Can Zuckerberg Ban All Political Ads on Facebook?

Can Zuckerberg Ban All Political Ads on Facebook?

Too many Democrats are placing their ads attacking President Donald Trump, and too many Republicans getting thrown in Facebook jail for supporting the president and posting the truth about Democrats. There is circulation going around that Facebook may ban all political ads.  Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are under attack for what is claimed to be false political ads, and it is in question if it is Facebook’s responsibility to filter out the ads.  A survey was taken where it shows 71 percent of Facebook users want the ads to be fact-checked before posting.  Low and behold, those 71 percent are Democrats.

The results show Republicans are not as concerned as the Democrats are simply because Conservatives are more likely to post the truth.  That is why we can find most of us as Conservatives landing in Facebook Jail for thirty days, give or take a few days or weeks.  Apparently, snowflakes get offended with the truth of the Left’s policies brought to light.  So what does Facebook want to do?  They want to ban all political ads and say it is most Americans who agree the advertisements should not be posted at all.  Go figure.

Results also show there are more women to men who are more likely to agree with the ads and more women than men who would rather not see the ads at all.  Either way, Facebook decides to go with this topic, Facebook has already proven they are biased and support the Democrats.  But should Facebook stop all ads, it may turn into a violation of the First Amendment rights to everyone’s Freedom of Speech.

It is highly unlikely Facebook ads would be removed altogether.  Facebook has made a business decision to continue with political advertising and political content, along with what they call “false” political advertising.  Many claim Facebook does not go by what the users want anyway, so the surveys really have no effect.  However, most users have reported there has been a “fact check” device installed within the system.  Only Conservative posts come back as showing false.  This really proves biased of the Facebook team since some sources have stated there were factual events to the political post before it was posted.  Ultimately the posts were rejected and removed.  None of the Democratic posts were touched by the fact check system.

On a few occasions, Zuckerburg was grilled by Congress for breach of the Privacy Act, now he is facing the Democratic Congress who cannot stand to be exposed.  The dumbest of the dumb Democrats, AOC, was the one to question the Facebook CEO.  That was a joke, as it was intelligence versus stupidity.  Mark Zuckerburg is no fool, as he has created the most used app in the world and is a billionaire for doing so.

If Congress were to get their way, this would put all of the Democrats in charge of what is posted on Facebook, giving them complete control over the social media app.  Reports show it was a tense exchange between the two parties.  Many say the “grilling” was a waste of time due to the lack of experience with the freshman Congresswoman and her stupid questions.  It proved no point at all to anyone in the chamber or the public.

The main issue which was relevant asked by AOC and answered by Zuckerburg, was only one question.  AOC asked, “Is there any threshold where the company will fact-check ads, or whether a politician could, via Census data, target predominantly black zip codes to advertise?  To which Zuckerburg replied, “The company would take that content down if it included a call for violence, could risk imminent harm or encouraged voter suppression.”

Out of the entire questioning, that was the only one that made sense.  Zuckerburg gave AOC the answer to her question, and she revised the question again and asked the question in the same manner as if she was important.  She asked, “Do you see a problem here with a complete lack of fact-checking on political advertisements?  So you will take down lies or you won’t take down lies? I think this is a pretty simple, yes or no.”

He answered her question several times over until it dawned on him it was the same question.  The reports from the media made her look like she knew what she was doing while making the Facebook CEO seem like a fool.  In reality, we as Conservatives can clearly see, she had no business up there.


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