Pelosi is Messing Up and Trump is Furious Over Deal Failure

Pelosi is Messing Up and Trump is Furious Over Deal Failure

Nancy Pelosi has lost all respect of just about every single person in the United States. The nation is tired of the Democrats in Congress messing around and failing to get anything accomplished. They have been so wrapped up in their hatred of President Trump that they have missed huge opportunities to do the right thing on several bills. Instead, they have constantly attacked and hassled the president to the point that the nation is ready to get rid of every single Democrat in Washington. Nancy Pelosi has led the way to the demise of the Democratic party.

She has failed in her duties to finish tasks and bring up bills for a vote. The most failure on her part was getting a vote on the USMCA trade agreement. She failed because she has yielded under pressure to the Union AFL-CIO. She has caved in and yielded to unions across America. Either she is too stupid to see through their agenda or she is just a coward and needs to be removed from her position permanently.

President Trump has stated that “It is sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. She’s incapable of moving it, it looks like. Everybody knows it is a great deal. She knows it is a great deal, she’s said it. She hasn’t wanted to do it because I understand, a couple of the unions, the AFL-CIO, they are asking her to hold it for a while because it’ll make Trump look bad.” The unions hate the president because many of his policies are not favorable to their agenda. They would love to have an environment that would essentially force people to become unionized.

Canada and Mexico are waiting for the stupid Pelosi to vote on the deal. But she is so wrapped up in hating the president that she cannot see that other nations are depending on her to act. The president stated that “If they pull out, it will be her fault, not mine.” And he is right. The other two nations are learning that the Democratic party is crooked as they are corrupt. They simply do not care about anyone but themselves.

In their ways, some unions are spreading lies and propaganda that Pelosi is buying into. Once again the stupid Democrats fail to check sources, and they have fallen for yet another lie. Jesus Seade, who is the Mexican foreign minister, stated: “Far from reaching a deal, in the last two weeks, statements from certain labor sectors have re-emerged, floating ideas that would be unacceptable to Mexico.” The stupid unions are trying to force their agendas into Mexico. The USMCA is in great danger because Pelosi has caved into a group of greedy union scum seeking to push their own agenda.

The White House is waiting for Pelosi. For months the deal has been an ongoing bipartisan effort to develop a better deal for all three countries. Pelosi is stalling to make the president look stupid. But all that is going to happen is going to be towards her. She already looks stupid for dealing with the issue.

President Trump is sick and tired of trying to work with naughty Pelosi. She just lives in her little sinful world of crime and corruption. She is not even listening to her party. Some of them that have worked on the USMCA for the past year are ready to vote. But she is just sitting on the bill hoping that it will cause pain to the successful president. Pelosi is playing games. At one point it looked as if the vote would go through, and then at the last minute, she backed up and decided that does not need to happen. Pelosi has been bought by union America.

More and more Republicans and others are getting mad at Pelosi for holding back on the vote. Her refusal to work with people of a different political background is sickening to the people. And now she has effectively brought two other nations along for her sick ride of nasty politics.


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