Will Giuliani Report Spell the End for Joe Biden?

Will Giuliani Report Spell the End for Joe Biden?

The President’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has worked as hard as anyone to defend the President and even more so to get to the truth. After recently returning from his fact-finding mission, in addition to hours and months of investigation and research, Giuliani is stating that he has the truth and that it will do more than incriminate the Biden’s.

Most of us remember hearing about the clamor, all that time ago before the smoke and fog of the imaginary impeachment fire started. It was this strange news that came out about this young man named Hunter Biden, (his dad just so happened to be Vice President at the time), and his “position” on the board with some energy company in Ukraine, remember?

Oh yes, we damn-near forgot didn’t we, after all the Dems are on that impeachment bone like it was a starving dog’s last meal. There was one fella who didn’t forget though, who also happens to be known as a little bit of a blood-hound himself, a guy named Giuliani. As a matter of fact, the President’s personal attorney has spent months investigating and researching those interactions between Hunter Biden and the Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings Limited. Interactions that also heavily include Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, according to Giuliani.

This is also an involvement of billions of dollars, yes, billions. It involves schemes of money laundering and the raw use of power, office, and influence by the Vice President at that time, Joe Biden. As the story reports, Giuliani is doing more than throwing out serious and criminal accusations too. Recently having returned from a trip to gather evidence and information, Giuliani has come back from Hungary and Ukraine with reported evidence.

Our story said that: Giuliani alleges that the corruption in Ukraine in 2016 was so extensive that it was President Trump’s “duty” to request an investigation.

It was upon his return that he also said, “I have garnered witnesses & documents which reveal the truth behind this impeachment, which includes NO wrongdoing by @realDonaldTrump.” Giuliani is in the process of writing his report that he will then turn over to the Attorney General.

From the clips of information shared by the story too, the details and the allegations are damning, as in career-ending and jail sentence bad. One of the money laundering examples the story offered, cited Giuliani saying “and all of a sudden (Prosecutor General Viktor) Shokin gets this communique from Latvia that shows a $16 million dollar laundering transaction. Classic laundering transaction. Goes from Ukraine to Latvia, it’s disguised as a loan to another company, Wire Logic I believe. It then goes to Cyprus, gets disguised as another loan, this is called Digitech. Then it’s disbursed as payment of board fees… Now, you don’t make two loans to pay board fees unless you’re laundering the money. $3 million gets to Hunter Biden that way. That is a straight out violation of a money laundering statute.”

And the story also added this example of bribery citing this statement from our aforementioned Prosecutor General Shokin who said, “President Poroshenko asked me to resign due to pressure from the US presidential administration, in particular from Joe Biden, who was the US Vice President. Biden was threatening to withhold $1 billion in US subsidies from Ukraine until I was removed from office…I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma.”

Giuliani called that, as anyone would, “bribery at the highest level of government” and there was much more. More that Giuliani is currently preparing in his report to soon be filed, and if any of this proves true?

No, not everyone forgot about that story of scandal involving Hunter and Joe Biden, especially not this guy named Giuliani. Regardless of what happens (or how long it takes for this monstrosity of a smoke screen to clear), the truth will eventually come clear and the fog will lift. For a guy named Biden, that could be very bad news and it could mean much more than a lost election.

How much more? Details coming shortly.


35 thoughts on “Will Giuliani Report Spell the End for Joe Biden?

  1. I saw the expose’ on OANN on Sunday. Three hours of revelation that should be on every cable network. Giuliani brought three fact witnesses from the Ukraine . Go to OANN.com and look for “The Most Corrupt cover-up in American History'”. It will be worth while and you will learn a lot.

  2. Why is no one showing the TV interview of Biden bragging on showing his power.
    Withholding the funds until they fired top Burisma exec and 6 hrs. later they did. Plus giving his son a small fortune each month. He was absolutely clear. It was bribery. Get justice,
    get him and his criminal son out!
    PS: I think Obama knew and that’s why he won’t endorse him.

  3. Joe Biden and Hunter are corrupt and they are just a tip of the iceberg. You can bet there are some others involved with Ukraine corruption before Trump was even a candidate. This is another reason or cover up by the swamp. There should be slot of impeachment’s going on in Congress and not our POTUS. He needs to be re-elected to keep draining the Deep State swamp.

