“Meet the Press” Host Compares President Trump to O.J. Simpson!

“Meet the Press” Host Compares President Trump to O.J. Simpson!

There are often celebrity similarities than can and could be made with public officials, these are people in the public eye after all. Sometimes those comparisons are obvious, sometimes they aren’t so obvious, and sometimes they are just ridiculous. As one story reports, ridiculous is far too nice for a recent comparison made with President Trump to Orenthal James Simpson.

You remember, the “Juice”, O.J., that electric running back, picked number one out of USC, and then set the NFL on fire? Yeah, that guy, the one you also remember who, mur – (ah-hem) – murky as it seemed, escaped being convicted of killing his wife and her friend. Oh yes, now you remember right? Nobody will ever forget that 37-day slow-motion police pursuit that was plastered on every television station across the country.

You had forgotten momentarily, didn’t you? It was before the age of technology as we know it today, and that slow-speed car chase was damn-near the only thing available on television. It was on every channel, and when they started to air the replays, it was on at all hours of the day, night and day. For CNN it must have been like the Holy Grail, a celebrity, NFL Superstar, and murder suspect all wrapped up into one!

And this is the person that the President of the United States is being compared to? Seriously?

According to our story, the impetus behind this comparison was the Ukraine situation and all the whirlwind surrounding those events. Chuck Todd of NBC and recognized widely as the host of Meet the Press, was talking with a former FBI analyst on another program regarding the much-discussed quid pro quo question. During that discussion, the former analyst and member of special counsel Robert Meuller’s investigating team said, “On substance, this is really not about the facts… Yes, there was a quid pro quo. And by the way, everybody knew it…” and that was the spark.

Somehow those words were what sparked Todd to recollect of the man we described earlier, Orenthal James Simpson – O.J., and of course, President Trump. As our story reports, Todd said, “I’m having a quick flashback to the O.J. trial, frankly, where the facts were damning, but it didn’t matter… are we about to head into a situation like that where he’s going to get acquitted and yet everybody’s gonna know he’s guilty?”

If we can, and it may not be easy, let’s try to forget those “damning” words, and focus on just the comparison aspect of Todd’s response. As in, why O.J. Simpson, a man who most believe is guilty of the crimes he was charged with?

It is apparent, at least in Todd’s mind, that the facts are plain and obvious. In the O.J. Simpson case, it appeared as if the facts were plain as day too. Oh – wait, that’s it! Since the facts in the Trump case were obvious and the facts and evidence in the O.J. Simpson murder trial were obvious, of course, Todd would see the connections. Aren’t they plain as day?

On one side, there is DNA, circumstantial evidence, and supporting facts. On the other side, there is what?

One one side, there is the accusation of murder, and not of one but of two people in cold blood. One the other side, at worst, is the charge of – bribery? Oh yes, these cases are identical in every way, including the men themselves. Almost like history repeating itself, right?

Free speech is beautiful and expressing one’s ideas, thoughts, and opinions should be the freedom we all have, each of us. It shouldn’t give us a license to be just mean, however, especially when you have a platform like Chuck Todd does. Shouldn’t that come with some sense of responsibility – and decency? Come to think of it, Todd actually reminds me of someone, and the similarities are striking! There was this guy who made headlines years ago named Charles Milles Manson, and just like Todd he had children, breathed air, and was followed by many.

Do you see it? It is as clear as the comparison between O.J. Simpson and President Trump isn’t it? In fact, it may be even clearer.


24 thoughts on ““Meet the Press” Host Compares President Trump to O.J. Simpson!

  1. This Todd is like all Democrats, facts doesn’t matter. There is only opinions, assumptions, hearsay, and complete bias. I could plainly see that those ambassadors thought they were the bosses, not our President. They acted like a bunch of brainless people who definitely thought that they were representing Ukraine, not the United States of America. Their answers clearly showed that their loyalty was to the past evil president of Ukraine. Makes you wonder what they were receiving from that Country.

    1. I agree they do not deserve any attention save unemployment line for losers in they do not deserve to be employed by anyone

  2. There is no similarity between O. J. Simpson and the White House Resident. This was a waste of time writing this article. You’re trying to compare apples to oranges and I’ll leave it at that.

  3. When will the liberals start proving they have a brain. I am sick and tired of their comparisons, comments, etc. who do and say anything to denigrate our President. We are lucky to have Donald Trump as our president and Melania as our first lady. Woe to us if we elect one of the democrats running for president.

    1. that could result in civil war they would have to cheat to do that a new question should be required are you a citizen and has someone paid for your vote

  4. Chuck Toad is the Liberals darling = throw enough Crap
    against the wall and something might stick!
    . . . nothing more or NOTHING LESS!

    1. What gets me about Chuck Todd is he’ll ask a question of a person and while that person is trying to answer, Todd interrupts to go over the same question because he’s not getting the answer HE wants. I’ve sat and gritted my teeth when I’d really like to reach out and slap him silly, tell him to shut up and let the person finish the answer. I find he does it more with people that are at a remote site and not in the studio with him. Just this past sunday , Dec 8 Jerrold Nadler was in the studio and he got the chance to air his views on this sham impeachment. Then right after Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas was inhis office and asked questions but Chuck interrupted or talked over Ted numerous times and finally said that he’d run out of time and “We’ll leave it at that.” That is my gripe with Chuck Todd.

  5. “See the Comparison He Made on National TV!”

    The link to this article, WHERE’S THE LINK to “See the Comparison He Made on National TV!”

  6. Todd is a dumbass motherfucker with shit for brains. Why does anyone watch this fucking asshole? For one thing, the evidence of Trumps innocence is obvious, the transcript people. Read the damb thing. In OJ’s case the evidence was not so obvious, acquittal people.

  7. What most people don’t know about the OJ case is that CNN told about another case that had happened 3 yrs. before that was NEVER solved. My husband was off work with back surgery and he doesn’t sleep much, so he was awake when this was on. CNN is good at telling different stories in the middle of the night, like Jackie Kennedy-Onasis’s street address after she past.
    President Trump is NOT like OJ, the only thing would be their ego.

  8. Todd is a serious case of Hate Trump Syndrome
    and most likely jealous of his accomplishments.
    It will be a happy day when he gets ready-elected and get to see all of these fake news so called journalists eat crow. However, no matter what these investigations turn up, they will continue to spin the fake news. The old saying once a liar always a liar. Chuck Todd fits into the same category with Nancy, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Mcabe, Comey, etc. all liars, corrupt and the obsession to control. My family and most of my friends are going to re-elect our current POTUS whether they like it or not because he is trying to make America first and keep us safe from these socialist Deep State swamp snakes. We all need to keep a running list of these swamp creatures so we can vote them out ASAP. With regard to these fake news people they will eventually go away because they report lies, false accusations for a raise or hopefully ratings but as you have seen their ratings kind of suck since the fake news started.

  9. Remember the “good old days” when someone like
    z”Toddio” was listened to AND believed? What a sad place we are in. We know how to deal with these pieces of sh… vote out their newsworthy talking heads in Nov……bye. bye

  10. What’s up і am kavin, its my first time to commenting anyplacе, when i read tһis post i thought i coulⅾ also
    make comment due to thiѕ sensible piece of writing.

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