“That’s Exactly Right” Warren Wrongly Assures Reporter

“That’s Exactly Right” Warren Wrongly Assures Reporter

She has been amazingly under the radar for someone who is continuingly gaining momentum and looking more and more like the Democratic frontrunner every day. Her latest response to a simple question regarding her policy on healthcare, however, may help us understand why. One story reporting on the exchange between a CBS campaign news reporter and the Democratic Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren was very telling. Following a speaking engagement reporter Zak Hudak, approached Warren capturing the short engagement on video.

While the Senator hasn’t spoken at great length about any of her ideas, policies, plans, or agendas, she has steadily risen. In many circles, she is being touted as the Democratic frontrunner. This could be argued, to be by default as so many others have essentially shot themselves in the foot – or shot off their mouths. A guy named Beto comes to mind here, or nefarious links to a son and lucrative Ukraine business contracts call names like Biden into recent memory as well.

So in the meantime, Elizabeth Warren speaks in vague language and talks about pretty-sounding ideas, leaving everyone to wonder if she is a real threat? Does she have a real shot at the Oval Office? Then, last week, that vague language and those great-sounding ideas found daylight – or darkness depending on your perspective.

It is referred to as her “Medicare for All” proposal and it came out with some hefty claims. Again, it all sounded good (despite having so many question marks) and it was full of wonderful sounding ideas like millions back to the middle-class. And, it was finally something at least of some substance from the rising candidate.

Next, came the questions – and that is precisely where the problems ensued. Our aforementioned reporter, according to the story, questioned the Senator about her new proposed healthcare plan. These weren’t grilling-type questions, or necessarily complex inquiries, in fact, they were very simple questions. Based on her Medicare for All plan that comes with a price tag of $52 trillion over ten years (yeah, that was trillion with a “t”), the middle class wouldn’t have to pay a dime. We told you, sounds like a great plan, right? So who qualifies as this “middle class” that wouldn’t need to pay a penny of the cost to make it happen? That is exactly what our reporter asked.

Warren without much hesitation defined them (the “middle class”) as those who make less than a billion dollars. You heard that correctly, Senator Warren’s plan according to her, won’t be funded by anyone who isn’t a billionaire. Now, you begin to see where the problems arise, don’t you?

When our reporter asked the Senator to clarify this point in her plan, that nobody outside of that income bracket would be taxed she said with complete assurance, “that’s exactly right.” The problem is, (even aside from it being an unfair rob the rich give to the poor scheme), the math doesn’t work. Actually, it isn’t even close to working.

As the story explained, “Her plan costs $52 trillion over ten years (and that’s just the projection she gives). All of the combined total wealth of every billionaire in the United States only adds up to $3 trillion. The idea that she’s going to raise taxes just on that group and somehow pay for what she wants is laughably impossible. All the wealth of every billionaire in the entire world would barely pay for two years of her plan.”

It seems the fanfare and rise of Warren has finally hit some turbulence, and that doesn’t bode well for the Senator. The good news on the other side of the coin is that at least she isn’t threatening people, engaging in sketchy business activities, or having sexually questionable liaisons. Of course, she’s been under the radar for a while now too… until now.

“That’s exactly right,” she said, although she is completely wrong. Senator Elizabeth Warren is now on the radar and not for the right reasons. Her vague talk and sweet-sounding ideas are about to be questioned and if her answers aren’t better than that’s exactly right her run could be over before it even begins.

Would that be wrong?


102 thoughts on ““That’s Exactly Right” Warren Wrongly Assures Reporter

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  2. warren needs to grab her right ear with her left hand and her left ear with right hand and pull till she hears the pop that will be her head being extracted from her rectum

    1. Hilarious! I really appreciate the humor even though it shows what a dangerous idiot Warren is. I will use it if you don’t mind!

  3. All of the billionaires and millionaires in the country have a total wealth of fewer than 80 trillion dollars and that includes stocks, property such as business, cars, and jewelry. Her really stupid idea of a “wealth” tax would be like the Pilgrims eating the seed corn. Some people would have to sell assets to pay the tax which would mean somebody else would have to buy it putting them into a HIGHER wealth bracket. Unless foreigners buy which would be worse. Poca hasn’t even BEGUN to think it through!!!!!

    1. That’s because she is like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, she doesn’t have a brain. She is also vicious and a liar.

