Trump’s Kicking Off 700,000 Leaches from Food Stamps

Trump’s Kicking Off 700,000 Leaches from Food Stamps

The time has come for people to start caring for their own basic needs. President Trump has decided to cut back on the number of people that are receiving food stamps. The entire program has become one monster of an abused system. Hundreds of thousands of people that are getting the stamps do not need to be receiving the help. They have found a way to cheat the system and get free money from the government. Which is coming out of all taxpayer’s pockets. The president will make it harder for states to keep people on the program. When the new rules are pushed out 700,000 people will have to buy their food items.

So many people do not need the help because the economy is strong again and there is plenty of work that they can be doing. Right now there are 36 million people in the program. That is over 10 percent of the entire population of the country that is receiving food stamps. The new rules will push more workers into the workforce. This will help fill all the jobs that are currently available for them to have. It is time for the freeloaders to get off the couch and start working for their future.

President Trump has been looking for ways to cut off expenses that just do not need to be in place. The food stamp program is an inflated and overused system that needs to be trimmed back. What the president has done is tightened up on the guidelines that allow states to waive the amount of time that a person can be eligible for food stamps. After their time is up they will now be unable to get the help that so many other people need. 700,000 new workers and more are about to enter the workforce. The number of new jobs sitting unfilled will find people applying for them which in turn will help the economy even more.

Sonny Perdue who is the U.S. Agriculture Secretary has stated that “States are seeking waivers for wide swaths of their population, and millions of people who could work are continuing to receive SNAP benefits.” The states need to help their people find work and train them in new trades if they are having trouble entering the workforce to keep a person on a handout system just encourages them to not work.

The current set of rules allows a person 18 to 49 years of age to be on the food stamp program for three months. They can not apply again for three years. But the states have found ways to grant waivers to certain people which allows those without dependents to stay in the program much longer. Some states have low unemployment rates are still allowing their people to remain in the program even when they do not have to be. This is taking money from people that truly need help. And ultimately it is stealing from the American taxpayer.

The new rules will be guidelines that people will have to meet to even be considered for food stamps. They will look at the person as a whole to determine eligibility. The country has an extremely low unemployment rate. Everyone that can work needs to be working and doing their part to make America great once again. Perdue says it best “We need everyone who can work to work.”

With every move, the president makes draws stupid remarks from those that hate what he is doing for the country. One stupid Democrat from Ohio said, “This is an unacceptable escalation of the administration’s war on working families, and it comes during a time when too many are forced to stretch already-thin budgets to make ends meet.” What the narrow-minded Democratic is failing to understand is that these new rules will only weed out the people that are ripping off the system.

The amount of savings that will be seen will be $5.5 billion in the first five years. America needs to have a person in the office that seeks to save money. President Trump is the answer for the next five years. He has done what he has promised and will only continue to improve on what he has done.


75 thoughts on “Trump’s Kicking Off 700,000 Leaches from Food Stamps

    1. About time the free loaders are removed.Sucking up the resources for citizens social security and bleeding our tax dollars down the drain by those demon rats.

    2. Now Trump has to get after the companies who pay minimum wage to regular workers so that these workers can get their own food and not depend on Food Stamps to supplement their pay. GET AFTER THE CROOKED CORPORATIONS THAT DO NOT PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!


      1. Exactly! My daughter had some dead beat neighbors who would ask her for money to buy milk for their baby, despite the fact they were getting 700 a month in food stamps. Which they sold to get drugs.

        1. Yes Jeanni – You can hold your head high and look people in the eye. I do not begrudge people
          one bit that actually need help – but those who look for others to feed them while they buy I-
          phones, large screen TV”s, and big-dollar sneakers. Yank them off food stamps so fast it
          ill make their heads spin!!

  1. the free train courtesy of give away democrats must come to a close. for years liberals have claimed republicans have bought elections while they have given away hard working men and women’s money to get a vote. i see no difference since scam artist are raping this country. not only should welfare be cut back but any one in this country that has a fortune of 5 million at retirement should not get social security,that would guarantee people that has worked and still poor would get more money for needs when they retire.

