Lebron James Experiences Blowback After Walking Off Court Before National Anthem Finishes

Lebron James Experiences Blowback After Walking Off Court Before National Anthem Finishes

Lebron James has been known to push the envelope here and there throughout his basketball career. However, James chose to yell and walk off the court prior to the national anthem closing before an NBA game – and fans are not happy.

James chose to criticize the GM of the Houston Rockets a while back when the GM sided with Hong Kong protesters against the communist Chinese totalitarianism. Since then, he’s been dealing with a lot of condemnation and disapproval.

At the latest Lakers-Clippers game, Lebron James yelled “Let’s go” and walked off the court, right before the national anthem had finished. While those who support the basketball player say that the song was just about over, many others question if he did it deliberately since the song was clearly not over yet.

To add more fuel to the controversy, retired NBA player Shaq O’Neal has come out publicly to support Daryl Morey, the GM of the Rockets, and the comments made against China. O’Neal explained that it was “unfortunate” for both parties, especially when some people don’t know what they’re talking about. He says that Morey was right. Morey said “That’s not right” in regards to what China was doing and O’Neal supports his right to say that.

Lebron James has had a growing ego for the past few years, trying to see what he can get away with. He’s been known to display childish antics at games in the past. However, knowing how well Kaepernick’s stunt went with the NFL when he kneeled during the anthem, there’s no way that James didn’t think that this would come back to get him.

Anyone in sports who wants to keep their job knows that there are certain things you do. You follow the rules, you support your general manager, and you make sure that you stand for the national anthem. Otherwise, you run the risk of being ostracized and potentially lose your job. After all, Kaepernick is a perfect example of what happens when you go against the grain – no team wants to work with him because of the controversy, so he’s a pro football player with no contract.

Lebron James is arrogant. He thought that he could get away with being disrespectful because he wins games. However, he didn’t win the Clippers game that night, with a loss for the Lakers. The final score was 112 to 102 with the Clippers taking home the victory. While it was because of skill and not vindication, it didn’t hurt that all of the Clippers players stayed standing and silent as a sign of respect while the national anthem played rather than yelling “Let’s go” and storming off of the court as a certain Lakers player did.

The reason that people are against Lebron James isn’t just because he walked off during the national anthem. Fans are mad at that as well as how he was against protesters in Hong Kong. Protesters in Hong Kong even chose to burn his jersey in protest. There’s been a significant amount of backlash and nothing that James says seems to help.

During a pregame interview in Los Angeles, James said that he didn’t support what the GM of the Rockets was tweeting, saying that the General Manager was probably “misinformed” when he shared something that said to stand for freedom and support Hong Kong.

There are many people wondering why NBA players are getting involved in something so political, to begin with. Many celebrities feel as though they can take a political stance, so that’s nothing new. However, there were also quite a few pre-season games played in China, so the NBA pretty much forced the players to get political by bringing them into that kind of environment.

James has taken to Twitter furiously in order to try to clear things up. He has said on multiple occasions since that he wasn’t discussing the substance, instead, he was referring to the timing. He said that not only his team but the entire league has been through a difficult week. He felt that everything would have gone over better, and been better received if Morey had waited a week to send the tweet.

The damage has been done, though. Now, people want Lebron James to come out and say whether he supports the Hong Kong protesters or not – they want a yes or no answer. That’s not something that the normally outspoken NBA star is prepared to do, most likely for fear of additional backlash from the public.


112 thoughts on “Lebron James Experiences Blowback After Walking Off Court Before National Anthem Finishes

    1. Show your true face you racist scumbag. You just prove what they say about most Trump supporters that they are subhuman garbage and follow their Great Pumpkin blindly and wI’ll do anything for him because he is your fuhrer.

      1. Hey LeBron ..we can all live without you…if you don’t like it here in this country then move to Cuba..Venezuela or nkorea .

        1. Amen James. is A Commie Punk … He can Move to China and Do What he Does Best Dribble Because if he runs his mouth in China Like He Does Against Our President They will Shut it for Him.. Unfortunately You Can’t fix Stupid… He Has to Fix It Himself…

        2. Move to Chine. He loves China so much and their human rights violations. It’s ironic that he is black and won’t stick up for people being oppressed. He’s a hypocrite.

      2. If you think and worship a piece of crap, racist, non patriot, communist loving idiot, lebron leech james as a non racist great black you need a lot of help mentally. You are so Un-American defending james, he used and is using the Republic and Americans that made him, a dumb racist ingrate, his fortune.

    2. No need for racism on your part as he is still an uneducated man and because he has always built his team to win championships or demanded trade leaving rest of team to have a bad season, he is just a rich spoiled brat and Racist ruining a much more respected NBA players than the NFL, if he could not play he would be nobody like many many.

