Transgender Activist Can’t Figure Out Why He Was Turned Away By Gynecologist

Transgender Activist Can’t Figure Out Why He Was Turned Away By Gynecologist

When you have boy parts, you go to a boy doctor. When you have girl parts, you go to a girl doctor. This sounds reasonable enough, but a transgender activist got his feelings hurt when a gynecologist wouldn’t see him because of not having the appropriate parts.

See, the medical community looks at things very differently than liberals. You can call yourself a female but if you have male genitalia, you’re not scientifically a female. This means that a gynecologist doesn’t know how to treat you because, to put it simply, you don’t have a vagina, even though you really want one.

Jessica Yaniv is a transgender activist who was born as a male but identifies as a female. The activist has made headlines over the past year, especially after filing multiple human rights complaints against Canadian salons who refused to wax the still-male genitalia.

Warning: Strong language:

Now, Yaniv is in a huff about a gynecologist refusing service to the activist. According to Yaniv, the office said that they “don’t serve transgender patients.” That led Yaniv to ask if they can legally do that.

When Yaniv took to social media looking for support, the opposite was found. Some of the more rabid individuals on Twitter reminded Yaniv that he is a man and that doctors don’t have “time for that foolishness.” Others said that their gyno wouldn’t give them a prostate exam and was “shocked, confused and hurt.”

Yaniv wants to get upset by everything over the chance to sue. It’s not even clear if the activist is really concerned about rights since they’re looking to create controversy everywhere they go. After all, why go to a gynecologist in the first place, knowing that you have male parts when you know that it’s not their specialty? You may identify as a woman but your parts are not female, so a gynecologist does not have the expertise to help.

Yaniv was also responsible for pushing for LGBTQ “topless” swim parties over the summer at pools operated by a Canadian town. The parties would be for children as young as 12 with an added stipulation that parents and guardians were barred to attend. The municipality has decided to postpone a vote on that for a date that has not yet been released.

Yaniv isn’t getting the support that they had expected. In fact, the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia determined that Yaniv’s complaints against the Canadian waxing salons were “divorced from reality” and the activist had to pay $2,000 to each of the three respondents.

Sky News reported about the “mad excesses of identity politics-obsessed left” and a twisted form of social justice. The reporter referenced Jessica Yaniv and the various lawsuits that were created to drag small business owners through the legal system because they refused to touch male genitalia. It is a costly issue that’s been happening with greater frequency, and it’s destroying businesses who simply cannot afford the bad press.

Yaniv doesn’t seem to understand that while he identifies as a female, his body still identifies as a male. Many salon workers are only taught how to work with female genitalia. When they offer waxing services, it is for the female. As such, they have no knowledge of how to wax around male genitalia. Asking a person to do so is not only rude but disrespectful. However, Yaniv feels that it’s okay to push people outside of their comfort zone simply to rev people up about identity politics.

The problem is that it hasn’t garnered the kind of press that the activist has wanted. While it’s okay to want equality in some areas, such as getting served at a restaurant and being able to run for office, there are certain aspects that are simply not okay to fight against – and that includes what a person at a spa can touch and what a medical doctor can treat.

This is just another way for the far left to show just how far out of reach they are with reality. They will do and say anything just to strike up some controversy. They have no desire to make sense to anyone. It is likely that Jessica Yaniv knew full well that she had no right making an appointment with a gynecologist because, realistically, she doesn’t have a vagina.

Until she has one of those, a gynecologist cannot provide any medical services. If Yaniv doesn’t know that this was wrong, perhaps she should seek mental health services and avoid broadcasting all of the “social injustices” all over Twitter.


32 thoughts on “Transgender Activist Can’t Figure Out Why He Was Turned Away By Gynecologist

    1. What is the OB/GYBN suppose to examine? Why does ____(Fill in pc term) want to go to someone that has no experience? Why would he want to have someone that has no experience wax _____balls? Thought from the way hubby jumps if anything comes close his. Lol
      _________wants money!!!!!!!

      1. Too Funny Don’t understand and don’t care too.
        Definitely a shocker and what are we teaching
        these younger generations. .