    1. Bob Jones…………………………I cannot agree more! There is no reason for anyone with millions to collect SS. Nor is there any readson for the retired politicos to collect. They all stole from the system when rhey were active….they don’t need it now.

      1. Even if someone has millions and they paid into the SS system, then they are due the benefit they paid into. The law makes them do it, therefore it is due them.

        1. then the law needs to be amended so that a 5 time millionaire can not draw social security which is peanuts to him. social security will only be retained by making changes and some one in congress has to step up to the plate and make difficult decisions instead of meeting in back rooms with lobbyist to grease their already over loaded pockets with illegal money.

          1. Social Security is not s freebie. 50% of the money contributed to your SS Account was deducted from your weekly paycheck…EVERY WEEK. Your employer contributed an exact matching amount of 50% to your account as DEMANDED by federal labor laws. Obviously, you didn’t know that? Accordingly, your 5 times millionaire boss, uncle, friend, enemy or whomever IS A DESERVED RECIPIENT OF HIS SOCIAL SECURITY DISTRIBUTION. Please note.. it is a distribution of ones earned retirement money, That is assuming that you worked, legitimately (on a bonafide payroll), at least part of your life. Do yourself a favor to save yourself from looking foolish again and read up on your Social Security Benefits. And for god’s sake, pay homage to your employer(s) for there efforts on your behalf !!!!!

          2. One thing to change, A illegal citizen cannot get any SS benefits. There are many in my age bracket that do not get enough to live on, we were children of the great depression and worked for low wages when we entered job force. I was a nurse, we got no benefits and even in 1980 we were making about $6 an hour base salary, of course housing food, etc. was lower than it is today, but that doesn’t help when your check from Soc. sec. doesn’t cover your rent ( DC area) I don’t get food stamps, I have great kids and they make sure I have what I need again, not everyone is blessed. But IF YOU ARE UNDER 60 and able to work, you should . My husband died and I had 5 kids in school, I worked nights,, the boys had paper routes and my daughter baby sat, guess what, they are all successful today, youngest is an Eagle scout, and a Rocket builder, it start early making someone successful.

    2. Exactly! I am sick of hearing well-off people complaining that their social security check barely covers their greens fees or evenings of gambling! Yet seniors get such small checks, because they literally worked for 25 cents an hour when starting out. The sponges that somehow get money from the system get MORE than my mom and mother-in-law who worked for so many years at ridiculously low wages! Cut out the waste and give OUR seniors and disabled decent monthly checks!

    3. No way take away a person’s SS that has been mandatory deductions. That benefit is not an entitlement – it
      is an earned income. What is the difference in giving the lazy people my SS taxes from giving them my income tax dollars, I do not begrudge a person’s wealth if they have earned it. More power to them if they earned a
      pile and did not get it over another person’s dead body

    4. Social Security would be making money from interest alone had our politicians not raided the Social Security general fund long ago. To repair Social Security we need to stop spending it on highly dubious wasteful policies used to buy votes for politicians. Social Security is an earned Right of the American worker who has paid for that Right from their own paychecks, and their employers’ matching funds. It is not an Entitlement for politicians to waste, or use as bribes.
      Social Security funds should only go to US Citizens who have paid in to earn their benefits, the children of US Citizens who were born with permanent disabilities, and American workers who were injured and are no longer able to work due to permanent disabilities.
      No drug addicted deadbeats who have never worked or paid into the SS fund should receive benefits.
      No immigrants that have never paid into the SS fund should receive benefits.
      No way in (insert profanity here) should any illegal ever draw a penny from Social Security, Medicare / Medicaid or any other welfare program in America.
      If these last three were classes were removed from draining not only Social Security but all our welfare programs our welfare system would not be going broke. No longer should the American tax payer be forced to support deadbeats, immigrants, and illegals while Americans in true need do without. The American citizens should be the ONLY priority for receiving Benefits, and the FIRST priority for receiving assistance when needed.

