Bolton Refuses to Show Up and Trump’s Had It with Democrats

Bolton Refuses to Show Up and Trump’s Had It with Democrats

President Trump is not in the business of playing games with the idiotic Democrats of Congress. The Democrats that think they rule Congress have tried for three years to subpoena anyone working with the president in an attempt to gain insights into things that they can blame him for.

So far the vast majority of people that have been subpoenaed have defied their orders because they know that Congress is on a witch hunt. There are several people that the shark-faced Democrats would like to speak with behind closed doors.

One of those is Charles Kupperman who like so many before he ignored the cries of the Democrats and brushed off his appearing. His actions have derailed the Democrats to the point that they just don’t know what to do with themselves. His refusal to testify keeps the Democrats from getting their witch hunt information together. To save face the Democrats are arguing that they do not need the testimonies to get the evidence. They may try to go to court to enforce the subpoenas but their court victories are few.

Shady Adam Schiff has stated that “We are not willing to allow the White House to engage us in a lengthy game of rope-a-dope in the courts.” The only dope that said such a  statement was Adam Schiff. He speaks lies when his mouth is open.

No one can trust anything that he says because he has lied openly to people and has been caught. Schiff would like to take everyone to court, but he knows that would delay the time frame of what the stupid Democrats are trying to do. They are trying to destroy President Trump before the 2020 election.

Adam Schiff believes in his propaganda. He believes that the House would win in a court battle, but he is impatient and does not want to spend the time going through it all. This proves that the dumb Democrats are deceptively trying to secretly discredit the president before the next election.

Kupperman like all the others are caught between orders of two of the branches of government. He is faced with the choice to do what is right and follow the Executive Branch’s orders or go along with the corrupt Democrats and testify against the president. He did the right thing and ignored the Democrats.

Long before he would ever be forced to choose the courts would have to decide if he needed to testify in the first place. The Democrats have threatened Kupperman and all the others before him with contempt if they did not appear. But this has not motivated them to show up.

The only reason that they wanted to speak with him was that he had listened to the president’s call. The dumb Democrats just cannot accept the fact that the president did not say anything that would ever be used to incriminate him. Whatever they are searching for just does not exist. Funny thing is that the Democrats are trying to subpoena anyone that they believe can help them with their devilish agenda. Next up is John Bolton.

Bolton was Kupperman’s superior at the National Security Council. The Democrats are trying to get Bolton to come in and testify. Bolton is just going to do to the House what Kupperman did and not even show up. They are showing the no one in their right mind is taking the stupid Democrats serious about their investigations.

Adam Schiff is saying that “We will be doing public hearings and I think we’ll be doing them soon. I don’t want to give precise timing because in part we’re struggling with the White House’s continuing efforts to obstruct our investigation, to obstruct witnesses coming in. My guess is they’re going to fight us having John Bolton in, for example.”

Of course, the White House is going to fight. They are not just going to lie around and let the dumb Democrats destroy an innocent president. Bolton would be in good company once he defies the House and the stupid subpoenas that they like to issue.


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