Transgender Activist Can’t Figure Out Why He Was Turned Away By Gynecologist

Transgender Activist Can’t Figure Out Why He Was Turned Away By Gynecologist

When you have boy parts, you go to a boy doctor. When you have girl parts, you go to a girl doctor. This sounds reasonable enough, but a transgender activist got his feelings hurt when a gynecologist wouldn’t see him because of not having the appropriate parts.

See, the medical community looks at things very differently than liberals. You can call yourself a female but if you have male genitalia, you’re not scientifically a female. This means that a gynecologist doesn’t know how to treat you because, to put it simply, you don’t have a vagina, even though you really want one.

Jessica Yaniv is a transgender activist who was born as a male but identifies as a female. The activist has made headlines over the past year, especially after filing multiple human rights complaints against Canadian salons who refused to wax the still-male genitalia.

Warning: Strong language:

Now, Yaniv is in a huff about a gynecologist refusing service to the activist. According to Yaniv, the office said that they “don’t serve transgender patients.” That led Yaniv to ask if they can legally do that.

When Yaniv took to social media looking for support, the opposite was found. Some of the more rabid individuals on Twitter reminded Yaniv that he is a man and that doctors don’t have “time for that foolishness.” Others said that their gyno wouldn’t give them a prostate exam and was “shocked, confused and hurt.”

Yaniv wants to get upset by everything over the chance to sue. It’s not even clear if the activist is really concerned about rights since they’re looking to create controversy everywhere they go. After all, why go to a gynecologist in the first place, knowing that you have male parts when you know that it’s not their specialty? You may identify as a woman but your parts are not female, so a gynecologist does not have the expertise to help.

Yaniv was also responsible for pushing for LGBTQ “topless” swim parties over the summer at pools operated by a Canadian town. The parties would be for children as young as 12 with an added stipulation that parents and guardians were barred to attend. The municipality has decided to postpone a vote on that for a date that has not yet been released.

Yaniv isn’t getting the support that they had expected. In fact, the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia determined that Yaniv’s complaints against the Canadian waxing salons were “divorced from reality” and the activist had to pay $2,000 to each of the three respondents.

Sky News reported about the “mad excesses of identity politics-obsessed left” and a twisted form of social justice. The reporter referenced Jessica Yaniv and the various lawsuits that were created to drag small business owners through the legal system because they refused to touch male genitalia. It is a costly issue that’s been happening with greater frequency, and it’s destroying businesses who simply cannot afford the bad press.

Yaniv doesn’t seem to understand that while he identifies as a female, his body still identifies as a male. Many salon workers are only taught how to work with female genitalia. When they offer waxing services, it is for the female. As such, they have no knowledge of how to wax around male genitalia. Asking a person to do so is not only rude but disrespectful. However, Yaniv feels that it’s okay to push people outside of their comfort zone simply to rev people up about identity politics.

The problem is that it hasn’t garnered the kind of press that the activist has wanted. While it’s okay to want equality in some areas, such as getting served at a restaurant and being able to run for office, there are certain aspects that are simply not okay to fight against – and that includes what a person at a spa can touch and what a medical doctor can treat.

This is just another way for the far left to show just how far out of reach they are with reality. They will do and say anything just to strike up some controversy. They have no desire to make sense to anyone. It is likely that Jessica Yaniv knew full well that she had no right making an appointment with a gynecologist because, realistically, she doesn’t have a vagina.

Until she has one of those, a gynecologist cannot provide any medical services. If Yaniv doesn’t know that this was wrong, perhaps she should seek mental health services and avoid broadcasting all of the “social injustices” all over Twitter.


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