      We currently spend BILLIONS annually on illegals in America, between unearned benefits, wasteful assistance programs, and out right handouts. Not to mention how illegals and unskilled immigrants drain our medical and educational systems. Our children suffer in school because a third or more of classes are non English speakers who slow our children’s progress and learning. Our own needy American citizens’ children are doing without proper nutrition because programs like food stamps (EBT), free school lunches, and other assistance programs are being drained dry supporting illegals and their families.

      We must redirect funds from supporting those who have no right to them, to helping the Citizens who have earned those benefits. Only once we have seen to the needs of our own people should we begin to look at helping others.

  2. A Lot of those Ghetto Mama’s with 4 or more rugrats will have to get up off of their Fat Asses and get JOBS and go to WORK to Feed themselves and those rugrats !! No More Freebies from Uncle Sam !!!

    1. Bear, you couldn’t be more right. I spent 20 years on the streets in EMS, Advanced life support Paramedic. EXAMPLE: called imminent childbirth. She was 13. When asked how she could get pregnant with all the contraceptives available – her answer was “My mama told me to get pregnant so I could get my own welfare. Mom, plus 4 daughters. Each daughter had 1 or 2 kids. Due to loopholes, Mom collected welfare for herself and 4 daughters. The16 Y/O had 2 kids and her own welfare. The 25 Y/O-2 kids, her own welfare, the 14 Y/O, 1 kid. Now the 13 Y/O will have a kid and her own welfare. Loopholes prevented each daughter from being kicked off mom’s welfare. SO, welfare times 5, plus food stamps, utility assistance, public housing, ALL lived in a 2 bedroom apt. Rent free. This is the type of “generational” welfare fraud that must be stopped. Look at any city, I’d bet 40% of “single mothers” fall into this type of “mentality” BTW – grand total, over $85,000.00 per year total to all 5 for all the assistance “needed”. This is what the DemonRats have spawned with their “give it all away free” to the “poor” that need help. Of course these type of people vote democrat, they don’t want this gravy train to end.

      1. That is true. One time some State showed some lady down South that had 14 children from 8 different men. She was living proof that you don’t need to work, you just need a lot of mouths to feed and don’t matter if the person had more kids then most people could afford. Your Right they don’t want this Gravy Train to end. Obama didn’t help matters much. He got up there and said “don’t make any difference if you don’t have a job, just get on Welfare and collect your money. You don’t need to work. Obama let at least 22 Million from other Countries into this Country. no jobs, just live off the Taxpayer public. Only trouble with that is Obama didn’t make any jobs. So the equation that I hated him for was. 22 Million Government workers were unable to pay for 44 million people out of work. No matter how you slice the equation, it wasn’t happening. Then he started Hiring People for Government Jobs. They don’t pay into Social Security– so no help there. Then Obama and Congress decided to borrow the money from Social Security– BIG BAD MISTAKE. NEITHER OF THESE PAID BACK THE FUNDS TO Social Security. That is why SS is going Broke, its not because it wasn’t solvent to begin with. Its because the funds were used for Obama’s Slush Fund. Then OBAMA SAID I WANT MORE MONEY AS AN X PRESIDENT AND TRUMP SAID NO WAY– YOU HAVE ALL THE MONEY YOU ARE EVER GOING TO GET. At least that helped Americans somewhat. Obama just couldn’t live o $200,000 a year. Really–Take your Phone and Your Pen and stuff it.

        1. Not just Obama, although he was a useless puppet for the establishment. Pillaging SS goes back to Lyndon Johnson to pay for the Viet Nam war.

