GOP Says Polls Over Impeachment Are an Advantage

GOP Says Polls Over Impeachment Are an Advantage

GOP House leaders are confident in telling everyone the impeachment inquiries will backfire and flip over many Democratic seats between this year and next year’s elections.  Many Republicans are tired of these witch hunt games played by the Democrats, and it shows in the House how Democrats are not doing anything for this country.  They are only concerned with two things.  First, they are concerned with removing President Donald J. Trump from the President’s office.  And second, covering up their own lies and deceptions from all the crazy stunts they pulled in the last few decades.  The funny thing is neither one of them will get done, so it is safe to say the Democrats have done absolutely nothing for America.

House GOP members met this week where they were briefed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, where a poll shows 68 percent of American voters are calling the impeachment proceedings politically motivated.  One source stated, “The numbers look good for us.  [They] show independents and voters in districts Trump won with a Dem rep are against impeachment.”  Just the Independent Party alone has 67 percent in their own polls.  This poll information was gathered from the Public Opinion Strategies for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

According to The Hill, a survey was sent out to voters in 95 districts, which are considered battlegrounds, say they are going with anti impeachment GOP candidates.  There is 50 percent of support for the president showing in the polls versus 42 percent who are pro-impeachment Democrats.  This was also the case in areas where the districts are both held by Republicans and Democrats.  In the Republican districts, the numbers show 53 to 40 percent, and in the Democrat districts, the numbers show 47 to 43 percent. Areas which President Trump won but Democrats hold the seats, the polls there show 54 to 38 percent.  All of the numbers are high and in favor of the president.

A slide from a PowerPoint presentation reads, “Congressional Democrats who represent Trump districts appear to be in a precarious position here, as their voters clearly side against impeachment and are much more willing to vote for a GOP candidate opposing impeachment than a Democrat supporting it.”  The poll obtained by The Hill shows 62 percent of Americans surveyed do not feel the phone call conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky is worth impeachment proceedings.  They think it was a right call to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.  No laws were broken.

In the districts Trump won, 31 Democrats are owning the districts.  There are only 19 districts the GOP needs to flip to gain the majority of the House in 2020.  Many Democrats in the House will feel the effect and the wrath of the American voters in the polls.  This all comes as Democrats were too quick to push for impeachment.  They did not have substantial evidence, and their witch hunts and hatred showed through on how quickly they wanted to proceed.  It’s too late now!  The Democrats pulled the trigger on yet another incident that will come up empty.  Americans, the GOP, and now some Democrats who really have their heart in the right place but their body is in the wrong party, are growing weary of all these games.

As of now, 40 House GOP seats need to be defended, and 55 seats, which are Democrats and Republicans feel they have what it takes to regain the House in the 2020 elections.  President Trump and all of his supporters have said this from the beginning.  If the House of Representatives goes to impeach the president, they will have “handed him the reelection.”  That is precisely what is happening.

The boat is being rocked in some massive waves, but “We the People” will prevail and be smooth sailing if we can stick together and have everyone go out and vote!  We all know the president did not do anything wrong, and the whole impeachment thing is just to stop the president from pulling out the truth and reveling it to the public.  Most of it we already know.  In a nutshell, the Democrats will go down, and we all said it, it would happen as soon as they would go for impeachment.  We all need to pray for President Donald Trump and his family.  They endure the unthinkable for America.  No other president ever had to go through this in history.


6 thoughts on “GOP Says Polls Over Impeachment Are an Advantage

  1. It seems that the U.S. Citizens do not like TRAITORISIC TREASONIST Left Leaning Democrats (and RINOs like Mitt Romney). They REALLY overplayed their hand, and it’s time to “FOLD THEM”. I think the there will be a CONSERVATIVE revival here in America and ANYTHING LIBERAL/SOCIALIST will be a bad (but fading memory), with it being BANISHED. I think that there will be a FAITH revival among the Evangelical Christians as well.

  2. I just knew Joe Biden and his son Hunter are scurrying about trying to hide and cover-up their illegal activity and shady maneuvers. It is great to see the lies and crimes of the Dems and the Deep State being found out and exposed finally.

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