Do Dems Seriously Want to Arrest Members of The President’s Administration?

Do Dems Seriously Want to Arrest Members of The President’s Administration?

She has a way of just ruffling feathers and sometimes just being a serious pain in the backside. Point and case, as one story reported, the freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is at it again, this time looking for a posse. You see, she has some outlaws and some very sketchy characters she needs to round up. Never know when one of them scaliwags is gonna’ try and run off!

Don’t laugh, at least not in her presence, because that is what her latest quip from our story essentially reported her saying. Okay, the southern references and cowboy slang are ours, but you have to admit that it sure feels a little Annie Oakley-ish. To be more accurate, the story said, “… that House Democrats have talked about arresting and detaining members of President Donald Trump’s administration who fail to comply with congressional subpoenas,” according to Tlaib. Then she added that an action like this would be “uncharted territory.”

Oh heavens, Nell, somebody’s about to get hurt, them Republicans got guns and everything!

But our story isn’t even close to done because according to the gung ho Congresswoman, this needs to be contemplated. There are many serious considerations that demand some undertaking. (Imagine her lifting the beaten brim of her cowboy hat to spit in the dirt for effect). In her own words, as our story continued, “if they were to detain someone, where would they go and have them detained so that they can comply with the subpoenas?” Heck, if that’s more than a day’s ride we’re going to need supplies.

When she was elected, how many in her state and how many of her supporters had hoped this is how she’d spend their tax dollars? If there is just one thing in Washington D.C. that we don’t have enough of, it is rustlers and bounty hunters. Ain’t nobody beyond the long arm of the law and the court is the highest law in the land. Sorry – it can be easy to get carried away.

Unfortunately, the Minnesota Congresswoman can’t use that as an excuse. She didn’t get carried away and what is really scary is that she is serious. Our story went to report Tlaib saying, “there have been actual serious conversations about what the logistics would look like . . . if we did have to force someone through a court order to come before the Congressional committee,” – yes, she is serious. She can’t be taken seriously but she is serious.

We also told you that she just has a way of being able to ruffle people’s feathers. The President isn’t easily disturbed, but Tlaib did provoke a tweet from him. President Trump simply wrote in response, “A despicable human being!”

Don’t think that her comments and her willingness to share her actual thought-process about how this would play out didn’t draw some laughter either, it did. Some of us may have even wondered after hearing this if she actually knows how Congress and the entire system works? How did she even manage to get elected?

Certainly, at some point, a more senior and experienced Democrat will take her under their wing and explain. How silly she will probably feel when she realizes that we just don’t run around arresting people and holding them against their will. Especially members of the government and of the President’s administration. “No dear, this isn’t the wild west and being a member of Congress doesn’t warrant you special powers, shh – it’s okay,” that Biden-like figure would say, comforting her.

Don’t worry Minnesota because she will get around to addressing the state’s budget, working to improve health care cost, and to create jobs for you soon. Right now, however, there might be some outlaws that need to be served a hot plate of justice. Sadly, it may not even be entirely Rashida Tlaib’s fault, because there seems to be a mentality among the new movement of Democrats that feels like the wild west. Look no farther than the infamous “squad” or the questionable dealings of so many of the new Democratic Party faces.

None of us are scared of these folks but we are concerned. Concerned about this leadership of the Left and what they are leading people toward. Most of all though, we are just irritated. Sure, there are probably a couple of Dems like Tlaib who actually want to arrest people, but we also know that that isn’t reality and it isn’t going to happen.

But it sure does have a way of ruffling your feathers, doesn’t it?


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