      2. Medic Joe, you are so right. This culture of having babies in order to collect additional welfare is a frightening scenario because it is propagating itself exponentially. There now are millions of welfare recipients who have NO IDEA that there is another way to live, and that it’s called Working for a Living (what a novel idea!)
        In 1996, Clarence Mason Weaver wrote a book about this and called it: “It’s OK to leave the Plantation”. It documents his life experience from being a vicious black racist to an individual who figured out what he became was his choice, no one else was responsible for how he thought or acted.
        He describes the Democratic party hand-outs as “plantation mentality”, the party itself as the “overseer” and the recipients of welfare, food stamps, etc., as the “slaves”. Your story of the little girl who got pregnant because “Mama told me to” is frightening because it’s true. Mr. Weaver hit the nail on the head.
        The Democrats would love us all to live this life style and keep us all under their thumbs. They want us dependent upon them so they can remain the power in The Swamp.
        I worked for 45 years, paid my taxes and my social security into the system. A HUGE part of the social security “bucket” was stolen to pay for the outrageous failure called Obamacare and will never be returned. Now my social security income has been called an “entitlement” and there are some rumors that the Democrats want to take it away. Well sure! That would put me on welfare, under their thumb, cause me to lose my home and my independence.
        I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS! I pray that the impeachment process against President Trump fails. If the Demon-crats succeed, this country may be doomed.

        God bless President Trump and the USA!
        GOD BLESS President Trump and the United States of America!

  3. It’s about time! Too any people have turned receiving welfare into a cottage industry. Make it harder to get on the programs, make it even harder to stay on the programs. Get to work you lazy POS How long did you think this gravy train was going to last?

    1. There need to be limits how long they can collect benefits! Limits to how many kids will be covered. The states that said two kids is limit saw that suddenly MOST mothers were able to limit it to two, instead of four or more! Huh. NO illegal should be able to get ANY freebies. It just encourages them to come attach themselves permanently to the government teat. NO waivers, NO extensions. Put down your game controls, your booze and drugs and get off your butts! Only truly disabled should qualify. Force people to be responsible for the kids they breed. I bet you see a big drop in births when they know it won’t lead to the welfare gravy train. YOU had them, YOU care and provide for them!

      1. I had an ex US Postal worked tell me that government envelopes could be squeezed and the amount
        of the government check could be seen thru the window envelope. He said one family with three
        underage children collected more in welfare checks doing nothing than he earned working 5-1/2 days
        a week. Now these people had to be of working age to have children still at home. Looked normal
        to him – why were they collecting welfare checks?

  4. Although I agree that our welfare system is being abused daily with “leeches” , notice the spelling, I am appalled by the atrocious grammar, spelling etc. The plural of leech is “leeches”. This just illustrates the decaying of our educational system under democratic rule. Although you are trying to make a point it would behoove you to stop displaying your ignorance with posts such as this before examining your words and thoughts before you display your grammatical ignorance before the wold. I am 78 years old and was taught at an early age proper spelling, grammar and parsing of sentences. Where the hell are your editors and fact checkers? Educated by the same liberal school systems that have ruined intelligent, articulate discourse I suspect. Your points are invalidated when you display such ignorance.

    1. Thank the demonRats for the poor education of citizens for the past 30 years. They are too busy teaching re-written history and other propaganda that makes them both ignorant and more easily manipulated. I care less about the spelling than the view this person is trying to express. Perhaps you could volunteer to help teach proper English in your area?

    2. Richard – Sometimes a person makes an error in spelling. I get their point anyway. Just as I got yours
      when you wrote “parsing.” I’m 84 and once was a “fair-to-midlin” speller – not so much lately.

  5. And we all know the Demonrats will turn this into Republicans sticking it to poor people. Just wait for the backlash! Now I feel if one is among the WORKING POOR, some sort of government assistance is appropriate. The key word here is WORKING! Many of these people are already getting benefits by paying no income tax. Perhaps a $10.00 minimum per weekly paycheck would be appropriate. All Americans need some skin in the game, don’t you think? $10 bucks is not going to starve anyone.

  6. Then why in the world is Israel getting billions of dollars from America? They’re not even American citizens, are not a destitute, Second or Third World country, and haven’t had any natural disasters where they would need help from any other countries. If you want to call people leeches, then they should be called that. America has no debt to Israel for anything. So, somebody needs to initiate an effort to cut off all of the undeserving aid they keep receiving. America could use those billions of dollars right here.

