Meanwhile China to Increase Spending on U.S. Agriculture to $50 Billion

Meanwhile China to Increase Spending on U.S. Agriculture to $50 Billion

It might be very easy to forget amid all the noise, chaos, yelling, and nonsense being heard around D.C. lately, that there is still a country that needs to be run, protected, and guided. As the most recent deal between the U.S. and China reveals, President Trump has not forgotten and continues to lead despite all the rhetoric and political clamoring. Of course, the Left, the anti-Trumpers, and every hopeful 2020 presidential candidate would like nothing more than for us all to get lost in the smoke screens.

If you have been paying attention lately, and even if you haven’t, you are aware of the cries of foul play surrounding the Ukraine call transcripts. Yes, that non-story that somehow the Dems have fabricated into this media-frenzy Left-driven impeachment campaign. Damn it, there is that stupid “I” word again.

Yet, despite all this noise and much ado about nothing fire, the President continues to work toward keeping America great. Amid all the smoke and deaf to the noise (as deaf as he can be to be assured), as one story reported, Trump is continuing to succeed. This time with more headway in U.S. and China negotiations, to the great benefit of our American farmers.

Unfortunately, this great boost to our economy and toward working with China was buried under Biden this, Ukraine that and more chatter about the “I” word. The good news, for all of us, is that President Trump has been groomed, now both professionally and politically, to stay focused on the task-at-hand while ignoring all the distractions. While the Democrats have probably figured out that the President can’t be shaken, they are hoping that public opinion can. Part of that plan could very well include burying news like this most recent agreement with China.

According to our aforementioned story, “China will at least double its spending on U.S. agriculture as part of a partial trade accord between the two countries that’s likely to be well received by crop traders when markets reopen.” That isn’t simply a boost, that is double the spending on U.S. agriculture. And do we really need to point out that this isn’t Mogadishu, this is China? So how much are we taking in dollars and cents?

The story reported that “under terms of the arrangement, spending will scale to an annual figure of $40 billion to $50 billion over two years,” citing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. So while the Democrats are spending heaven knows how much time starting fires and who knows how much money creating smoke screens, the President of the United States is working and doing his job. After all, some of us have responsibilities and obligations.

While the Democrats are writing letters and spending hours compiling a team of investigators and hunting ghosts, the President is out working hard to deliver on his promises. He is reforming immigration, improving the economy, working at building better foreign relations and looking at new answers to the gun violence questions. Because people like the President of the United States have responsibilities and obligations.

In a few short months, we will find out if the people were distracted by those smoke clouds or if they appreciate the stronger economy and safer nation they live in. This, like the others before it, is nothing more than a tactical ploy by politicians and will amount to nothing. Just don’t be surprised if you see or hear of at least one or two more fires before election day arrives!

Curious isn’t it? How a $50 billion deal could get made and how much it will help our farmers and our economy, but it still gets so little coverage or fanfare. It is also rather funny too. Funny how there have been all these fires during the President’s first term but nobody is getting burned. Well, that is except the people starting those fires. Mom and Dad were always right, you shouldn’t ever play with fire, because sooner or later you will get burned. So while the kids keep playing with matches, the adults will continue to keep us safe, $50 billion stronger, and headed in the right direction.



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