  1. This is why ever since I was in law school I have been railing against the entire fields of psychiatry and psychology.

    Many of you may recall that there was a lady about 20 years ago named Andrea Yates. She drowned all five of her kids in the bathtub of her home and then placed all five of them next to each other neatly in hers and her husband‘s marital bed.

    Now it’s obvious to even a monkey in the zoo that this woman is nuts. Yet, because the state of Texas loves the death penalty, they were able to find psychiatrists and psychologists to testify in her case to say that she was sane enough to stand trial and be put to death for her crimes.

    It is obvious therefore, that at least in the state of Texas, the Psychiatric Association down there and the Psychological Association down there do not police up after themselves very well. Because either the shrinks that testified in that case were nothing more than hired guns and therefore should not be believed, or they were quacks who should not have their licenses anyway.

    The very fact that at least here in America the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association are not calling these people mentally ill anymore shows that their field is not a real and true science. They are a bunch of people who have some fancy letters after their names who are filled with some sense of self importance and who bow to political pressure.

    There was/is no scientific proof that anyone in the alphabet community was born that way. And yet the psychiatrists and psychologists will say that they were/are because they’re having pressure put on them by the alphabet community. They are a disgrace to scientists all over the world. And here in the United States, we give way too much credence to their opinions and we shouldn’t.

    1. Dear Theno,
      I remember that case only too well – but the death penalty is totally new to me. Andrea Yates got the full support of N.O.W. and their legal powerhouse. It was her husband, of course, who was the murderer -although he had not been home at that time: He had brainwashed her into his ultra-Cristian beliefs ad church – a that is what drove her: She was the other victim! – With so much help you cannot be executed! AND, don’t forget: Nobody has been executed or even got a death sentence in USA in decades -IF s/he could afford a good private defense attorney!

  2. You simply cannot fix stupid, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, no matter what, you just can’t possibly fix dumb, it just isn’t possible. When you come to LGBTQ Transgender idiot queers, look they don’t want to be fixed or helped in the first place! If you think you can help them to a more enlightened reality, you’re only fooling yourself, because these people are both mentally and emotionally ill-equipped to deal with reality on this plane of existence, that is why they all such a high percentage of them kill themselves faster than they usual kill themselves! Typically, these nut cases have well over an 80% suicide rate, closer to 90 to 95% actually, over a 3 to 5-year period, none survive more than 5 years, according to the American Medical Association. The truth is, or as the shrink claims, their mommies beat the hell into them growing up, poor lil things, so they switched over to Transgender, male identifies as a female, and its all his mommy’s fault, of course you understand that don’t you?

    Well, the actual truth is, these lunatic Piss Willy’s, never mature, they never grow up, they are truly like a denutted baby piglet, they squeal like a piglet, Oooonnnnkkkk, Ooonnnkk, Oonnkk, Onk, Onk, Onk, when you stretch out their nut sack; take a very sharp box knife and chop off their nuts, sack and all, then throw the nut sack, with the baby piggy’s little balls still inside it, in the hot grease and cook em for maybe ummmm 5 minutes, then munch on these tasty nuggets of absolute delight. They are called “Rocky Mountain Oysters”, and taste really good! I honestly think that is exactly what we should do to these moronic, insane, transgender lunatics, namely, cut off their nuts and listen to them scream like a little Piglets squeal! Hahahahaha Since they are going to kill themselves anyway very soon you may offer to give them a hand, if you want to, but be sure to ask a good lawyer first, just to make sure you’re not going to get into any trouble in helping these idiots out ok? As for me, I avoid all of these sick bastards, as much as I can, I’m 72 and can’t stand a man that acts like a woman – that much is for gawd damn sure! Phooey. Just remember the poor lil piggy who just had his little nuts chopped off and et by a guy just like me! Hahahahahahahahahhahahha

  3. According to the MedicineNet website as part of the examination that this clown wanted a device called a speculum which is a metal or plastic device is inserted into the vagina to allow the vaginal walls and cervix to be seen. Now both males and females have a urethra which is basically a tube that is attached to the bladder which when full releases urine through this tube. Now unless this guy is built a lot different than me this is the only opening into the body of a male. The speculum has two blades that are each about 1 to 2 inches wide. Now I don’t know about the rest of you guys out there but I damn sure don’t want someone shoving a device that is about 2 inches in diameter and then spreading it open so as to allow the examination of what is inside. I think the Doctor should have preformed the examination that this jackass wanted. I woudl be willing to bet that he would have changed his mind long before the Doctor shoved that thing into the end of his penis.