    1. If the able bodied would work, they would not be poor. I know some that think its not cool to work for a living.

    2. SHAHID RAKI, Stop showing such antisemitism. Why are you singling out Israel. There are many
      Oil Producing Nations that also get billions from us. Why do you say nothing about them. Could it be a religious discrimination? As long as the countries receiving aid are of your religion, it’s fine. But hate the Jews. That is more wrong than aid to any country. No, I’m not Jewish, so don’t even go there. BTW, in case you’re interested, the vast majority of foreign aid this country gives out is POLITICALLY motivated. It stems from the cold war. If we gave the aid, and more than the Soviet Union, then those countries would align with us, and not the communist Soviet Block. It goes way back to before the current regimes in the middle east, Back to the “Shah of Iran”. WAY before Sadam Hussien. WAY before militarism of any religion. Also, BTW, do you have any idea how OPEC rose? They let American oil companies come in, prospect, drill and start pumping oil. Then build the original pipelines AND refineries. Then looked at this country and the American oil companies and said, “we are now Nationalizing all the oil fields and refineries”. Thank you very much for all your work, and all the money you spent. But everything is now nationalized, it’s all ours, get out of our country. It cost us and American industry tens of BILLIONS dollars, and NOTHING was reimbursed. Yet we still give these countries billions a year. It’s POLITICALLY motivated. We want allies in the region. So stick your antisemitism, and learn what you’re talking about. If you don’t like who we give aid to, there are plenty of other countries in this world that would love to have you as a citizen.

    3. Completely agree! I have said, for the past 40 years, we should not be sending all this money to other countries when we have so many issues here in our own. We need to close our borders, allow NO immigration for a minimum of 10 years, round up and eject anybody here illegally. If you want to live in this country, become a citizen! You don’t want to be a citizen? Get out and stay out. Businesses need to be based in this country again, employ Americans only. We used to be pretty self-sufficient and didn’t try to boss the world around. We need to go back to that! Our politicians and presidents have betrayed us and sold us out to our enemies for far too long, just to line their own pockets! NO politicians should be wealthy after being in office. Only the citation ones are! They need to be held accountable and prosecuted for abusing the office!

    4. Israel is at least our Allie. My question is this: Why do we and did we gives a plane load of billions in
      cash to Iran when Obama was on watch with his phone and pen?

    1. I don’t know what store you use, but I’ve been disabled since ’79 and using FS since the 80’s. I have NEVER had them accepted for my cigarettes (nor even tried), and I seldom drink so had never even tried to use them.

  7. Hmmm

    The irony and hypocrisy of the one sided attack on Taxpayer leeches continues unabated. Specifically I am referring to essentially the entire fortune 500 which has been skating on their taxes for more decades. It has gotten so bad that most of the Fortune 100 are essentially paying ZERO or close to zero in Federal Income Taxes ( Representing a very larger percentage of the total economic activities of the entire country based on “revenue”. You know that money that is supposed to be subject to taxes)

    So here is the rub people. The annual cost of the loopholes that are letting the America’s largest, richest and most powerful corporations evade their taxes is larger than the “welfare cheats” by a country mile….

    So, bottom line here is I will start to cheer when EVERYBODY is being targeted, harassed and materially penalized, for leeching off the taxpayers, not just the poor and defenseless.

    1. Where did you study Economics? Corporations do not pay taxes.. They only pass along their costs to the end user which is us folks. By saying corporations should pay more in taxes means that you want everyone who purchases the corporate goods to pay excessive amounts in taxes. Also In the 1930s– Roosevelt had the Social Security Trust Fund Drawn up.. It was meant to cover mainly retirees and disabled folks.. It also covers ALL WELFARE PAYMENTS which was really meant only for widows of the paying worker and their dependents. It has become a lifetime of living without working similar to parasites on the rest of society. It is generational and getting worse.. WHERE ARE THE SPERM DONORS? Also SSI comes out of the S.S. Trust Fund–only difference illegals and many others receive it and no one pays a penny into the system. Now you know why it is broke and just infused with a trillion dollars on the tab of course.. If we do not stop taking in hundreds of thousands of illiterate, nonworkers and their families, our dollars and savings and retirement savings will lose their value such as the Wiemar Republic that started Germany on the path to WW2. The currency became valueless.

