Schumer Blasted for Praising Outgoing King

Schumer Blasted for Praising Outgoing King

The Democrats aren’t afraid to bash their own as one story covering a few recent statements made by New York, Senator (D) Chuck Schumer reported. Those comments were directed toward Schumer’s longtime friend and outgoing Republican Congressman, Peter King.

No, that wasn’t a typo and yes, you read it correctly. Although many of these new Democratic faces may not realize it, there was a time when Democrats and Republicans could also be friends. There was a government that ran the country at one time, that put American before politics and what was best for the country outweighed what was best for the Party.

It was an era of politics that Chuck Schumer can probably still remember clearly. It was an age of politics that Peter King helped define and it is a legacy of politics done the right way, that he leaves behind. It is a legacy that Schumer wanted to pay homage to and a man that Schumer knew as a friend, a friend he wanted to say thank you to.

Schumer tweeted:

“Peter King stood head & shoulders above everyone else; he’s been principled and never let others push him away from his principles. He’s fiercely loved America, specifically Long Island, and his Irish heritage and left a lasting mark on all 3 I will miss him in Congress & value his friendship… ”

That seemed like a genuine, kind, grateful, and really wonderful message to send out to a friend and a fellow member of your government. Oh heck, that’s right, he’s a Republican – that changes everything, right?

Does it? Should it? Is great leadership defined more by great men and women, or party affiliation? Some of the Left made their thoughts about this pretty obvious, and the angry cries from that side of the aisle seemed to fall just short of calling for a lynching.

One of those voices, according to our story, was Hillary Clinton’s former campaign advisor, Peter Daou. His response to Schumer’s tweet made it sound as if Schumer had betrayed his Party, the American people, and was guilty of treason.

Daou tweeted:

“SERIOUSLY SCHUMER?? If you EVER wonder why I criticize Democratic “leaders” for enabling Republicans, look no further than this tweet… and here is @SenSchumer fawning over his “principles.” We need a new Democratic Party.”

Then came others jumping on the “how dare we say anything positive or nice regarding a member of the opposing party” bandwagon. People like the CEO/Founder of The Left and former FanSided Founder, Adam Best.

Best tweeted:

“Peter King is a racist. Good riddance. Schumer praising him like this is an extremely alarming sign. Democrats need new leadership in the Senate.”

Alarming? A Senator sending a kind farewell message to a member of the other Party is – alarming? It becomes more evident all the time why there is such difficulty in getting bills, measures, and legislation passed through government channels today. When did partisanship begin to out prioritize “we the people” and the good of our nation?

Instead of two Parties acting as checks and balances against one another, they have just come two sides against each other. Politics is becoming more about political agendas than the agenda of making America great and keeping America strong.

A trader, a “racist”, “new” Senate leadership, and many other unkind words and thoughts were expressed – and why? Because a Senator said something offensive? Because a Senator costs taxpayers millions? Because a Senator was discovered to have cheated in an election?

No. All the backlash was because someone on the Left in leadership said something decent, kind, and right about someone across the aisle. The audacity, the nerve – some people! This story also shows the willingness and readiness of these new Dems, who are so quick to eat and devour their own. We can only imagine, what a man like Chuck Schumer who hails from another day in politics, must think about this new Democratic movement.

Chuck and Peter are friends, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in D.C. must get along or even like each other. The word is bipartisanship, and it is a word that should be taught to some of the new guns on the hill. They may not ever have the joy of working together as friends like Schumer and King have, as they ride off into the sunset, but at least they might get something accomplished if they can learn what it means.


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