Trump Calls Pelosi Out Over Being Drunk on Impeachment

Trump Calls Pelosi Out Over Being Drunk on Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi has no backbone to speak about. She caved in on the pressure that she was getting from her ultra-liberal pathetic party members when they want to try to impeach President Trump. And now she refuses to put a stop to the embarrassing witch hunt that Adam Schiff is pushing forward. President Trump owns Nancy Pelosi. He has chewed her out for not focusing on the North American free trade deal that the White House sent to the House over a year ago. Pelosi and her band of drunken Democrats refuse to vote on the deal because they are too drunk with impeachment to see anything else.

President Trump called out Pelosi and showed her the truth that she is acting “incompetent” and sees herself as “highly overrated.” Both these descriptions of her show the disregard that she has for the wellbeing of the country that she is supposed to working for. In a full statement, President Trump stated about Pelosi that “The woman is highly overrated. We can’t get USMCA approved because Pelosi is grossly incompetent.” She just will not move past the notion that impeachment is a shame. The dumb Democrats in the House need to grow up and move on to bigger and better things like the USMCA.

There is no doubt that the impeachment witch hunt is taking up all the time that the House would otherwise be devoting to passing and approving laws. The “kangaroo court” as President Trump calls it, is an abuse of power on behalf of the Democrats. They want to act like they are in charge of the country. All they have the power to do is manage the money. Which is something that Democrats do very badly. The proof is found in the Democratic-controlled state of California where they refuse to trim their trees to prevent wildfires.

To try to keep pressure from mounting Pelosi pointed out that she believes a decision is coming. His goal is to have Congress vote on the deal by the end of the year. The sad part is that they have had a year to vote already. Last year, the three countries agreed to the deal. The deal new effectively replaces the older North American Free Trade Agreement. This new agreement brings the countries into this era of trade and makes things better for everyone.

But for the deal to become law, it has to be ratified by Congress. Something Obama should have learned before he went around due-process and established DACA. Obama acted like a lawmaker and put in motion a highly illegal set of rules that protected illegal aliens and violated immigration laws. The dumb Democrats love to do things their way. They are always looking for a way around the normal process of doing things.

Nancy Pelosi is just blowing a lot of hot air like she normally does when she talks. If the House was serious about voting on the agreement, then they would have already done so. She is so enamored with the impeachment process she is just holding off so the president does not get the credit for seeing it through. The White House has had to push the Democrats to recognize the seriousness of their job and to get busy and approve the trade agreement.

President Trump owned Pelosi when he stated: “You have a kangaroo court led by little shifty Schiff.” Adam shifty Schiff is running a sham court. This is nothing more than a waste of time on his part because the Senate knows that as soon as they are done they are going to kill the impeachment because it is nothing more than presidential harassment. Even the media cannot be trusted as the president has pointed out “These people are sick. The press in this country is really dangerous… We have a very corrupt media.”

President Trump is ready to move past the circus that the Democrats are putting on. It is time for the country to work together and that is what he has been trying to do for the past three years. The dumb Democrats have been playing games for three years and it is finally catching up with them. President Trump has won the term. His policies and ideas have put America on a track to greatness.


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