    2. You are right about the tax loopholes in our tax codes. The loopholes are deliberate and made for specific companies and even in some cases individuals. Another side effect of our bought and paid for life long politicians.

      What we need is a complete rewrite of the entire tax system. Do away with all tax loopholes completely, the only income that should be tax exempt should be Social Security and Disability payments. Also Inheritance is not income, no taxes on Inheritance in any way shape or form.
      We set a minimum living standard for every single Adult in America, say $2,000 a month. Each month every single adult can earn this amount tax free, and children can earn half this amount as they are still living at home to a maximum of 4 children per household. In the event of a single parent household one minor child could be counted as if they were an adult to increase the pretax cap for the household. See the final section of a family of 2 listed below to make this more clear.
      The minimum living standard could be reviewed annually to compensate for increased inflation, cost of living etc.
      Note that this is what you CAN earn tax exempt, it is not a government hand out or whatever. It is up to YOU to EARN this amount of money, it is not something you are guaranteed to get.

      So a single adult living alone would be allowed $2,000 a month, in this example, of pretax income before you figure taxes on ALL other income.
      In the case of an emancipated minor they too follow these rules.
      If a non-minor child is in college or a trade school and wishes to file separately, they too file under these rules and may not be claimed as a dependent for either parent on their taxes. However any non-minor child living at home may still be claimed by either parent, but not both unless they file jointly, so long as the non-minor child lives at home while attending a higher education facility not less than 4 days per week, 6 hours per day.

      A family of 2 would be allowed $4,000 a month in pretax income. So if say the husband makes $3,500 working full time, and the wife working part time makes only $500, their total income of $4,000 is pretax and all income above this is taxed normally.
      If they choose to file separately, say they are getting a divorce for instance, then see single person above, each follow those rules as if they were not married. (The husband would be taxed on $1,500 of his $3,500 income, paying $150 in taxes. The wife would not be taxed on her $500 of income, since she has not met the $2,000 threshold, she is also however not entitled to receive any of the $1,500 taxed income of the soon to be former husband.)
      A single parent with a minor child would also file under this $4,000 pretax monthly income case.

      A family of 3 would get $5,000 a month in pretax income
      A family of 4 would get $6,000 a month in pretax income
      A family of 5 would get $7,000 a month in pretax income
      A family of 6 or more would get $8,000 a month in pretax income, this being the absolute cap on pretax income no matter how many family members there are.

      Every cent of income beyond this is taxed, no exceptions other than Social Security and Disability.
      This pretax income is what you feed your family on, pay your rent with, etc.

      Then every cent earned over the minimum living standard each month, be it $1 or $1,000,000, is taxed at the exact same rate. Say 10% to keep the math simple for this example. The tax rate could be adjusted annually as needed.

      So if you are living alone and earned $2,000 a month or less you pay nothing, meaning that the poor would not be taxed out of being able to eat and pay the rent with enough money left over to buy their medicines each month.

      If you earn $2,010 you would pay $1, as that $10 over the minimum living standard of $2,000 is the only taxable income you would have. 10% of $10 is $1, simple math. Payment due in 30 days.

      And if you make $1,002,000 you pay $100,000.
      $1,002,000 – $2,000 = $1,000,000 so $1,000,000 is taxed at 10% equaling $100,000 due in 30 days
      In this case you can see that the Millionaire still has the same minimum living standard pretax ($2,000), and is only taxed on the overwhelming wealth they would have earned that month. This would not hurt the Millionaire at all, as it is taxes on surplus wealth, not taxes on the ability to buy food etc. This also does not promote the practice of stopping before you hit the next tax bracket like our current system either, nor does it encourage hording wealth. You can earn however much you wish, just pay your fair percentage of 10% and earn as you will.

