Donating Campaign Funds to Ilhan Omar Only Helps Her Boyfriend

Donating Campaign Funds to Ilhan Omar Only Helps Her Boyfriend

Ilhan Omar loves nothing more than to take to Twitter to call out people she deems to be using the system for personal gain. However, she apparently doesn’t think that those rules apply to her. She has been upping her campaign funds as a way to get more votes for the 2020 elections. The problem, however, is that fundraising efforts aren’t simply being used to help keep Omar in office – they’re also being used to keep her boyfriend’s company afloat.

The Democratic Representative from Minnesota has been increasing their third-quarter spending with a firm that is owned by a man she’s allegedly having an extramarital affair with. This has been confirmed by the Federal Election Commission records.

Approximately $146,713 was disbursed by Ilhan Omar’s campaign from July to September to Tim Mynett’s E Street Group LLC, a Democratic consultant. This is all based on records that were filed with the FEC. Payments were for the purposes of consulting and digital advertising. However, $3000 worth of payments were identified as “travel expenses.”

Third-quarter spending shows that she has been spending significantly more money with Mynett’s firm. Prior to the close of the most recent quarter, from August 2018 to June 2019, she spent $223,000 with the firm. This means that she spent nearly as much in three months as she did in the prior 10 months.

Washington Free Beacon was the first one to notice the spending pattern in the filing with the FEC. Approximately 30% of her total campaign spending in the third quarter when to Mynett’s firm – which is curious since she’s alleged to be having an affair with its owner. Most politicians are going to use a firm to help them with advertising and consulting services. However, they typically go with the company that has the best reputation or the best pricing. The fact that she’s sleeping with the owner does not bode well for her – and voters would probably like to know that the money they are giving to her for reelection is helping to support her boyfriend.

Omar began identifying travel expenses for E Street Group in April, which is the same time Mynett’s wife filed for divorce, alleging that he was having an affair with Ilhan Omar. According to the statement issued in the divorce filing by his wife, she identifies that the “recent travel” and “long work hours” appear to be related to his affair with the Democratic representative than with his actual work commitments.

Omar is also facing an FEC complaint alleging that she is using campaign funds illegally in order to pursue a romantic affair with Mynett.

Ilhan Omar and Tim Mynett have been photographed together at a variety of events over the past several months. One notable photo was where the pair sat at a fundraiser for CAIR, the same one where she famously described the September 11 terrorist attacks as “some people did something.”

Attorneys of Omar dismissed the FEC complaint as a political ploy. Omar has also denied the extramarital affair. Esme Murphy, a WCCO reporter, approached the Representative in late August asking whether she was separated from her husband and if she is dating someone. Omar said, “No, I am not,” and shut down any conversation regarding her personal life. However, in early October, Omar chose to file for divorce, stating and “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage relationship according to the divorce filing.

With Mynett going through a divorce and now Omar going through a divorce, it is likely that it will provide them with a green light for the relationship that they have clearly been pushing toward, to begin with. Third-quarter spending with Mynett’s company was considerably higher than in previous quarters, so her fourth-quarter spending with the company is likely to be even higher, especially as she nears closer to the actual election.

Omar doesn’t like to follow the rules. She believes they are for others to follow. Any time she gets questioned, she tries to dismiss the questions altogether, not expecting anyone to ask her anything about her personal life. However, she doesn’t have that same tolerance for Republicans, including Trump. Someone should remind her of the fact that as soon as she ran for public office, her personal business was something that would no longer be considered personal. Additionally, someone should tell her to take the FEC complaint seriously because she shouldn’t be giving a third of her campaign fundraising money to the person she’s dating, especially before her divorce filing has even been finalized.


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