening not to transfer $1 billion of taxpayer money to Ukraine to stop investigating his son.

The funds were transferred to Rosemont Seneca Partners, a US-based company. Based on open sources, this firm is affiliated with Biden.

Technically, the company is owned by Hunter Biden as well as Devon Archer, his business partner. However, according to Derkach, it is believed that the $900k was directly for Joe Biden.

An Interfax release also shows that funds were transferred to other individuals as well, including Hunter Biden.

Documents show that Burisma paid at least $16.5 million to several individuals, including Devon Archer, Hunter Biden, Aleksander Kwasniewski, and the former Polish president, all who were either board members or chairmen of the Burisma Board.

With all of the facts that are present in the documents, including a timeline that proves the US is linked to Zlochevsky for loan guarantees, and Biden has admitted to exerting pressure on Ukraine, it requires an investigation. The US Department of Justice has the power to investigate them, too.

Derkach said that there’s a parliamentary investigative commission being created and that there is a criminal case being launched against Ukrainian offices regarding interfering in US elections. A court hearing is scheduled at the end of the month.

Ukraine already has a history of corruption. This means that many are nervous about taking anything that they hear from members of the government at face value.

However, it’s very clear that former VP Biden and his son were involved with Ukraine on multiple levels. He’s been caught on tape threatening to withhold aid if Shokin (the prosecutor) wasn’t fired. Biden, however, claims that it wasn’t because Shokin was investigating his son. He claims that the reason he wanted him fired was that he was corrupt.

Accepting funds from a foreign corporation, however, is where the story takes a turn – a turn that requires an investigation to find out what was going on. $900k is a lot of money by anyone’s standards. It couldn’t have been payment for sitting on the board. Hunter Biden was supposedly paid $50,000 a month for being a board member. Did Biden consult with the company, and if so, was $900k what he actually earned? The money went to the Biden group, so even if it didn’t go directly to Joe, it still went to the Bidens.

Giuliani spoke to Fox News’ Hannity about the MP’s accusation, finding it credible. Giuliani feels that Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma, is one of the most suspicious criminals around – and that he’s walking around free in Ukraine because Biden got the entire case dismissed. He feels that the whole thing is worth investigating – and that there’s a suspicion that the then-president of Ukraine accepted a considerable bribe in order to make the case go away. Giuliani is quick to say that he’s not accusing Biden of being involved in the bribe, but that it’s worth an investigation.

Biden’s suddenly having a lot of questions brought up about Ukraine. The Dems are so quick to point the finger back at Trump for going after a presidential candidate and rival. However, the Dems have to understand that it’s very possible that Biden isn’t as clean as they thought he was – and that an investigation is going to have to take place before anyone would feel confident to vote him in as president.


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