Prince Andrew: Staying with Epstein Was ‘The Wrong Thing to Do’

Prince Andrew: Staying with Epstein Was ‘The Wrong Thing to Do’

With all of the information coming out about Jeffrey Epstein and his sexual abuse of underage women, there’s been a closer look at some of his known associates. Prince Andrew is one of those individuals. Although he’s tried to keep silent, a new interview comes out to talk about his stay with Epstein, admitting that it was the wrong thing to do.

The Duke of York stayed at the home of the convicted sex offender and has “let the side down” by doing so. He admits that it was not a becoming thing for a member of the Royal Family.

The prince spoke to Emily Maitlis of BBC Newsnight in an interview, which was recorded at Buckingham Palace.

As the third child of the Queen, Prince Andrew has been in the news for quite a bit regarding his ties to Epstein. Many have questioned why the prince would be hanging out with a 66-year-old financier from the US who was on trial for sex-trafficking charges. Was he involved in the sex-trafficking? Did he know what Jeffrey Epstein was up to? The questions have been asked time and again.

The prince certainly was a friend of Epstein. In 2010, he was photographed walking with the accused sex-trafficker in Central Park. This was two years after Epstein was convicted of soliciting a minor for prostitution. There was also footage to show that Prince Andrew was in Epstein’s NYC mansion around the same time.

Many people want to know what the prince was thinking by staying with Epstein following his first conviction. Prince Andrew didn’t have a good answer. He said that “I kick myself” for it on a daily basis because, as a member of the Royal Family, he tries to uphold the highest standards. He let the Royal Family down, “simple as that,” he says in the interview.

While he has acknowledged that he messed up, that’s not good enough. Maitlis asks why he chose to stay there. The prince says that it was a “convenient” place to stay. With someone like the Duke of York, surely there are plenty of options for him in New York City for accommodations. Dozens of hotels would have been able to supply him with a room, and he isn’t without a shortage of funds to pay for a room with sufficient security.

That’s when the prince explains that he has gone through it in his mind a number of times. With the benefit of hindsight, he says that it was “definitely” the wrong thing to do. He says that at the time, he felt that with the honorable thing to do. He admits that his judgment was likely colored by his tendency to be “too honorable.” As for how he thought it would be honorable to stay with an accused sex offender, he doesn’t provide any further insight.

Prince Andrew was named in the US civil case against Epstein in court papers in 2015. One of the accusers, Virginia Roberts, Virginia Giuffre as she is known now, identifies that she was “forced to have sex” with the prince three times between the years of 2001 and 2002. This included New York, London, and a private Caribbean island that was owned by none other than Jeffrey Epstein.

Maitlis asks Prince Andrew about Giuffre’s claims that all of this happens. The prince responds that it didn’t happen and he has no collection of ever meeting the woman. The reporter then asks again if he remembers meeting Giuffre in which the prince responds, “No.”

However, there are photos to show Giuffre pictured with Prince Andrew in 2001. To show further problems with the Epstein investigation, Giuffre’s claims were struck from court records because the judge decided that they were unnecessary to the case. Another woman, Johanna Sjoberg, alleges that Prince Andrew touched her breast while sitting in Epstein’s Manhattan apartment in 2001.

Buckingham Palace has strongly denied all allegations against the Prince. Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, wrote that the prince was a “real gentleman.”

The fact remains that Prince Andrew has been connected with Jeffrey Epstein on more than one occasion. They first met in 1999. By 2005, police reports were coming in about alleged molestations of underage girls regarding Epstein. By 2008, prosecutors had a deal with Epstein. Following an 18-month prison sentence, Prince Andrew stayed at the mansion with Jeffrey Epstein.

Even though Buckingham Palace says that any impropriety by Prince Andrew is “categorically untrue” the fact remains that the British Royal had ties with the sex offender that he cannot negate.


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