Two Women Nearly Kill Female Student in Texas

Children are fragile and need the protection of adults who care and love them even though they may not be their biological child. Pre-teen children are especially vulnerable to the hurt and pain of what uncaring people may say to them. As is the case of one 12-year-old girl who was viciously attacked by two cowardly women in the state of Texas.

A 12-year-old girl is not going to be able to defend herself from two grown parasitical women that seek to harm little kids. These two maggots that were arrested and charged with a felony — injury to a child came at her with baseball bats. These two thugs came after the little girl because she argued with a classmate in school. The playground drama of pre-teen girls spilled over into the hatred of these two other women. Who seems to be living in a pre-teen world just as full-grown adults.

The stupid women are being held on a $100,000 bond for their vicious attack on this little child. These two adults should have known better than to attack the child. They should have been examples to the other little girl as they should have taught her how to handle an argument the correct way. But instead, they taught her that violence is the only solution to how to handle a person that does not agree with you. This sad stupid behavior is common among liberals. When they are confronted by a person that does not agree with their wacky ideas the liberal will turn to violence to try to quiet the other person.

The victim simply went to school that day expecting to have a fun-filled teenager day and instead ended up being beaten nearly to death by two thugs who now get to wear orange for a very long time. One of the thugs was the other child’s mother. This other little girl now has to grow up without a mother. Which will be a good thing for her if her mother was being a terrible example to her that she was the day of the beating.

What is truly sad about this incident is that the two freaks that beat the child were stalking her throughout the day. The young girl went to hang out with friends only to have the other little child’s mother show up with a relative. Both of them had bats and it was then that they began to beat the little child to near death. The victim reported that “both females had objects that looked like baseball bats and began to strike her with the objects.” During the beating, she was beaten until she lost consciousness. She also said that “she was still being struck on while on the ground.” After she woke up from the first initial blows from the bats.

These stupid thugs didn’t come to talk, they came to kill that little girl. No adult in their right mind would ever attack an innocent child with bats. There was no sensible bone in their bodies as they began to swing and hurt this little child. No story or a lie can save them now. These two thugs are going to spend a lot of time in prison for their cowardly actions towards this innocent little girl. When the police saw a video of the event they stated that it “depicts parts of the reported events.” They also stated that it shows “individuals arriving at Killeen High School in an SUV and approaching (the victim) with club-like objects in their hands.”

The stupid mother that attacked the child goes by the name of Edmond. She says that Clemons is “a close friend that she refers to as a sister and is her only family member that lives locally.” As if that makes it fine to try to kill an innocent little girl just because she got into an argument with another little girl. When the police showed up they found the victim lying on the ground with bats wounds over her body. This kind of behavior is typical of liberals when they are confronted with a person that does not agree with their political views.


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