Dems Nightmare Over – Yang Qualifies for the Debate

Dems Nightmare Over – Yang Qualifies for the Debate

Until late Wednesday, it looked as though the December Democratic presidential debate stage would contain all white candidates, ranging from ivory to pasty. But the newest Quinnipiac poll just created some diversity by adding entrepreneur Andrew Yang to the list of qualifiers.

According to ABC News, “Yang cleared the polling threshold after receiving 4% support among Democratic voters and Democratic-leaning independent voters in a national Quinnipiac poll released on Tuesday.”

“Yang brings the total number of qualifying candidates who have crossed both the polling and grassroots donor hurdles up to seven for December’s matchup, according to ABC News’ analysis.”

And while this news is sure to bring some relief to the Democratic Party and the DNC, we aren’t sure it will have the same effect on White House hopefuls like Cory Booker, who has already been a critic of the lack of diversity within the debate’s qualifications. An Asian-American millionaire might not have been precisely what Booker had in mind.

Last week, when talking about the DNC’s lack of diversity on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ he said there was a severe problem by having more billionaires than black people on the stage. And while Yang isn’t quite a billionaire, his millionaire status might make him close enough for Booker.

NPR’s Diversity Watch explains that while Yang’s addition does bring some diversity, Booker may not be the only one dissatisfied with the debate stage’s coloring or lack thereof.

“The Asian American candidate also brings some needed diversity to the debate state amid criticism that the event could feature only white candidates after California Sen. Kamala Harris, who had already qualified, dropped out last week…”

“Those benchmarks exclude New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who made the November debate, along with former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, who hasn’t debated since October. Their absence leaves the stage without an African American or Hispanic candidate – both demographics important to the makeup of the Democratic Party. Neither has registered a qualifying poll so far and with only two days left to do so the likelihood of making the cut is slim.”

And indeed, both the Hispanic vote and that of the African American community are vital to winning the nomination. So it is interesting that neither community will have a representative on the December debate stage. I would have thought that the diversity caucuses of the Democratic Party would have rallied behind these candidates more.

The question is: why haven’t they?

For both Kamala Harris and now Cory Booker, they say it has to do with the amount of racism among voters. According to them, America is apparently too racist to have a black president, male or female.  However, that doesn’t explain how the last Democratic president was black, does it?

A more practical reason is that voters are putting their support behind candidates who they think will actually do the most good for them, regardless of their color or heritage. This means that as much as some candidates want to pull the race card and talk about identity politics, the fact of the matter is America really isn’t buying it, outside of Academia and the Beltway.

What voters actually care about is policy and electability. That is why most black Democratic voters have put their support behind Joe Biden. At the end of the day, it’s all about what he plans to do for the country. They don’t care that he is white. And they don’t really even care that Booker is black. Sure, there are probably some who would tend to swing in his direction but only up until a certain point. After all, it isn’t your physical characteristics that make you a good or bad person. It is your personality, your strength, and your heart.

Democratic candidates need to learn that loyalty from their voters is not earned by simply being of a particular ethnicity or even having a specific title and popularity. Hillary Clinton proved that in 2016. Her ‘You Owe Me the Presidency’ campaign didn’t win voters to her. And neither does Booker’s ‘I’m a Minority so I Deserve This’ act.

And as far as the money goes, it appears America doesn’t hate those who are filthy rich. Their millions mean they are successful and influential. And who doesn’t want those traits in a president? So maybe the liberal left should stop trying to eat their rich and instead embrace what they can do for America.


37 thoughts on “Dems Nightmare Over – Yang Qualifies for the Debate

  1. It has nothing to do with racism! It has EVERYTHING to do with the campaign “promises” these individuals are making while voters are not stupid and we know there is no way of implementing these “promises” without harming this country or killing Americans with the taxes it would drop on us to pay for some of these impossible “ideas pulled from their backsides”!! Now you have Bloomburg coming into the circus with campaign ads saying how bad a businessman Trump is! Bloomberg, how many companies did you run? Trump had upwards of 515 companies. Out of that 515 companies only 11 companies failed and it leaves Trump with a 98.64 success rate. He ventured out and diversified and became a true business man. Trump proved his ability to run multiple businesses and this country!