      1. you know EVERYTHING FREE is driving the dems to vote for her and all she really wants is the power of the White House and after she got in she would forget everything she promised. Oh isn’t that the way the dems do things. Trump os the only president that has done what he promised for the people of our GREAT COUNTRY. PERIOD

      2. She is waiting for the right moment to mention the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
        She will save us part of the money, by eliminating Air Force One.
        She will use the newly renovated BROOMSTICK ONE.
        All socialists are Bi, some are bipolar and some are bisexual …
        Lizzy Warren associates with both bathrooms.

  4. Medicare for all is another word for “no real insurance for the American citizens.
    Canada has a governor socialist health care program. It is a very poor health program.
    When trying to see a specialist or get surgery, your put on a priority list.
    Hip surgery could take a year or more. Depending on your age.
    Seniors are not a priority in Canada or any country that has a government controlled health care plan.
    Any program that is run by the government is a risk for the people especially the elderly.

  5. I want to thank the DNC, the Democrats in Congress, the Mass Media. and the Deep State for encouraging me to pay attention to politics. This has been the most educational experience for me since 2016.
    I will NEVER put my political leanings on auto-pilot ever again. Pay attention, stay “woke”. America is not out of danger. The Socialist long game is still in play.

  6. Senator Warren and all of the democrats running for president remind me of an old “Little Lulu” comic book I read about 70 years ago. In it, Little Lulu is in a disagreement with the local politician. I think it was the mayor. The upshot of the mayor’s argument was that he decided to put a tax on the item in question, and then a tax on a tax, then a tax on that tax, then a tax on the tax on the tax on the tax, ha, ha, ha. At that point the men in the white coats showed up with a straight jacket for the mayor. These people are ludicrous.

  7. The Democrats might actually have a chance to do some good if they would force all their candidates to take a basic IQ test. The collection of idiots they have now could not score a 100 if they added them all together!

  8. This is a clear example of communism being watered down into making people think it’s socialism. Only the billionaires will pay. Millionaires like Warren, Bernie, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, the Kennedy family will be exempt. A few wealthy elites run the country into the ground forcing everyone into poverty except the few at the top of the power ladder. Everyone elses money is stolen via government taxes. But I wonder how dummycrats Tommy Steyer and Warren Buffet and Bill Gates (who are all billionaires) going to take this. I already know, they’ll move as much of their money to off shore bank accounts where the U.S. government can’t touch it. The millionaires do the same thing. So who pays-THE MIDDLE CLASS! The people who live on 6 figure incomes. The lower middle class who live on less than $100,000.00 but more than $50,000.00 per year. Then there’s the working class poor who make more than $30,000.00 but less than $50,000.00 but don’t qualify for any government help because “they make too much money.” The fake Indian whips out the forked tongue again.

    1. The results described above can be contained in a quote by Winston Churchill: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries”.
      Think about that whenever you hear a Democrat “promise” you something “others” will pay for. YOU are the “others”.

  9. Wait a minute. Warren got a free ride through college by claiming she was American Indian and THE DNA TEST SAYS SHE’S NOT. Well she might think she will be “leading the attack” by getting the Dems nomination as their representative at the DNC. SHE NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED FOR FRAUD! If she will lie and manipulate about college admission; somebody THROW HER UNDER THE BUS!!! PLEASE!!
    And the truth about Jeffery Epstein was broadcast because the anchor did not know she had a hot mic. Or maybe she did know. These things happen….with a little help.
    The Clown show resumes tomorrow.

  10. Anyone who can count and understand our economic system can see through these promises. First look at the people on the lowest rung of the ladder. These are the people on the welfare programs. Where does the money come from to finance these programs? Then look at folks who are working for minimum wages. Where does this money come from? Then go to the “middle income” people. Where does this money come from? Next go to the executive positions. Where does this money come from? The answer to all these questions is the money comes from the businesses where we work. And who owns these businesses? So you take away the finances from the business owners and the whole economy falls like dominoes. It’s not just the 1% they keep harping about. It’s small businesses created by lower and middle income people who have been intelligent enough to do it. And the government has financed it’s self off these business and your wages for 200 years. So it the government takes away the money from those businesses to finance some stupid political program dreamed up by the Liz Warrens etc the entire economy will collapse. That’s the socialist government programs that has ruined other nations.

  11. She once Lied about her American heritage To gain a education, a high office and to pull the wool over people’s eyes so now it’s not her heritage but all she can do for us but never telling us how the only she can pay for these free this or that and not jack our Taxes up which is her only way. Wake up people as there is nothing FREE as some yokel is or has paid for your free ride and you can bet WHETHER direct or indirect it will be YOU

    1. Agreed, she is a liar and a crook, she stole her education from some authentic Native American, never did anything to repay for her dishonesty. Character flaws, many, plus she is a 3L (liberal leftist loonie) idiot.

