Shocking! Look Where Humans Were Found Stuffed at Border Crossing

Shocking! Look Where Humans Were Found Stuffed at Border Crossing

Human smugglers will stop at nothing to deliver their cargo across the border. People come to these would be promisers hoping that if they pay enough that they will be taken to the land of wealth. But nothing could be farther from the truth as human smuggling is all about the money and not about helping people make a fresh start with their lives. The people are stuffed into things, told to traverse hostile and deadly territory and even taken advantage of so the human smuggler can make a few dollars.

It is not just people from the south that are trying to make their way into the country. People from all over the world are hiring these scummy people to hide them and bring them to America. 11 Chinese people were found at the border stuffed into appliances and pieces of furniture located in the back of the moving truck. These 11 Chinese people paid for everything that they had to be treated worse than animals.

The border agents pulled the truck over in the evening questioning what he had in the back of the truck. The 42-year-old man was a citizen of America so it seemed that he was moving back across the border. But there was something wrong with what he was hauling. There were people stuffed like cattle in small spaces in furniture in the back of a truck. The smugglers do not care about who they hurt what kind of hurt they inflict on the people.

The border agents, in essence, have set them free. There is no telling what kind of life they would have had upon arriving at their final destination. The pictures showed at least one person crammed into a small desk opening while another was forced into what looked like a washing machine. But these are the people that are trying to infiltrate the country. Many of them end up as criminals or joining gangs.

The stupid Democrats would have everyone believe that these kinds of things do not happen. They only focus on the massive amount of people coming to the border checkpoints. Hoping to make everyone believe that is the only way people try to cross. So they push for open borders and for people to come and go as they please. But what they are advocating is the silent overthrow of the American way of life. Illegal aliens never pay taxes, and they seek to have things given to them for free. But things are never free. The American taxpayer is the one that has to foot the bill for them to be in the country illegally.

The driver of the truck has been accused of human smuggling. He was taken to the correctional center where he will await his day in court. He will have to face the consequences of his criminal actions against humanity and the country. The 11 Chinese people are also being held in custody pending the outcome of criminal checks on them. They must also endure the immigration procedures that will effectively deport them back to their home country. The United States border agents have to deal with things like this every day.

The Democrats want to make them all enemies. They paint a picture of violent and uncaring border agents seeking to exploit the weak and the helpless. But the truth is being told about the care and compassion that many migrants are receiving from every border agent. The director of Field Operations for the CBP has stated that “CBP cannot stress enough the dangers of smuggling people. These are human beings that smugglers subject to inhumane conditions that could have deadly consequences. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.”

What Flores has said is correct. One bad accident would end the lives of many of the people.

The moving truck is a favorite for human smugglers. The van can be altered to hide people in several ways. One recent attempt by smugglers was stopped by agents that found a fake wall build into the truck. Behind the wall were more Chinese nationals seeking entrance into the country.


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