Trump’s Kicking Off 700,000 Leaches from Food Stamps

Trump’s Kicking Off 700,000 Leaches from Food Stamps

The time has come for people to start caring for their own basic needs. President Trump has decided to cut back on the number of people that are receiving food stamps. The entire program has become one monster of an abused system. Hundreds of thousands of people that are getting the stamps do not need to be receiving the help. They have found a way to cheat the system and get free money from the government. Which is coming out of all taxpayer’s pockets. The president will make it harder for states to keep people on the program. When the new rules are pushed out 700,000 people will have to buy their food items.

So many people do not need the help because the economy is strong again and there is plenty of work that they can be doing. Right now there are 36 million people in the program. That is over 10 percent of the entire population of the country that is receiving food stamps. The new rules will push more workers into the workforce. This will help fill all the jobs that are currently available for them to have. It is time for the freeloaders to get off the couch and start working for their future.

President Trump has been looking for ways to cut off expenses that just do not need to be in place. The food stamp program is an inflated and overused system that needs to be trimmed back. What the president has done is tightened up on the guidelines that allow states to waive the amount of time that a person can be eligible for food stamps. After their time is up they will now be unable to get the help that so many other people need. 700,000 new workers and more are about to enter the workforce. The number of new jobs sitting unfilled will find people applying for them which in turn will help the economy even more.

Sonny Perdue who is the U.S. Agriculture Secretary has stated that “States are seeking waivers for wide swaths of their population, and millions of people who could work are continuing to receive SNAP benefits.” The states need to help their people find work and train them in new trades if they are having trouble entering the workforce to keep a person on a handout system just encourages them to not work.

The current set of rules allows a person 18 to 49 years of age to be on the food stamp program for three months. They can not apply again for three years. But the states have found ways to grant waivers to certain people which allows those without dependents to stay in the program much longer. Some states have low unemployment rates are still allowing their people to remain in the program even when they do not have to be. This is taking money from people that truly need help. And ultimately it is stealing from the American taxpayer.

The new rules will be guidelines that people will have to meet to even be considered for food stamps. They will look at the person as a whole to determine eligibility. The country has an extremely low unemployment rate. Everyone that can work needs to be working and doing their part to make America great once again. Perdue says it best “We need everyone who can work to work.”

With every move, the president makes draws stupid remarks from those that hate what he is doing for the country. One stupid Democrat from Ohio said, “This is an unacceptable escalation of the administration’s war on working families, and it comes during a time when too many are forced to stretch already-thin budgets to make ends meet.” What the narrow-minded Democratic is failing to understand is that these new rules will only weed out the people that are ripping off the system.

The amount of savings that will be seen will be $5.5 billion in the first five years. America needs to have a person in the office that seeks to save money. President Trump is the answer for the next five years. He has done what he has promised and will only continue to improve on what he has done.


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