Roger Stone’s Prosecutor Demands Arrest Of Alex Jones

Roger Stone’s Prosecutor Demands Arrest Of Alex Jones

Roger Stone was seen as a Republican operative, responsible for impeding countless investigations. They found him guilty of seven counts against him, including everything from making false statements to witness tampering.

The prosecutor responsible for Roger Stone’s guilty outcome is now going after the king of conspiracy theories, Alex Jones.

The prosecutor actually demanded the “immediate” arrest of Alex Jones from the courtroom floor. Reporters who have been covering the trial reached out to Alex Jones to warn him that the deep state is aiming to silence Jones by having him arrested. According to sources, Jones is being accused of calling for a mass uprising against tyranny. However, that isn’t actually a crime. It is encompassed within the Bill of Rights.

There’s a big difference between what Democrats and Republicans do in today’s day and age. Democrats have figured out that there is some kind of double standard, allowing them to get away with much more than they would allow Republicans to get away with.

If a Democrat calls for a protest it’s considered a way to seek justice. If a Republican, and more importantly a Trump supporter, calls for a protest, especially one that is completely peaceful unlawful, it’s identified as a crime.

Alex Jones broadcast on his website that it is closest to make it tyranny that he has ever seen. He identified that the deep state wants to bankrupt and put anyone in prison if they support Trump for 2020.

Alex Jones told Natural News that the deep state was looking to “imprison or murder” influential Trump supporters to ensure that no voices could speak out against the impeachment show trial that’s being rigged by Rep. Adam Schiff. Jones explains that their strategy of taking Trump down has been focused on censorship as well as threats of arrest.

There have been a number of deep state shenanigans happening for years – and there are plenty of independent journalists who have been willing and able to expose those shenanigans. Unfortunately, the deep state runs deeper than many realize. The New York Times is now running a smear campaign against John Solomon, an independent journalist who has been responsible for some of the exposure.

During his broadcast, Jones explained that what went on in court with the prosecutor of Roger Stone should terrify everyone in the United States.

Alex Jones has a conspiracy theory that the conspiracy against Trump and his well-connected supporters is designed to trigger a civil war. The CIA-run media will allow the conspiracy to run, criminalizing policies created by Trump, smearing supporters, and in directing pro-Trump voices. They plan to remove Trump from office and install a radical left-wing that will rule the United States similar to communist China.

Natural News estimates that if Alex Jones is arrested like deep state is planning, it will create a shooting war in America as armed patriots will descend on Washington DC as a way to drain the swamp and arrest the treasonous politicians who want to declare war on justice and truth.

The far-left-leaning deep state needs to familiarize themselves with originalist abuse. The Second Amendment was authored to allow people to rise up against tyranny. It is its purpose – and there are half 1 billion firearms across the United States in the hands of private citizens. In the event that a Civil War was to happen in America, the right would win because the left doesn’t believe in owning guns.

Alex Jones has been trying to convince America for a while that there is evil at play in Capitol Hill. He estimates that the deep state, influential people within the government and military that is secretly manipulating government policy, are pushing toward civil war. The deep state allows extremist ideologies to manifest – and this includes socialism. It’s why they hate Trump and all that he stands for. He is the very embodiment of capitalism and that’s not what the deep state wants for the United States.

Should America be pushed into a civil war, it will lead to mass chaos. It can also lead to Trump being assassinated, especially if Dem impeachment efforts are unsuccessful. As Natural News identifies, “Our nation is under siege.”

First amendment rights have to be remembered. Alex Jones has broken no law. He can speak his truth as loud as he wants. The deep state may not like what he has to say, but just as Roger Stone spoke loudly, so has Jones. Now, many people wait to see if there is actually going to be an arrest to see if the Dems really want to silence any and all-powerful Trump supporters.


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