Bernie Sanders Gets Tremendous Boost from Sick Socialist Group

Bernie Sanders Gets Tremendous Boost from Sick Socialist Group

Crazy Sanders is trying to become the next president even though he is too old to do the job. The man is a danger to the country as he promotes ever threatening progressive ideas that are wrapped in socialist ideas. Sanders has recently been in the spotlight not for his beloved ideas, but his health issues. His health is failing, and he does not see that the time for his departure has already come.

Instead of stopping and retiring he is working on promoting his awful ideas. Recently he won an endorsement of the Center for Popular Democracy Action. This war-like organization is nothing short of a danger to the United States. Their mission, as listed on their homepage, “Collectively, our network is committed to building a mass base of people for action, engaging them and developing their leadership and militancy over time, and thus always increasing the scale and impact of our collective work.”

Their goal is to set up their form of government so when the time is right they can replace democracy with socialism. Crazy Sanders is just the ringleader that is out in the public eye seeking to destroy a country that seeks freedom for all. But this group and others like it seek to destroy it all. The group endorses Sanders so much that their desire is for him to rule the nation. He is the last step for socialism to reign in America.

His competitors that love socialism is beginning to die off in the presidential race. Elizabeth Warren is one that has taken a nosedive in the polls. She cannot defeat the president in 2020. But there is nothing to worry about, Sanders health remains his biggest obstacle. Since his heart attack, he has been struggling to regain full health. He just looks sick all the time. Even his campaign staff is questioning his ability to continue as one has stated: “The clear, clear feeling permeating the Bernie Sanders campaign in New Hampshire was a sense of gloom, doom, and frustration.”

Gloom and doom are all that Sanders has to offer. And the Center for Popular Democracy Action is nothing more than a local terrorist organization determined to destroy America. This group is so in love with Sanders that their co-executive director stated, “Bernie Sanders is the powerful movement candidate we need to defeat Donald Trump.” The movement that the group is talking about is the overthrow of democracy in America. Their main goal is to use eccentric Sanders to implement their version of socialism.

The group’s president went on to mention that Sanders is the man for their plan “From ending mass incarceration and deportations to the $15 minimum wage and Medicare for All, Sanders is working hand-in-hand with our communities to champion the policies that we need to thrive.” This statement is full of socialist policy as it shows what they “need to thrive.” It is all about them and taking everything from the hard-working Americans that earned what they have.

Sander’s plan to offer government-run Medicare is nothing more than an attempt to control the population. Socialism must control people to survive. Under his plan, people that fail to support the establishment would not have access to health care. He claims that everyone could have it, but it becomes a way for a socialist to control people. The biggest danger to socialism is the people that learn to protest.

Bernie Sanders is a danger to the country and himself. He may have gained in the polls, but the popular vote is against him. Mainstream Americans want nothing to do with socialism. Sanders is not as popular as his supporters are making him out to be. He is a screwball just waiting to unleash his terror on the country. But he just does not have the support of the people. Even within the divided Democratic party, some liberals just do not want anything to do with his ideas or his plan for a hostile takeover of the country and the destruction of the American way of life.


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