Warren Admits Her Plan Will Cost 2 Million Jobs

Warren Admits Her Plan Will Cost 2 Million Jobs

The driving force behind the campaigns of Democratic presidential candidates and senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts has, from the start, been Medicare for All. And while Bernie seems to talk of little else besides the socialistic form of healthcare, Warren shies away from the subject or at least specific questions about it nearly every single time.

However, this Wednesday, she finally admitted that one of the costs of the proposed plan would be the loss of about two million American jobs.

She recently interviewed with New Hampshire Public Radio, during which time she said that she agreed with a recent study concluded by the University of Massachusetts-Amherst that estimated that Medicare for All would result in all private healthcare businesses going under. Naturally, this would mean that anyone working in that industry would lose their job.

However, Warren seemed unconcerned about this. She simply called it “part of the cost issue.” As if there weren’t enough problems with the cost of her proposed plan already.

She said, “So, I agree. I think this is part of the cost issue and should be part of a cost plan.” But then she added, “Although, do recognize on this what we’re talking about… how much of our health care dollars have not gone to health care?”

But isn’t that true with just about every other industry as well? When you pay for just about anything, be it your vehicle, household supplies, or even the food on your table, a certain percentage or amount of the price goes into wages for those who supply it to you.

For that matter, isn’t that how the government works as well. The taxes and fees we pay don’t just go towards road improvements and policy changes, do they? No, they also pay for government official’s salaries who make sure those changes happen, like that of Warren herself.

The conversation with Warren then naturally moved towards what the cost of her plan would be and how much it would cost average families including their taxes. However, as usual, Warren managed to sidestep this.

When asked if it would raise taxes for the middle-class, as many have assumed that it would, Warren only mentioned the overall family costs. Nothing about taxes was said.

She stated, “Back when I was studying it, about two of every three families (who) filed for bankruptcy did so following a serious medical problem. And here’s the thing… We know that Medicare for All is the cheapest way to provide health care coverage for everyone. So we can pay for this. We will see most likely rich people’s costs go up, corporations costs go up, but he costs to middle-class families will go down.”

This has been her argument all along, that “most likely” cost will go down for middle class and yet go up for corporations and wealthy individuals. But she has never been able to actually prove any of those possibilities. In fact, she hasn’t even been able to deliver a full Medicare plan yet. However, she did promise during this recent interview that it would be coming soon.

Then again, a new leaked video where Warren is speaking privately to union bosses, insinuates that the congresswoman doesn’t fully support the idea in the first place and is likely to not fully implement it once in office.

So if she is lying to the public about what she will do in office just gain attention and votes, why should we believe anything she says?

At least Bernie is willing to admit that middle-class taxes will have to rise for the socialist program to work. He has also been honest that he would have his plan “absolutely” include healthcare for illegal immigrants.

But that doesn’t mean his plan will work any better.

Sanders’ plan for Medicare for All is based on the universal Medicare system in Canada, which has become a disaster over the years. The Fraser Institute has reported that the average Canadian family spends over $12,000 in taxes to fund their healthcare. What they aren’t spending upfront for medical expenses, they are paying double in taxes. Does that sound like free to you?

In addition, the healthcare itself and,  in particular, the wait times have become so problematic that many seek medical treatment out of the country. In 2017, it was noted that more than 63,000 Canadians tried to get healthcare in the US alone.


13 thoughts on “Warren Admits Her Plan Will Cost 2 Million Jobs

  1. Hell….we will lose over 8 million jobs in the energy sector alone with the Dems plans against fossil fuels..fracking and coal energy.

    1. Warren the Radical Socialist is a compulsive LIAR. She is claiming 2MILLION jobs will be lost, in the “Private Health Insurance Industry”, but it will be 4MILLION or more jobs that will be lost
      Could you image with 12 MILLION jobs lost, Unemployment Insurance will go broke.
      Warren is also lying that the working class tax will not be affected. Yes the working class taxpayers, will be hit with ENORMOUS INCREASES in their taxes,that will make every working taxpayer Poorer & Poorer.
      Warren plans to give everything FREE, FREE, FREE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, there are about 40MILLION ILLEGAL in the USA at this time, and the Illegals are still sneaking across the Border everyday.
      GOD FORBID, if Warren or any of these Crazy Insane, Liar, Radical Progressive Socialist like Sanders or whoever is elected, the American people better get ready for the WORST RECESSION the USA, because it will be WORST THEN THE RECESSION OF 1929.
      Socialism never works, just take a good look what is happening in Venezuela the once very, very Rich Country. People are dying, starving, drinking dirty water, eating out of garbage bins and many are KILLING their ANIMALS IN ORDER TO FEED THEIR FAMILIES.

      Thank God for sending us Historic President Trump, the most Honest, Loyal, Transparent, Truthful who has achieved, accomplished and continues to be successful, and due to our President Trump, we are now the Richest Country in the World.
      Capitalism, is what made and makes America the Greatest Country in the World.

  2. Hey Warren, when are you going to start doing your job instead of worrying about how many working people you can put out of work. Have you ever heard that if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. better yet ,find a place you can retire. Then you can go to sleep at night thinking, well I tried to screw the people that voted for me, but it didn’t work.

  3. Warren would be a good snake oil salesman, from her heritage to her supposed firing over pregnancy to these foolish claims of “caring” for the middle class. She’s a proven serial liar, I wouldn’t believe her if she was sitting in God’s lap. Warren cares about Warren, period. She lives in a wealthy section of Cambridge, Mass. close to Harvard, has personal wealth well into seven figures, her tax returns listed a deduction of $50,000 for “clothes and other household items” donated, what did she donate? Mink coats and sterling silver sets? She got herself hired at Harvard listed as “minority faculty”, claimed it was an honest mistake insinuating a one time gaff, then a registration card to the Texas Bar Association has (in her handwriting)”Native American” under race, the card was dated in 1986, one time gaff? A couple of decades of lies. Woman has the morals of an alley cat.

  4. Hagawatha’s “plans” (as well as all the other plans on the left) are pretty
    much aimed to kill the great economy President Trump has guided us to–

  5. What right would she have to give our tax dollars away for Medicare for the illegals. Knock them out of the fee insurance and it would become more reasonable. They have no right to anything until they become citizens.

  6. Gee, Trump gets lowest unemployment records of any president. The economy is setting records, taxes to me are down and finally, after 50 years of watching debate after debate after debate about our southern border a President is taking steps, not talking about it, but actually fulfilling his campaign promises and striving to close our border to drugs, trafficking in human lives and illegal immigrants. The Dems want to raise taxes exponentially, push programs to put millions of people out of work, open our borders, make it illegal to discuss someones sexual dysphoria, pay off everyones school loans and dismantle the work Trump has accomplished. Woder who I’m voting for.

  7. Free is worth exactly what you pay for it. What good is higher education if it does not result in better living conditions? Under socialism you can never own anything. The government owns everything and sets the pay scale. You are paid the same as anyone else, the hard worker gets the same pay as the lazy slob next to him. How long before the hard worker stops working hard? Also under socialism a higher education does not guarantee a job you studied for. Example you become a computer programmer, but there is a glut of that job. However there is a shortage of ditch diggers. The government tells you that you are now a ditch digger.

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