    1. Rumor is out, proof to follow, I hope, that slush funds were created through energy funds for Palosie’s son, John Kerry’s son and Mitt Romney’s son. The rumors get started and it takes months to find out the truth. However, in these cases it seems that where there is smoke there is fire.

  4. Hopefully some of the Obama administration Democrats in Congress will be indicted for corruption that they are accusing President Trump off.When infact it is the Democrats who are committing crimes while in Congress!

    1. Just out and making its way around cable. Slush funds created for sons of Democrats and one surprising Republican. Nancy’s son, Kerry’s son,and Mitt Romney’s son. No wonder Mitt was so cozy with the Democrats and so hard on the president. Are there any daughters of politicians in on these slush funds?
      No wonder Nancy wants to Impeach the president. She wants to cover up her own sins.

  5. PLEASE stop teasing and just indict and convict these criminals already. We are so sick of these proven crimes going unpunished.

  6. Democrats don’t want anyone to know what happened in ukraine. That’s. Ware they used ambassadors and politicians to get info on manafort to hurt trumps campaign. And accuse russia of hacking democrats servers. To push there russia narrative. FBI. Only took democrat tech companies word that russia hacked them. Im sure russia was involved to a degree. But ukraines corrupt government filled with russia operatives had a hand in it. Along with American ambassadors. As we saw on televisions. Deep state comes out to rat on presidents call to ukraine. All should be fired. Term limits.

    1. I would not believe that a person with the background of Giuliani would undertake the mission of determining what actually may have transpired in Ukraine regarding the Biden’s.The bottom line is that the Democrat’s see what’s coming down the pike in that they see all the skeleton’s coming out of the clothes that’s been go on under there watch.I believe with the investigation that’s going on with the Attorney General coupled with the Ukraine dealing will be a blow to the Democrat’s in Washington that should be serving the American public.

  7. This is just sick what they are doing to or president they all need to be ousted from their dirty deeds.they talk about democracy their the one ruining America not trump I don’t need a college degree to know this. People they are letting these illegals take ove and the squad take over America turn into 3 world Don’t Let Them Do this if you do it’s all on use

  8. Biden is going to say like he always does ” I didn’t do it.” Yep….He’s going to fit right in with the ass-clowns in prison and his boy too! Weeeeeeeee. LoL.

  9. This is why they want Trump impeached. HUGH CORRUPTION OF THE DEMOCRATS. It is time that the democrats go down for all the crimes they have committed. Time to impeach the house leader, Nancy Pelosi for abuse of power with Schiff and Nadler. Horrible horrible people for sure.

  10. As President Trump said it is a hoax. It is a hoax and a coverup.
    I don’t like some of his drama and name calling but that’s him. Accept it and move on. Look at the results he’s accomplished already. Not going to list them because you already know. In my lifetime, 70+, he is by far the BEST president ever. He gets things done. He’s a business man first not a politician (lawyer) like the others. Review his accomplishments. That’s what counts.
    If we don’t stop this BS socialist crap, our Freedoms will and are disappearing.

  11. The only thing imaginary is Giulianis twisted greedy lying mind And as much as corruption how many of trumps administration are in jail. 5 how many indictments. 134 and you people talk about democratic corruption It’s time to wake up and open your eyes before completely destroys what’s left of democracy

    1. It is your party – the crooked Democrats – who are destroying Democracy, so stop playing the blame game. The Democrats – Congress are the deep state swamp rats and it is being exposed all across the world. Their crimes have been going on for decades way before Trump ever even considered running for the Presidency, as well as many crimes they were involved in over 40 years ago. It is time for you to wake up my friend and see the truth for what it is. America is finally seeing it as well and will not forget. Direct your negative angry conclusions to those responsible for causing them. The Republicans didn’t lie to you, didn’t mislead you, didn’t manipulate you, your own party did that – the Democrats – so if you need to be angry at anyone, it should rightfully be directed towards them. Narcissists have a hard time admitting when they are wrong and tend to almost always shift blame over to anyone else but themselves. You can catch them red handed with their hand in the cookie jar, and they will deny it was them and blame the dog. I will pray for you and people like you for God’s forgiveness and healing of your terribly warped minds.

    2. Spoken like a leftist liberal who actually believes the conservatives are more corrupt than the libs. LMAO!! The scandals happening while Obama had 8 long years in the White House are too many to count. Wake up and smell the roses.

