Obama Exposed in Illegal Fundraiser Events

Obama Exposed in Illegal Fundraiser Events

Former President Barack Obama has made it a point to stay away from politics as much as he can. Once in a while, he has made an appearance to say stupid things about politics. But it has been discovered that the praised god Obama is not all he is cracked up to be. He has been involved with illegal fundraiser events and who knows what else. Barack Obama never did love America. He is a person that got caught up in the propaganda of being the first African-American president. Or should it just be an American president? Either a person is an American or they are not.

One of Obama’s former fundraiser criminals has been accused of misusing funds from his nonprofit organization for illegal means. The former head of the nonprofit was fired from his position because of illegal activity.

It was discovered that this greedy liberal donated large sums of the company’s money to Democratic candidates. They even paid his personal property taxes with the donated money, bought personal furniture with the money and who knows what else.

The former liberal fraud is Dixon Slingerland. He was fired from Youth Policy Institute, YPI, for misuse of funds. YPI has had to declare bankruptcy because of the criminal actions of this sorry Democrat. This is a person that got people to donate to a nonprofit fund aimed at helping others just, so he could use the money for his greed.

These are the types of people that the Democrats work with. There is nothing honest about being a Democrat. They are all criminals and are all guilty of trying to be above the law. Slingerland is also accused of using the money for his child’s education, giving his wife a pension, entertainment and many other selfish things.

He has tricked people out of their money, so he could live like a king. But that is what all liberal Democrats want. They want to use and abuse people, so they can live like kings and queens and get away with it. This all sounds fine but lavish living off of nonprofit funds is a serious violation of federal tax laws.

YPI is already demanding that Obama lover Slingerland repay over $1.7 million. YPI stated that they fired the freak at they “concluded that Mr. Slingerland had been misusing YPI’s funds for his personal use over an extended period, and at least since 2014.” For nearly five years this man has been stealing from the generosity of people for his own personal selfish and criminal gain.

Slingerland has not been very forthcoming when talking with the media. He has stated that the allegations against him are false, but he does admit that there were some things that he did that was wrong. But like a good evil Democrat, he has agreed to repay the money that he stole from the American people. But this is not true from his heart. The only reason he is repaying the money is that he got caught in criminal activity.

He even has the guts to say that YPI owes him money. All of that was forfeited when he got fired. He went on to say that “I have made several attempts to meet with YPI leadership to resolve any issues, including the fact that YPI still owes me money. YPI has refused to engage in discussions or provide me with the necessary detail needed to clear up these matters.”

His actions have cost 1,000 people their jobs. These are homes with kids that are being affected because of the greed of one sorry excuse for a human being. Democrats love the money and this proves that they are willing to do whatever they need to get the money. Even if it means hurting people along the way.

This Democrat figured out the company had loose financial controls over its money and took advantage of the opportunity to live on the wealth of others. He will pay for his sinful deeds. Every Democrat should be warned that they will be exposed for the frauds they are.


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