      1. I agree. So sick of hearing the word racist. It is what it is. Lenron james is a black n___. He like the rest of the assholes who kneel or walk off during anything patriotic to show disrespect are thugs. They make their money playing sports because they are so stupid to get a job that takes brains. It’s in their dna. They answer Dah? So go back to the jungle. Nobody cares for your shit for brains antics.

    3. Without saying anything RACIST>>>>>>I will say this about Mr. James….he is a total dumbass if he can’t learn from the experiences of others. His FOOTBALL counterpart has suffered massively as a Professional Athlete with his stupid and childish ignoring and disrespecting of our National Anthem…..did he somehow in
      his stupid thinking really think he was better, or somehow immune to the voice and disdain of the folks who PAY HIS RIDICULOUS salary?? I hope he has dire and immediate consequences for his truly disgusting antics.

  1. I just don’t understand why all these people who are where they are because of America ( in other Countries they probably wouldn’t have the same opportunity) hate America and everything she stands for why do they stay here it’s not like anyone is keeping them from leaving!

      1. We all have the right to say what we want but it lets others see your character and if you are a fool and LeBron appears that he is a fool and disrespectful to his Country and Flag.

  2. If comrade James likes Red China so much, he should move there and play Red Chinese basketball. But, when he leaves, he must give up his passport and not be allowed to return to the U.S.
    Let’s see how much money he makes there. Bye comrade!!!!!

  3. He has the right to his opinion, just the same as the rest of us. And we think he’s a scumbag, that’s OUR opinion. I wonder if he’s happy about our opinion of him, or if he even cares. Ship that Commie-loving jerk to China, and don’t make it a round trip! If you don’t love America, feel free to leave it, Lebron… you filthy scum.

  4. Lebron, you are just another black thug who hates america and all those men & women who gave up their lives for your freedom. I pray that you get some help as your just another overpaid black thug.

  5. Another person who earns his money doing the thing he loves and was endowed with God given attributes to be able to develop his abilities into playing basketball as one of the best ever, yet he taints that ability and persona by making unneeded and unwanted political statements because of his athletic stature and notoriety. AND, now Lebron has compounded the controversy surrounding him by the “walk-off the BB court” before the end of the National Anthem sans Kaepernick and his disrespect for the National Anthem.

    I admire athletes like Lebron James and all the others in his wheel house but I ask them all, please refrain from disrespecting the very hand that feeds you and protects you, your country and your fans.

    Charles Barkley has recently made an ill-advised comment emitting total disrespect for Vice President Pence of the United States of America, again, using his athletic stature and notoriety as a license to do so. Telling the USA VP, “to shut the hell up” is disrespectful and quite frankly demeaning to make such a comment.

    Daryl Morey, the GM of the Rockets was not misinformed and was quite correct in making a statement in defense of the Hong Kong Freedom Fighters. Lebron James is the person misinformed and clueless if he thinks freedom is not worth retaking when lost, defending when threatened and retaining when accomplished. The “Big Bully” on the block has no defense for what it is doing in Hong Kong, NONE! Communist China allows the NBA into its country only because it is beneficial to them, if it were not the NBA would not be allowed entry, get real!

    China benefits monetarily by allowing its young BB athletes to participate in the NBA and the European BB League but have no doubt, the main force behind that allowance is propaganda: China is able to present a false narrative/picture of life/freedoms in China to those less familiar with the “Iron Fist Rule” of Chinese Communism and unfortunately for the world and those I speak of it seems to work.

    “Right On and Fight On” Freedom Fighter’s of Hong Kong as most informed know you have never identified as mainland Chinese and I for one believe your current plight is what the UN was supposedly created for. So UN, get to work and help the people of Hong Kong preserve their freedom before that freedom is taken by force and the following consequence of permanent occupation by Chinese Communist military personnel becomes reality. Commie China is currently a “Big Bully” however, their history before they became Commie shows an adversity to “Big Bullies”. If you find a history book that has not been altered by political correctness look at China’s past conflicts with their opposition “Big Bully” Japan.

    Professional Athletes and famous members of Hollywood, in my humble opinion, should not use their stature and notoriety as the foundation for a podium to make political statements of any kind. Keep those opinions and comments within your circle of friends and associates and keep them out of the public limelight, thanks.

    1. The UN was created to solve problems between countries but it long ago became a place of Communism and all the countries now agree on that ideology. Since that is what drives their agenda we should force them out so we wouldn’t be involved in their latest scheme to find a way to carry out their newest scheme to take away our rights. This new way is Agenda 2025 so they can take away our property so they could have it. They aren’t for rights for any in America as the members are from countries with another idea that is based on us not having any rights as we know them.