    1. Booker just couldn’t cut. Harris CHOSE to drop out AND her father says they are of Jamaican descent, NOT African American. Apparently Obama wasn’t actually black either, he just sold that bill of goods in the package that he was American as well. And many claim that Clinton should be considered the first black president. So now we have several very rich men once again vying for the demonRat spot, as is usual. And one rich Asian. Big deal. Race does not automatically qualify OR disqualify you for the job of President. Neither does gender. And never mind they’re NOT up to snuff as politicians or as business men. Trump is not a typical politician, but he is a damn good business man. He has a different approach that I happen to think is needed. But I STILL fail to see how ANY of this is racial discrimination! Sour grapes for sure, but not discrimination. If you can’t take criticism and rejection, DON’T go into politics!

  2. Perhaps Harris and Booker are at last admitting that Obama was not a “natural citizen” and thus not qualified to be President and is not really “black” either. He’s about 25% black at best. The rest is North African Arabic and WHITE. But, you know, he was elected because of RACISM.

    The Lib-Loon Left MUST throw the race card. It’s about all they have!

    1. Test the paper that the birth certificate was made of. That will tell you everything. watch out it might be toilet rolled paper!

  3. …maybe it just means America is tired of what all that diversity brings, not much good or better yet how about “NOTHING” at least from the current diversity options that complain way to much; so get off your high horse and find some diversity candidates that offer something… you might want to come up with a better way to define these folks you want in the mix, you know diversity is pulling this country apart…

  4. I guess the one thing, I’m thinking is for Harris and Booker the race card in my opinion had nothing to do with it it was the not-so-bright policies they were coming up with that may have turned people off. In addition to what the last ‘black’ president managed to do to the country. It will be a long time before that is lived down and the voters forget what happened.

    1. I agree. I did not reject them because of the color of their skin. I reject Barmy Bernie & Fauxcahontis Warren just as much! I reject their crazy ideas and what it will do to this country. THAT is how I judge candidates! I’m sick to death of being told I’m a racist because I refuse to embrace ruination or give into every crazy idea they throw out there!

  5. Maxine is the driver of Racism and that is always everyone’s last playing card! why because they think bullying and racism will put them on Promises Made-Promises Kept platform. Sorry. Maxine’s bus needs wrecked and the rest just donate to the best charities as they are what they are which is no commons sense no meat burgers. (I) they think will work, Oh it will and many more (D) seats will be eliminated and filled x winners and they both sides will win. The rest can go on vacation til the 2050’s, Thank you God!

  6. Isn’t it sad that the Dems don’t seem to have any other black candidate hopefuls. Perhaps they should consider backing one (if any exist) that don’t want to continue this spiraling downfall of the country. Harris had ample time to get people behind her but she has only herself to blame, black, white or purple, she’s really not a smart person at all. And Cory’s pretty damn ignorant too since he thinks an entire world has forgotten that their last president was a BLACK MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We have reached MLK’s dream and Harris and Booker are too stupid to realize it. They are being judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

  8. Neither Harris or Booker have the brainpower to lead this Great Nation.. The Voters need a candidate with a high I.Q.–business experience, high ethical standards, a Capitalistic view point, Love of Country and the Constitution, respect for Law and Order and all First Resonders and the respect for all citizens of the USA. Harris and Booker admitted their contempt for the Deplorables, law and order, the first and second amendments and want to bring on highest ever taxation, reparations for an unknown number of one race and unknown amount of cash to pay for reparations, pay off of all past college debt and free tuition going forward, highest ever taxes and RED HAT FOLKS They also want green new deal–elimination of all fossil fuel at a cost of untold trillions of dollars. I hope they don’t let the doorknob hit them in the azz.

    1. Another Libra a.k.a. legally here says amen. Well said. There plan for America is to bankrupt it over the backs of the taxpayer as all democrats do.

  9. Wow. That sure eases their bias. However even being a horrible candidate for America it maybe a slightly better candidate that the four other pieces of garbage.

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