“That’s Exactly Right” Warren Wrongly Assures Reporter

“That’s Exactly Right” Warren Wrongly Assures Reporter

She has been amazingly under the radar for someone who is continuingly gaining momentum and looking more and more like the Democratic frontrunner every day. Her latest response to a simple question regarding her policy on healthcare, however, may help us understand why. One story reporting on the exchange between a CBS campaign news reporter and the Democratic Senator of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren was very telling. Following a speaking engagement reporter Zak Hudak, approached Warren capturing the short engagement on video.

While the Senator hasn’t spoken at great length about any of her ideas, policies, plans, or agendas, she has steadily risen. In many circles, she is being touted as the Democratic frontrunner. This could be argued, to be by default as so many others have essentially shot themselves in the foot – or shot off their mouths. A guy named Beto comes to mind here, or nefarious links to a son and lucrative Ukraine business contracts call names like Biden into recent memory as well.

So in the meantime, Elizabeth Warren speaks in vague language and talks about pretty-sounding ideas, leaving everyone to wonder if she is a real threat? Does she have a real shot at the Oval Office? Then, last week, that vague language and those great-sounding ideas found daylight – or darkness depending on your perspective.

It is referred to as her “Medicare for All” proposal and it came out with some hefty claims. Again, it all sounded good (despite having so many question marks) and it was full of wonderful sounding ideas like millions back to the middle-class. And, it was finally something at least of some substance from the rising candidate.

Next, came the questions – and that is precisely where the problems ensued. Our aforementioned reporter, according to the story, questioned the Senator about her new proposed healthcare plan. These weren’t grilling-type questions, or necessarily complex inquiries, in fact, they were very simple questions. Based on her Medicare for All plan that comes with a price tag of $52 trillion over ten years (yeah, that was trillion with a “t”), the middle class wouldn’t have to pay a dime. We told you, sounds like a great plan, right? So who qualifies as this “middle class” that wouldn’t need to pay a penny of the cost to make it happen? That is exactly what our reporter asked.

Warren without much hesitation defined them (the “middle class”) as those who make less than a billion dollars. You heard that correctly, Senator Warren’s plan according to her, won’t be funded by anyone who isn’t a billionaire. Now, you begin to see where the problems arise, don’t you?

When our reporter asked the Senator to clarify this point in her plan, that nobody outside of that income bracket would be taxed she said with complete assurance, “that’s exactly right.” The problem is, (even aside from it being an unfair rob the rich give to the poor scheme), the math doesn’t work. Actually, it isn’t even close to working.

As the story explained, “Her plan costs $52 trillion over ten years (and that’s just the projection she gives). All of the combined total wealth of every billionaire in the United States only adds up to $3 trillion. The idea that she’s going to raise taxes just on that group and somehow pay for what she wants is laughably impossible. All the wealth of every billionaire in the entire world would barely pay for two years of her plan.”

It seems the fanfare and rise of Warren has finally hit some turbulence, and that doesn’t bode well for the Senator. The good news on the other side of the coin is that at least she isn’t threatening people, engaging in sketchy business activities, or having sexually questionable liaisons. Of course, she’s been under the radar for a while now too… until now.

“That’s exactly right,” she said, although she is completely wrong. Senator Elizabeth Warren is now on the radar and not for the right reasons. Her vague talk and sweet-sounding ideas are about to be questioned and if her answers aren’t better than that’s exactly right her run could be over before it even begins.

Would that be wrong?


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