Oh No Joe! Democratic Front Runner Biden Considers One Term Pledge?

Oh No Joe! Democratic Front Runner Biden Considers One Term Pledge?

It is a strategy that is risky at best and as one story reported, it didn’t serve the last candidate well who attempted to employ those tactics. Is this an attempt by the very wealthy “every man’s” average Joe to shake things up or is there a new sense of urgency, maybe as a result of an even richer candidate who has made a late entry into the race or because of a sputtering campaign?

In any event, as our story reported, the tactic Joe Biden is kicking around and considering is the idea of running as a one-term President. If he were to follow through with this campaign platform change, according to the report, then front running candidate Joe Biden would pledge to run for President under the stipulation of promising only to serve one term. Does that sound at all familiar?

Many of us may not be just quite old enough to remember, and many of us do, but this was a tactic once employed 24 years ago by then Presidential candidate Bob Dole. Yeah, that didn’t work at as planned and to say it is a risky strategy, is to say it gently. According to the story, however, there is some method behind the madness.

The story explained it this way: “The idea, according to a number of aides close to Biden, is for Old Joe to act as a placeholder president until the next generation of Democrat leaders (re: socialist gun-grabbers) can get their act together.”

Then the story went on to insightfully say that “This move will obviously put an enormous focus on Biden’s choice for vice president, which is the campaign’s way of saying that if you don’t like the decrepit white guy who signals a return to the past and still want to rid the country of Trump, you will also be voting for a shiny and new future president — who will probably be a woman, a minority, or both.”

Not only would this mean that Biden would simply look for the candidate with the largest voter pool to grab as his running mate, but it would also require having that type of candidate to choose from. That itself is only one of the flaws in this previously-failed campaign tactic. In addition to the much talked about lack of depth in the Democrats candidate pool, there simply isn’t a candidate that qualifies. Even the front-running Biden (at least for the time being) is commonly reported polling with numbers in the mid-twenties.

It also opens up the huge gamble of asking voters to vote for a candidate not in 2020 but in 2024, now. And that is providing that Biden would win the election and that his VP would be able to win in the following election year. Yeah, as Bob Dole discovered, it is a big and costly move.

Our story also pointed out one seriously detrimental flaw in this campaign strategy, saying “Conceding, even before you’ve won the primary, that you are too old to be president, especially when you are Joe Biden, a man who truly is too old to be president, has never succeeded in the past and demoralizes voters even before the general election has begun.”

Perhaps if his age hasn’t been a question before, maybe if his mental acumen hasn’t previously been brought into question? How would voters perceive this ‘one term’ pledge? That is an awful lot of unanswered questions and although Biden is full of surprises, this move would surprise more than a few folks.

This isn’t likely to happen as our story reported, citing a Biden advisor who said, “he’s going into this thinking, ‘I want to find a running mate I can turn things over to after four years but if that’s not possible or doesn’t happen then I’ll run for re-election.’ But he’s not going to publicly make a one-term pledge.”

So there it is, it could happen, and he is looking at this as a possible platform – but it isn’t going to happen. Right? It does seem to be a strange idea to be tossing around though, doesn’t it? Unless this is the beginning of panic, of concession, the last ditch-hope effort to save his campaign?

One-term Joe? That would be crazy, right?


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