Warren Admits Her Plan Will Cost 2 Million Jobs

Warren Admits Her Plan Will Cost 2 Million Jobs

The driving force behind the campaigns of Democratic presidential candidates and senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts has, from the start, been Medicare for All. And while Bernie seems to talk of little else besides the socialistic form of healthcare, Warren shies away from the subject or at least specific questions about it nearly every single time.

However, this Wednesday, she finally admitted that one of the costs of the proposed plan would be the loss of about two million American jobs.

She recently interviewed with New Hampshire Public Radio, during which time she said that she agreed with a recent study concluded by the University of Massachusetts-Amherst that estimated that Medicare for All would result in all private healthcare businesses going under. Naturally, this would mean that anyone working in that industry would lose their job.

However, Warren seemed unconcerned about this. She simply called it “part of the cost issue.” As if there weren’t enough problems with the cost of her proposed plan already.

She said, “So, I agree. I think this is part of the cost issue and should be part of a cost plan.” But then she added, “Although, do recognize on this what we’re talking about… how much of our health care dollars have not gone to health care?”

But isn’t that true with just about every other industry as well? When you pay for just about anything, be it your vehicle, household supplies, or even the food on your table, a certain percentage or amount of the price goes into wages for those who supply it to you.

For that matter, isn’t that how the government works as well. The taxes and fees we pay don’t just go towards road improvements and policy changes, do they? No, they also pay for government official’s salaries who make sure those changes happen, like that of Warren herself.

The conversation with Warren then naturally moved towards what the cost of her plan would be and how much it would cost average families including their taxes. However, as usual, Warren managed to sidestep this.

When asked if it would raise taxes for the middle-class, as many have assumed that it would, Warren only mentioned the overall family costs. Nothing about taxes was said.

She stated, “Back when I was studying it, about two of every three families (who) filed for bankruptcy did so following a serious medical problem. And here’s the thing… We know that Medicare for All is the cheapest way to provide health care coverage for everyone. So we can pay for this. We will see most likely rich people’s costs go up, corporations costs go up, but he costs to middle-class families will go down.”

This has been her argument all along, that “most likely” cost will go down for middle class and yet go up for corporations and wealthy individuals. But she has never been able to actually prove any of those possibilities. In fact, she hasn’t even been able to deliver a full Medicare plan yet. However, she did promise during this recent interview that it would be coming soon.

Then again, a new leaked video where Warren is speaking privately to union bosses, insinuates that the congresswoman doesn’t fully support the idea in the first place and is likely to not fully implement it once in office.

So if she is lying to the public about what she will do in office just gain attention and votes, why should we believe anything she says?

At least Bernie is willing to admit that middle-class taxes will have to rise for the socialist program to work. He has also been honest that he would have his plan “absolutely” include healthcare for illegal immigrants.

But that doesn’t mean his plan will work any better.

Sanders’ plan for Medicare for All is based on the universal Medicare system in Canada, which has become a disaster over the years. The Fraser Institute has reported that the average Canadian family spends over $12,000 in taxes to fund their healthcare. What they aren’t spending upfront for medical expenses, they are paying double in taxes. Does that sound like free to you?

In addition, the healthcare itself and,  in particular, the wait times have become so problematic that many seek medical treatment out of the country. In 2017, it was noted that more than 63,000 Canadians tried to get healthcare in the US alone.


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