Is Promiscuity a Trait Among the New Democratic Movement?

Is Promiscuity a Trait Among the New Democratic Movement?

The truth is that most of us don’t care what anyone does behind closed doors provided it doesn’t hurt themselves or someone else. What we do care about, however, is when your personal behavior compromises your ability to do the job or cross ethical boundaries. As one story reported, yet another new face of the Dems has possibly done both.

If this story begins to sound something like a Danielle Steele novel at some point, our apologies in advance because some of the details are licentious by their very nature. Our story surrounds the activities of one young Democrat and her staff member. Oh yes, and another man. Okay, before we get too deep (some pun intended), let’s begin with the facts.

Representative Katie Hill, California, is the young democrat in question. She also happens to hold considerable influence in her position as the Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. She also happens to be on the Armed Forces committee as well. This is only to establish the role the Freshman Congresswoman currently holds and the importance of her position.

Then came the news about a relationship and it wasn’t necessarily that secretive either. That relationship (at least the one that first caught our story’s attention) was with one of the Congresswoman’s staffers. A young woman whose identity hasn’t yet been released. Just to add a little spicy seasoning with the details, that young staffer was 22 years young and a new college graduate when hired by Rep. Hill. Yes, in case you were wondering, that is also about the time the affair between the two women began. You can make up your own conclusions about why the Congresswoman hired this young lady.

Now, about that other man, his name is Kenny Heslep. He is, or was at least as divorce proceedings are in progress, the husband of Congresswoman Hill. Also, now estranged, it should be added. Our story cited one adult-themed message between Heslep and what appears to be a mutual friend which went as follows:

Heslep: I’m just going to ask you this plainly bc I respect you. Did you know about Graham and Katie?

Mutual Friend: I do know, yes, but I didn’t know until recently.

If you are paying attention, he asked if the friend knew about Katie (that is Rep. Hill of course), and “Graham”. In case you weren’t certain, Graham is not the first, middle or last name of the young female staffer that was mentioned in the earlier affair. That’s right, this is now a fourth person in the mix.

Our story shared reports that “… Hill had been involved in a sexual relationship for a year with her then-finance director, now Legislative Director, Graham Kelly.” That is the Graham Rep. Hill’s soon-to-be ex-husband was talking about.

As we can only imagine, Heslep must have been shocked. This now-deleted FB post expressed his disbelief as he wrote:

“I couldn’t dispute this if she was still holding to being bisexual. But being with her husband (me) for almost 15 years and then leaving me for another MAN, not woman, whom she is still seeing, is not her being a lesbian. Bisexual yes, as I will back up her claims to this. But not lesbian alone.”

Then he added, “I didn’t file for divorce because she was bi! I just didn’t know she opened our relationship.” Yet, these messages also suggest that Heslep also wasn’t completely unaware of his wife’s inclinations. Yes, it is a seedy story complete with pictures the Congresswoman took and all!

Then it goes from being steamy and sultry to simply scary. What if a person with such influence in the government could be subjected to blackmail? What does this type of activity suggest about her fitness to hold office? Even without the marital affair her relationship with her staffer likely violates the laws of California – and our government.

It seems more of these stories are cropping up from this new youthful movement happening in the Democratic party every few months. From members inside the infamous “Squad” to young Dems like Hill in positions of influence, this type of promiscuity and unfaithfulness is becoming too frequent among their ranks.

Is promiscuity a trait among the new Democratic movement and their youth? How often is it when stories of news in Congress need to be censored, like this one? Maybe someone should remind those young guns on Capitol Hill that this isn’t a brothel and we still believe in loyalty, decency, and character in the United States. Here, we still hold fast to the principles of family and faith, and other silly American values like that!



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