  4. Maybe “she” needs to go to a GYN that would do to “her” what the GYN does do women — namely shove something up this persons ” vagina” in order to view what is there and if there is a problem. I am willing to bet “she” would find it to be a problem if the GYN did that to “her”. “She” would most likely sue the GYN for “damages”, which can’t be damages as long as “she” insisted the GYN give her a female examination. I’ll bet this person would never go to a gynocologist again.

  5. Another mentally ill moron that is looking to make money by bringing law suits against people. He’s also looking for his 15 minutes of fame. That guy makes one ugly woman!!!

  6. Time to bring back the INSANE ASYLUMS for these Idiots, there are only Two Genders MALE and FEMALE anything else is a mental Problem.

  7. This is where reality trumps a mental disorder! Science and biology are based on known facts . . . not on feelings or beliefs! If you feel like or believe that you are a woman, even though you were born with a penis and testicles, there is no feeling or belief that will miraculously cause a uterus, ovaries, and womb to appear within your body! So, going to a gynecologist and demanding they treat you as a woman . . . when you don’t have any of the mechanics they normally deal with . . . is a joke!!! THIS IS WHY TRANSGENDERS ARE MENTALLY ILL AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH ! ! !

    America needs to reopen their State level Mental Institutes and insure there is an approved oversight committee that will insure the malpractice issues of the past are dealt with and gone! It is past time where minority groups are dealt with according to how one feels or how their issues strive to debunk known scientific facts! Many of these minority groups, such as these, are like flat-earthers . . . regardless of the known scientific facts, they will turn to each other and cry, “…DO YOU BELIEVE THESE SUPPOSED SCIENTIFIC FACTS . . . HELL NO WE DON’T!!!…”

  8. I personally would have no problem dropping masses of hot wax on this person’s male parts, and watching the resulting break dance that followed. Sue me, will ya? Try some more hot wax – go for it.

  9. I am a hetero woman with a great sex drive and I love my husband and my sons dearly, but I have never been able to figure out why men are NOT aware that the male sexual organs are as beautiful to look at as a mangled sea urchin or a mass of maggots. If I were the owner of such equipment, I would NEVER get naked with the lights on, not even in the shower.

  10. I’d have examined him. Informed him there was no evidence of a uterus, ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes, vagina; That under these conditions, he could not expect to have children or a heterosexual sex life. For the chart, I would examine his thought processes to imagine otherwise, masterbatorial practices, ejaculation; Much curious to know why/how he concluded seeing an OB/ GYN might be helpful beyond feeding his sexual identity confusion. Might inquire whether or not he was having regular sex with his mother? How long that activity had been going on? At what age did it start? Determine the whole extent of his perversion; whether he was a danger to himself or others.
    Clinically, it would be difficult to address him as “her” or feed his illusion ideation as an insanity. Moreover, that would be untheraputic and cruel.
    Very sad. Tragic.

  11. I am really sorry for this fat, ugly transgender moron. OG/GYN is for women with vagina’s and not penis’s. How f–king stupid can you be? This moron “it” needs some real mental health help!

  12. This MAN is not insane, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s doing all this for the money and the attention. And he’s not a transgender either. True transgenders know all too well the difference between the male and female anatomy. This idiot likes pushing people’s buttons in hopes of putting himself in the limelight. He hopes for attention and the opportunity to sue. No, make no mistake he is not a transgender and he is far from insane.

  13. Has sanity been removed from folks nowadays?Sure seems to be the case as more and more idiots are confused about the difference in male vs.female.What a sick society we will have in the future


  15. I wish this same thought was applied to boys invading girls locker rooms and shower rooms. Also allowing boy to compete in girls only sports!! They’re boys for crist sake!! ‘Nuff is ’nuff!!!!!

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