Feminist Gets Shut Down After Attacking New ‘Star Wars’ Series

Feminist Gets Shut Down After Attacking New ‘Star Wars’ Series

One of the imperfect traits of humanity is that all too often, we only see or hear what we want to. For some, it may come off as a simple case that some refer to selective hearing, where an individual seems to only take note of and remember certain things about a conversation, often missing key points or words. In most cases, the individual is simply not paying attention, much like a child only listening to the first part of an instruction and, in his haste to complete the task, ignores the rest.

However, for others, the basis for this can be much more sinister. For these people, the fact that they didn’t see or hear something is based on bias and a whole slew of assumptions.

Take this feminist, for instance. She is so biased against men and the thought that they are seeking to control everything that she completely misses a whole scene and an indispensable character within the new live-action television series “The Mandalorian,” which follows the life of a bounty hunter trying to survive the ‘Star Wars’ universe.

Anita Sarkeesian has made a life of criticizing film, video games, and other media sources based on how females are represented.

And as far as “The Mandalorian” goes, Anita doesn’t have a very high opinion of it. she tweeted out, “Am I extremely tired or is there no a single female speaking character in the first episode of #Mandelorian??” and she added, I’ve gotta have missed something right???”

Well, firstly, we must note that she missed the spelling of the series, even though she included a picture of the show with the correct spelling.

But that wasn’t all she had to say on the issue. the continued her disapproval in a series of tweets that criticized the show’s director Jon Favreau and his efforts to no longer “amplify women and women of color.”

She wrote, “I guess Jon Favreau was like ‘well if we just make all the vehicles female like the ship and the Blurrg then we’re good right? That’s just the right amount of ‘female.’”

And she continued her rant, “It feels especially jarring given how much the recent films have done to amplify women and women of color who have been historically marginalized in the franchise.”

“I still feel like I just forgot an entire scene and that in this year of our Lord 2019 an epic blockbuster television show could not be released without any female speaking parts.”

Well, she, in fact, did forget an entire scene, one that includes not only a woman but one with a speaking part.

The character is a Mandalorian armorer who creates a specialized piece of armor for the bounty hunter. Not only is she a woman, but as an armorer, her character is given loads of strength and respect. But her role goes much deeper than that.

In the scene, the bounty hunter enters what seems like a religious or historical place dear to his people and culture. There he provides this armorer with a particular type of metal that is sacred to the Mandalorian people. She then, almost reverently, takes the steel and tells the bounty hunter that he has done well in returning this piece of their history to them. She tells him he will be rewarded and then goes about melting the piece down and fashioning it into a shoulder piece for his armor.

Even though she is not given a name, it is apparent that she is an integral part of the bounty hunter’s past and history. She is a preserver of her culture and faith. And as such, she holds great importance not only to the main character but to the entire plot.

And as the series continues, previews and episode summaries show her to be a significant part of a “secret enclave” of warriors that the main character and hero relies on.

But, apparently, it’s not enough.

Only later, after someone points this mistake out, does she acknowledge her wrong. And even then, it isn’t sincere.

Luckily, the fans didn’t let her get away with this.

“She did because she’s focusing on what she wants to offend her and not enough on what’s actually appealing to her… because attention.”

And this one says it all.

“There’s only been one man in the show so far… everyone else is an alien.”

After all, the entire show is a work of fiction.


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