      1. The UN is set up to be the government for the New World Order. That’s why they should all be informed that on a certain date, so they won’t be harmed, the UN will be imploded to fumigate the stench and disease all the rats left behind, and that the rats evacuated will be returned to their respective Countries forthwith.

    1. Please leave so the USA can be better and appreciate one another without those brought in and do not support our country from sacrificed lives in wars and law enforcement, what has Lebron done for the USA and most NFL players like Kaepernick we will certainly have a more respected country as the USA does not need protesters that bounces or throws a ball when we would rather be real men of valor unlike Lebron and X-Pro-Islam Racist prior so-called President Obama and no lady.

  6. Why don’t all the leftist athletes who seem to hate America buy themselves a one way ticket out of America? Because their over-sized ego and feelings of importance would not get the ego stroking and adoration they get from certain groups in this country. These athletes need a complete reevaluation of their importance. Hey people, you are just not that important and your childish rants are wearing thin.

  7. I agree with the person that said he is just another un grateful nigger for what this country has given him. go live in china. and eat all the rice they give your sorry ass.

  8. He should also be remembered for his abrupt departure at the end of the final game of the NBA final where his team lost the championship.

    A quite crappy display of his poor level of sportsmanship.

  9. Money doesn’t make class. Just look at the sports figures, athletes, musicians, actors and actresses, politicians, etc., etc., who have the money, but 70%-80% have no class or morals. All they have is self-adulation.

  10. One should not disrespect our flag. In this case he is again the comment of the Rockets GM comments on China and Hong Kong. Hey James live in China as a peasant and see how you like it. With NO FREEDOMS.

  11. Lebron is an example of a celebrity who believes all the feigned compliments he is accustomed to from obsequious fans. This is the pinhead who said, “I’m too important to society not to give my opinion”. He is a great basketball player who has amassed a half billion dollar fortune in the greatest country on the planet. No where else would he be able to do that. Yet, he is critical of all things US, and perpetuates false narratives that keep the black community form large scale success (mostly because he is an idiot). He simply is trying to protect the relationship with China because of its huge market from the Chinese people. He really is too stupid to realize that this is the country with the worst human rights violations anywhere in the world. Lebron should stick to what he knows (basketball). For him to comment on anything else simply exposes his ignorance.

  12. King James has a posse that never tells him NO about anything. Being in LA sure as hell won’t help, an area not known for rational thought. LeBron may be a good gather and a great ball player, but perhaps a High School didn’t prepare him for International Relations.

  13. Yet another privileged narcissistic athlete.
    If they keep it up, card games may have a comeback in the USA as a form of entertainment.

  14. A piece of over-paid SHIT, that doesn’t deserve anyones’ support of him……..don’t buy their tickets, don’t go to his games, FUCK him……he doesn’t deserve your money, or to be seen by anyone with a brain……..hopefully, while he walks off before the National Anthem, he will break his FUCKEN leg…that would be poetic justice……

  15. I wonder if this guy who thinks he’s bigger than the game of basketball ever stops to think that it’s this great nation that provided him with the chance to play basketball and to enable him to enrich his life beyond his own dreams. And those unknown heroes that died defending our flag and who made this country what it is today giving this guy the riches that he now apparently takes for granted. Lebron you’re no heroe, you’re a zero….

  16. Isn’t it ironic that James is siding with the oppressors and not the oppressed people of Hong Kong. So Mr James now that you are all rich and lead a cozy lifestyle you have joined the oppressors and the oppressed are now the peons. The evil of money changes a man’s soul. This is a perfect example of the evil of money.

  17. Dan, no truer words have ever been spoken as you have said!!!!!!! Lebron WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE !!!! Lebron you can afford anything you want, SO STOP CRYING

  18. I keep wondering when “fans” will wake up and simply voice their own opinions by not buying tickets to the games… money is the ONLY thing team owners, the leagues and the players understand… when we quit buying overpriced footwear or buying tickets to the games, perhaps they’ll learn to keep their political thoughts to themselves. Yes, we have freedom of speech but along with that is this… use some common sense or lose some income. If one wants to take far-out positions that is their right but for those in the middle, it’s also a right to withhold financial support.

  19. Kaepernick and Lebron two peas in a pod. Two jackasses from the same cloth. Two turds in a toilet bowl. With the new ruling in the NCAA all these self centered athletes are about to get a lesson in humility they will never forget.

  20. I do not care about color except the RED WHITE & BLUE. And the National Anthem and if they can not stand for it and respect the flag and the coaches and owners do not control their disrespect then I do not respect them or their games. I seldom watch basketball anyway, but not not at all..

  21. YES to all the deserved backlash that LeBron is getting.
    NO to the few commenters here using the disgusting “N” word – pure, disgusting ignorant bigotry!

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