Only One Person Showed Up to Trump Challenger’s Rally

Only One Person Showed Up to Trump Challenger’s Rally

With such an overcrowded Democratic field of 2020 presidential candidates, it can be easy to overlook and forget about the few other Republicans vying for the Oval Office. And it seems that the whole of Philadelphia and surrounding areas have as well.

This weekend former Representative Mark Sanford began his campaign for the presidency at a park in the historical renown city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The rally was meant to bring in crowds and publicity, but only one person showed up.

And we can’t even say it was curiosity that caused him to show. The single attendee was a reporter from The Philadelphia Inquirer, and so was rather there on business and not personal interest. Even the local Fox station must have missed this on the schedule.

After being there for a little while and speaking, a few people who happened to be roaming the park did come to see what was going on, as did a few other local news crews and media personnel. But the attendance was scarce to be sure.

Sanford’s campaign is not the only thing the South Carolinian has going on at the moment. He has also recently begun a “Kids, We’re Bankrupt, and We Didn’t Even Know It” tour in which he plans to draw attention to the substantial national debt. This is also one of the key issues he speaks about his presidential campaign.

On Saturday in the park, Sanford used a prop check addressed to the “Burden of Future Generations” for one trillion dollars to emphasis this issue.

And this isn’t the first time the candidate has failed to gain attention or support, at least in a positive way. For the most part, his career borders on the mundane and boring. Minus one little week during his time spent as governor of his home state of South Carolina.

In 2009, Sanford went missing for six days. Naturally, when a politician and a governor, no less, goes missing, the media has a tendency to get crazy. Rumors flew about where he could be and what could have possibly happened to cause the forgetful man to just disappear.

However, his staff maintained that he was taking some time off to hike the Appalachian Trail. But as they continued to cover for the governor, other facts surfaced that conflicted with each other and made the staff’s story questionable at best.

When Sanford resurfaced, he finally was forced to admit that he was not, in fact, hiking. Instead, he had traveled to Argentina where he has an extramarital affair with a South American journalist. Naturally, his wife promptly divorced him.

After his short stint as governor, he returned to the US House of Representatives, where he has worked before.

It was here that made himself known, albeit by few, to be a Trump critic. In 2018, he ran in the primary election to keep his position in the house. However, Trump chose another over Sanford, someone who obviously supported the president. Trump’s explanation was that Sanford was “better off in Argentina.”

Trump stated, “Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA. He is MIA and nothing but trouble. He is better off in Argentina. I fully endorse Katie Arrington for Congress in SC, a state I love. She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. Vote Katie!”

Sanford told the only reporter at his rally that he understood the small turnout because “Nobody knows me in Philadelphia. I get it.” And he added, “I think in life we all do what we can do, what’s within our power to have an effect. So we’re just sort of moving along as we go along.”

And while that is true, it doesn’t seem like any effort on Sanford’s part is going to get him what it will take to win the White House and the presidency. He lacks in just about everything; support, media attention, and money to back his goals. And if his next few rallies are anything like this one, that’s unlikely to change.


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