    3. You need to wake up BO, the rest of us have. And we don’t like what we see. The democrats and a few republicans have done bad things and our president is trying to clean the mess up. That is what the impeachment is about, a big nasty cover up to hide what certain democrats have been doing. Trump 2020!

  12. I feel sorry for guys like bo ( bad omen) who has difficulty engaging with intelligent
    people of different persuasion.
    Bo you will remain a loser thru out history.
    James Herd

  13. If you believe anything Rudy Giuliani says then i have a bridge i can sell you. Im originally from N.Y. and rudy is the biggest liar we ever saw. He lied about 911, he has been investigated for crimes various times.

    1. Kay, how blind can you be? You don’t believe that then VP Joe Biden illegally used his position to get the Ukrainian investigator fired or the U.S. would’ve held up $1 billion in aid? He was protecting the money laundering racket and his son’s crooked board member job with Burisma. HE’S ON TAPE bragging about the nefarious deed, you idiot! Yet, you deny it. What a fool believes.

  14. Someone is going to fall on their sword for all of (comey?) hope that’s not the case

    Brennan clapper McCabe and the rest should be in shackles

    Hey how come Hillary is leaving the country to take that chancellor position?

    She knows something is coming down

  15. The Donald won this 2020 election at the time the $54 million Mueller report was released. the Mueller report PROVED once again the democratic party itself is not just WRONG most if not ALL THE TIME but also MOST if NOT ALL the democrats in our government are CRIMINALS. I MEAN come on!: democrats CAN NOT MAKE illegal legal or be ABOVE our USA law. democrats CAN NOT harbor fugitives like they DO with sanctuary cities. LIKE Donald J Trump has said many, many, MANY times about the democrats & harboring ILLEGAL Aliens & telling them they will not be deported under a democratic rule!!! right there the democrats are saying they ARE above our USA law. then they practice it & use our federal tax dollars to pay for everything: there housing, there food & there health insurance but yet Barack FINED you as an American if you could NOT afford HEALTH insurance????? Barack obama PROVED he hated America & the American people!!! The Donald said on all his rallies before become the 45 presidents illegal is ILLEGAL. democrats have PROVEN they ARE above the law for many years: democrats must allow ILLEGAL aliens in our America because Americans, that’s a real or true American CAN NOT VOTE for a communist democrat, a run on HATE democrat, guaranteed criminal democrat, a liar democratic party, they Kill our kids before they are born via abortion. if you are a democrat you must be a atheist. a democrat CAN NOT believe in any type of GOD, they CAN’T because the act of abortion takes that is of GOD away as the bible/GOD does say is a sin, abortion is murder!!! vary EVIL. democrats not only HATEFUL EVIL criminals you can NEVER TRUST a democrat & that’s another PROVEN FACT!!!! how is it that Barack Obama was only worth $1.7 million before presidency & now hes worth over $90 million???????? his salary as president was only $400k a year?????? treason & being a criminal is why!!! the Obama’s, the Clintons & the Bidens all belong in prison for LIFE along with most other democrats. a big misconception of the Donald is he’s done something wrong with his taxes but again that’s democrats again hoping & lying again. Trumps taxes are audited every year & nothing there either. I’ll tell you what if I was into over 500 businesses like Trump was I would NOT itemize my taxes like the dems want, why should he? no other president has. VOTE FOR the BEST president on record: Donald J Trump 2020.

  16. Trump said he would drain the swamp, it is more like a cesspool that is overflowing and everyone knows what is in there. The tank has been overflowing for the 8 years Obama was in the peoples house as he just wanted the job and the prestige that went with it.
    It is time to get rid of the ilk Democrats that calls themselves patriots when really all they want is the benefits that come with the job. I would for one, like to see the income tax reports from the leaders of our country to find out where they get their millions. You can not get rich on the backs of the citizens without doing something that isn’t above board.
    There is a movement that is starting in this country that is going to get the states to hold a national convention and by-pass Congress to enact an amendment to the Constitution to enact term limits. It is perfectly legal to do so, as we all know that the people in Congress would not want this to happen.
    In the meantime, i am going to vote a straight Republican ticket. to put fear into the Congress that the people hold the power, throw a few of them in jail as soon as possbile.

  17. So the email said ( it will) then the article says…(will it?) The right is starting to look just like the left…and even talks as long and does the opposite. Keep telling everyone….This is it…its gonna happen….uh huh

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