      No fancy accounting required, no loopholes, no bartering or begging off on unpaid taxes, no tax dodges. You pay your taxes on the 1st of each month for the month that ended 1 month before, (January’s taxes would be due in full March 1st for example) with no exceptions. Any taxes 60 days overdue are seized from the individual in the form of 15% additional taxation of all income until the taxes are repaid in full, plus a penalty of 10% of the total amount overdue. I will use the $1M taxable income due above in the last example to show this.
      $100,000 in taxes is over due so you add a penalty of 10% making the amount due $110,000. This is then taken from the tax dodger by charging the dodger 25% taxes (10% standard taxes + 15% past due taxes) on all future income til the past due taxes are paid in full. The $2,000 pretax monthly limit is still in place to allow the tax dodger to eat, but his earnings beyond that would be taken til the overdue amount is paid in full. Again NO exceptions.
      All individuals pay the exact same percentage of their income over the minimum living standard. Making this a fair and balanced system to all. There would be no exceptions, no loopholes to allow the shifty to not pay their taxes, and anyone could do their own taxes with the help of only a simple calculator, no law firm and accounting teams required to read encyclopedias of tax coeds each year for changes either.

      All businesses do the same, of course the minimum business standard would be much higher say $100,000 a month on all incoming funds, not final profit but actual incoming funds just like sales taxes. Any and all businesses doing business inside the borders of the USA would be required to pay this monthly as well. No hiding funds in overseas banking black holes.
      This would level the field allowing small businesses to compete, unlike our current system where big businesses get huge tax breaks and funding from government subsidies while small businesses get taxed out of existence.
      In the case of businesses their pretax income limit should be determined by a formula (the formula being set in stone by law and completely unchangeable by any action of any political parties without a unanimous vote of all House, Senate, and Presidential vote) based on the pretax rate of the citizens, in this example 50x so this would tie business to the people. Making businesses look to help people more so than at present, hopefully.
      The tax rate percentage should be the same for citizens and businesses alike. Again this equal taxation should be locked in place by law and unchangeable no matter how many politicians are in who’s pocket.

  8. Promises made Promises Kept that make about 200 now, Living off of the government dole has been way to generational and easy. It is about time you have to contibute in some way to get your free money

  9. I have often advocated that government assistance (welfare & food stamps) should be on a sliding scale ,
    and based on the fact they should work. It should be reduced by the amount they earn, and only for a limited time. Assistance should be a hand UP NOT an unlimited time HANDOUT!

  10. There is no reason for mothers to be staying home instead of working. The only exception would be a severely handicapped child. I worked when my kids were small and they can too. Also, why are the homeless getting food stamps and money when they have neither a roof over their heads ar a place to store food? There are homeless shelters.

    1. Wrong! The trouble with kids nowadays is working mothers and being unsupervised. If mother doesn’t HAVE to work she should stay home with the kids like June Cleaver.

    1. if trump is a leach then obama was a greedy leach,trump gives his salary back to the govt. and obama along with joe biden and son hunter made millions of dollars from ukraine. any one that thinks obama didn’t benefit from hunter biden making millions has a mental disorder.

      1. How about Obama sending 42 Billion Dollars to Iran by bank transfer along with sending 1.5 Billion Dollars to Iran in currency ($100 Bills) on pallets loaded into a US Air Force plane and delivered under CIA Supervision under the cover of night. NOW, I ask you… “who do you think shared HUGELY in that 1.5 Billion Dollars in $100 Bills ???” Could it possibly have been Obama ???

          1. Now Obama has 3 mansions.. One was bought for him for favors rendered Penny Pritzker built him the Hawaii mansion. He bought the other two mansions. Biden has the Largest home in the state of DEL. only it is really a castle on a block of ground –grey stone with turrets and he just built a 15 million dollar mansion in Washington D,C, I wonder if the 15 mil. mansion was built with the Foreign aid we sent to the Ukraine?

        1. Yeah – I believe the price tag on the new Martha’s Vineyard cottage was $10,000,000. Now – how on earth did a poor little foreign student save enough for both a mansion in DC and Martha’s Vineyard?
          I’m for getting both a pen and a phone.

