Terrorist Punk Gets Made Into an Example by Judge

Terrorist Punk Gets Made Into an Example by Judge

For months, members of the anti-fascist group Antifa have been protesting around the nation trying to allegedly fight corruption, racism, and greed in our government systems. However, it seems that all they are doing are showing the world just how idiotic and existentially wrong their plan is.

And a recent incident in Oregon and its consequences proves this.

In June, members of the group were involved in an altercation in Portland, Oregon, between right-wing groups and other left-leaners such as themselves. However, the violence that broke out and was enacted by individual group members left at least one man hospitalized and several other imprisoned.

It seems that during the protest, an elderly man somehow provoked the mob of Antifa members. Thankfully, when the group became violent and attempted to attack the man, another man, Adam Kelly, stepped in and tried to stop it.

And while the elderly man was able to get away without much injury, Kelly took all the anger meant for another. He was severely beaten and maced by the mob. And all of it was caught on camera.

The footage is brutal and shows Kelly being immediately jumped on by several Antifa members after trying to protect the elderly man. Then one member, Gage Halupowski, used an extendable baton to smack Kelly in the head, which promptly knocked Kelly out and split his head wide open.

When Kelly arrived at the local hospital, he was treated for a concussion and given no less than 25 staples in his head to close up the wound that Halupowski and his baton had caused.

Now, according to The Oregonian, this was Halupowski’s first offense. The young man had never before been arrested for anything.

Typically, when a person goes before a court for the first time, especially at a young age, the judge is likely to give some measure of leniency. They often try to use this as both a learning opportunity for the individual and a chance to change their course of direction.

However, this didn’t seem to matter to the judge presiding over Halupowski’s case.

Halupowski was sentenced with 70 months in prison for his actions. For a first time offense, a nearly six-year prison sentence is quite severe.

In fact, Halupowski’s defense attorney, Edward Kroll, said that the ruling was “one of the harshest sentences I’ve ever seen for someone with no criminal background and young age.”

It is likely that Kroll and many others assumed Halupowski would be given some mercy, especially given that he took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to second-degree assault. Making a deal like this shows that the offender is showing some sort of responsibility and knows that his crimes were not justified.

Now considering that Halupowski’s crime was caught on camera and considerably brutal, it would be hard to plead much of anything else. Nevertheless, the plea should have only added to the leniency he probably thought he would get.

Thank heavens, this judge believes in actual justice as well as teaching lessons.

Seventy months in prison will not only teach Halupowski that his actions were savage and inhumane, but it also serves as a warning to the community that violence, politically provoked or not, will not go unnoticed or unpunished.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Melissa Marrero has said, “My office has individuals on both sides of the political spectrum. We are not picking sides based on political affiliation, political views, or anything like that.”

This should also be a relief to the surrounding areas and neighborhoods that would rather not see violence erupt on their streets, from either side of the political debate.

Yes, we still hold to our First Amendment rights and our freedom of speech and expression, but when those acts of protest, or whatever you want to call them, end in violence, no one wins, and our country is worse off for it.

And as for Antifa, this act, as well as the many others they conducted around the nation, proves that they are, in fact, not against fascism. What they are against is anything that doesn’t look like left-wing agendas. But by spreading violence and fear, they only personify the one thing they say they are against.

Fascism, by definition, is an organization that is intolerant of other viewpoints and uses oppression and violence to get rid of those they see as against them. Tell me that’s not what Antifa is doing.


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