Trump Vetoes a Measure from Congress Over State of Emergency

Trump Vetoes a Measure from Congress Over State of Emergency

The southern border is still a hot spot for debate and political struggles. The Democrats want to see open borders so anyone and their brother can walk right into the country. The Republicans want secure borders where people have to be screened before they are let into the country. The President wants a safer America. He knows that most of the people coming across the border are criminals seeking to join their gang family. Most of them have an extensive criminal record and will not stop adding to it.

Earlier in his presidency, Trump declared a state of emergency because so many migrants were pressing their way forward by request of the Democratic underground mafia. Their purpose was to force their way into America. They wanted to come into the country, so they can criminalize their place in society. But President Trump put a stop to it by his emergency declaration. This provided military power to keep these illegal democratic driven fakes from crossing over.

The Senate has tried several times to get the president to lift his emergency declaration by voting to have it removed. They are calling on him to lift it. It is, however, the dumb Democrats that are pushing the issue. 11 Republicans have joined in vote to lift the declaration but not for the criminal reasons that the Democrats have for wanting it removed. The president is not at all impressed as he continues to veto such resolutions from the Senate.

President Trump has stated that “The situation on our southern border remains a national emergency, and our armed forces are still needed to help confront it.” Wave after wave of illegal criminals is still trying to force their way into the country. These people rob and kill American citizens without cause. They will stop at nothing to destroy what people have worked so hard to build in the past several decades.

Congress is powerless to intervene as they lack the votes necessary to override a presidential veto. They must have a two-thirds vote to counteract a president. The Republicans of the House are not at all impressed with the dumb Democrats because they continue to witch hunt the president. Congress is lost in the crazy Democrat world which means they have nothing to improve the country let alone secure it.

The stupid Democrats in Congress continue to fight against the president. Trump had to issue the emergency declaration because Congress would not provide the money that was needed to fix the border issues. The Democrats are the ones that need to be blamed for the president issuing the order in the first place. The liberal media wants the country to believe that all politicians are in favor of blocking the president, but that is just not the case.

The president has had to take money for the military funds just to secure the southern border. He would never have had to divert funds if the crazy and selfish Democrats would have just provided what he asked for in the first place. But they are so drunk on revenge because they lost in 2016 that they will never support President Donald Trump. The president does not need the wacky Democrats to get things done. He is a man that thinks outside the box and has been able to move forward in spite of the dumb ways of the Democrats to block and fight him at every turn.

The president is not just using the money for weapons. He has provided the funding for families that are affected by this move to be able to move and provide care for children while they are serving on domestic deployment. These are not actions of a crazy man, but rather a man that cares about the people of this great nation. The dumb Democrats have forgotten what it means to be an American because they support the destruction of the country. They would rather see an America deep in socialism and communism. They would rather see an America ruled from the borders of China or the Russian government.


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