Will Giuliani Report Spell the End for Joe Biden?

Will Giuliani Report Spell the End for Joe Biden?

The President’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has worked as hard as anyone to defend the President and even more so to get to the truth. After recently returning from his fact-finding mission, in addition to hours and months of investigation and research, Giuliani is stating that he has the truth and that it will do more than incriminate the Biden’s.

Most of us remember hearing about the clamor, all that time ago before the smoke and fog of the imaginary impeachment fire started. It was this strange news that came out about this young man named Hunter Biden, (his dad just so happened to be Vice President at the time), and his “position” on the board with some energy company in Ukraine, remember?

Oh yes, we damn-near forgot didn’t we, after all the Dems are on that impeachment bone like it was a starving dog’s last meal. There was one fella who didn’t forget though, who also happens to be known as a little bit of a blood-hound himself, a guy named Giuliani. As a matter of fact, the President’s personal attorney has spent months investigating and researching those interactions between Hunter Biden and the Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings Limited. Interactions that also heavily include Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, according to Giuliani.

This is also an involvement of billions of dollars, yes, billions. It involves schemes of money laundering and the raw use of power, office, and influence by the Vice President at that time, Joe Biden. As the story reports, Giuliani is doing more than throwing out serious and criminal accusations too. Recently having returned from a trip to gather evidence and information, Giuliani has come back from Hungary and Ukraine with reported evidence.

Our story said that: Giuliani alleges that the corruption in Ukraine in 2016 was so extensive that it was President Trump’s “duty” to request an investigation.

It was upon his return that he also said, “I have garnered witnesses & documents which reveal the truth behind this impeachment, which includes NO wrongdoing by @realDonaldTrump.” Giuliani is in the process of writing his report that he will then turn over to the Attorney General.

From the clips of information shared by the story too, the details and the allegations are damning, as in career-ending and jail sentence bad. One of the money laundering examples the story offered, cited Giuliani saying “and all of a sudden (Prosecutor General Viktor) Shokin gets this communique from Latvia that shows a $16 million dollar laundering transaction. Classic laundering transaction. Goes from Ukraine to Latvia, it’s disguised as a loan to another company, Wire Logic I believe. It then goes to Cyprus, gets disguised as another loan, this is called Digitech. Then it’s disbursed as payment of board fees… Now, you don’t make two loans to pay board fees unless you’re laundering the money. $3 million gets to Hunter Biden that way. That is a straight out violation of a money laundering statute.”

And the story also added this example of bribery citing this statement from our aforementioned Prosecutor General Shokin who said, “President Poroshenko asked me to resign due to pressure from the US presidential administration, in particular from Joe Biden, who was the US Vice President. Biden was threatening to withhold $1 billion in US subsidies from Ukraine until I was removed from office…I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma.”

Giuliani called that, as anyone would, “bribery at the highest level of government” and there was much more. More that Giuliani is currently preparing in his report to soon be filed, and if any of this proves true?

No, not everyone forgot about that story of scandal involving Hunter and Joe Biden, especially not this guy named Giuliani. Regardless of what happens (or how long it takes for this monstrosity of a smoke screen to clear), the truth will eventually come clear and the fog will lift. For a guy named Biden, that could be very bad news and it could mean much more than a lost election.

How much more? Details coming shortly.


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