    2. How can you consider someone that gives his whole salary to charities a “leech”??
      Grow up, and get your head out of your butt, (and away from the fake news propaganda networks the hate you harbor is clouding your mind.

  11. It’s about time! People have been taking advantage of this program for decades in Michigan, and many other high paying states. The saying is more kids more money! If it was up to me it would be more kids less money! So much for helping the people that really need it!! Thanks Mr President……….

    1. In the military–you get a family allowance no matter how many kids you have. The welfare group has made welfare fraud a lifetime profession in order to not have to be productive except for producing more welfare users

  12. “Food Stamps” (or EBT cards) are just another way for the corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS to keep people on their “plantation”, voting for them, and under THEIR “control”. Here in Communist-run N.Y. you can get your food, and JUNK food using your “EBT” card, and then step up to an ATM, get CASH for your Beer and Cigarettes. (I Have witnessed this fist hand) President Trump is correct for curbing the ABUSE, as many people have given up the mere THOUGHT of “work”, when “uncle SAM” can “provide” them with all the means to sit on their asses and play video games, watch TV, DRINK their “free beer”, and smoke their “free cigarettes” provided by WE the Taxpayers all day long.

  13. Thank God & Trump —– the friggen representatives don’t do sh*#t — they just give & authorize all the ILLEGALS to collect $$$$/ health care/ housing/ food/ clothing while we the working LEGALS/CITIZENS pay our taxes for them to SQUANDER. I’m sorry I forgot to mention the Slime, lazy Americans that work the system !!!

  14. Yes, well these people who use FS for cigarettes and liquour are killing themselves off early. They don’t feed themselves well and see to the upkeep of their health, so it will not be a long strain on the taxes. While I’m not condoning this, it’s all too true unfortunately.

  15. I am glad that there is something finally something being done about FREE LOADERS that are on Food Stamps. I know there are some people around my street are abusing the Welfare System, not only on Food Stamps but the Health Care System too. They claim to have Sugar and a part of a pancreus, I think that is how you spell it, and the drink the hell out Pop that is loaded with sugar and is on Insulian (?) and her Husband claims to have a bad back, but he can go out there and mow grass and shovel snow and is on the system too. Not only that he was told to get a job, got one and then he goes to work and throws fluids in his face and they let him go. These are some of the DEAD BEATS THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN OFF THE SYSTEM. Along with this is when these girls go out and get themselves pregnant , what’s the first thing they do ?, go on Welfare. They should be out there working to take care of their kids. I see 2nd and 3rd generation on this system, and it needs to stop, this was meant to be a SHORT way to help the needy. Don’t get me wrong there are some out there that need the help, there should be a way to investigate them first. Just look at the money that could be saved! Make these people get jobs or be kicked off, give them 30 days or else.

  16. The welfare and SSI group actually clears more in cash and benefits than many mid level executives. Many will not leave the system because they are not equipped to earn the same level of living that they can get on welfare plus, plus, plus all of the additional benefits they receive Plastic surgery, fat reduction tummy tucks and liposuction, tattoo removal . Our Congress also passed the ADA THE AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT which gives drunks, druggies and mentally ill welfare , ss. disability and if they never worked SSI benefits. Many a gov. check goes to the corner bar and the bar tender signs the check–subtracts the tab and hands the rest to a guy we are supposed to feel sorry for. Same with the drug dealers. EBT cards are cashed to pay bail,cruises, Hawai trips, drugs alcohol, hookers,etc. The gov. changed the food stamp rules to give the welfare and others a credit card and changed to only food could be purchased to now you also get cash. They used to gamble it away until they changed the ATM machines in gambling areas to not give cash for an EBT card.. So they cash the card elsewhere and walk into the casino with a wallet full of what was to feed their families. The gov. knows how to piss off the working , taxpaying public. Keep it up Demomarxists

  17. I wish to get across my passion for your kindness supporting women who have the need for help with this one situation. Your real dedication to getting the solution all around appeared to be rather important and has frequently empowered employees much like me to arrive at their pursuits. Your own interesting help entails a whole lot to me and somewhat more to my peers. Best wishes; from all of us.

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