  12. These promise them anything, 3L (liberal leftist loonies) Demon-rat politicians have a following of people dumber than they. But socialism is being pushed to our young people by our educational system and the rewrite of history. When you talk FREE, their ears perk up and their natural ability to make choices is put on the back burner. I may be old and cynical but nothing is ever FREE. Free now, pay for it later…

  13. Hey there Elizabeth Warren: There is an ex California Governor, named Moonbeam,, who would love to sell
    you his bullet train to nowhere. It’s a real steal!!

  14. The democrats COMMUNIST acts are getting so old and very embarrising to the UNITED SYATES OF AMERICA they have been LYING since F.D.R. JOHNSON Clinton Obama the people of the U.S.A. who think that the democrats are anything good at all are the DUMBEST people in the world I will never go fight for this country again if there is a DEMOCRAT in the WHITE HOUSE VIET NAM was total HELL under the JOHNSON DICTATORSHIP the very second that PRESIDENT NIXON took office we started fighting to WIN which we did!!! the DAM LYING DEMOCRATS have tried to blame PRESIDENT NIXON for the VIET NAM war the DEMOCRATS are so low class loose liars they don’t even try to cover up there tracks and as long as people believe them they get away with it WAKE UP people and 99.9%of the U.S. MARINE CORPS are all HARD REPUBLICANS.

  15. The biggest problem with her rantings are that people actually believe her! Completely ignorant of how much money is really out there and who actually can create and keep jobs a hint it is not the working poor! Once she bleeds all the investment and operating capital out of the system everyone becomes unemployed, we cannot eat, the utilities will not be able to deliver power, gas, phone and (hold on gen Xr’s) internet! Please, please Americans get a clue!

  16. Guess which billionaire recently stated Warren was THE most qualified to be President?
    Why none other than George Soros who lied on his U.S.Citizenship application re: the questions about Nazi affiliation. Questions that Jakiw Palij also lied about BUT HE was deported. Soros should be too.

  17. Warren is just full of hot air, she really never is prepared for any questions, she really does not know how to fund medicare for everyone. Just like worthless Bernie, it’s all bullshit. Her medicare for all will land on the middle class until there is no middle class, of coarse the millionaires like her and the rest of the socialist commies sure will not let any of there money go. Don’t vote fore these worthless demoncrats unless you want to ruin the United States.

  18. No problem folks. No matter who the Demoncraps put up against the greatest President since Reagan. Pres. Trump will eat their lunch in the first debate. So bring it on Dimwits. It will be POPCORN TIME !!!!!! 2020 will be more entertaining then 2016.

  19. Right now anyone that votes for the communist party needs to be committed. This country is a shinning light for the rest of the world. That is why so many are trying to come here. No country that has embraced socialism (became communism)has ever prospered. If we give up and turn this country over to the socialist party this great country will become just another 3rd world country. If they take over both Congress, Senate and the white house they will keep control until there is nothing left.

  20. She will promise you the moon and the stars and two car garage four-bedroom house and everything will be Rosy and fine then snatched your wallet then reality steps in and you’re living in a van down by the river starving to death

  21. Who ever sad she got an education, she got a JD which is a lawyer. She went t school for eight years to learn how to lie to people with a straight face and make the uneducated masses believe her. Politicians and lawyers are all liars. That is why they hate Trump, he is a bussiness man.

  22. Does ANYONE think that WARREN CAN pull her head out of her WAZOO? . . . Or is it a PERMANENT fixture there?!? The problem is that she IS a LEFT Wing NUTCASE. I don’t know if I can “believe enough” for a miracle like THAT! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  23. The devil is always in the details. And she is assiduously avoiding the details . She offers pie in the sky proposals that sound good to a lot of people. But if they understood the details they might not be so eager. If her proposals were to be implemented they would put millions out of work, wreck American industry and devastate the economy. Always read the fine print before you sign the contract.

  24. Warren has lied over and over ! Indian Yaaa right ! Her siblings didn’t lie to achieve their goals. And now a bag of hot air , wanting the rich to pay for Medicare for all, that’s just stupid , who’ll pay when the rich leave America ? Mmmmm yep YOU ! SUCKER’S , she can’t deliver anything close to that. She continues to lie. Good luck with that .

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