Setting Up Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The rights that every American has been only because there have been people that died for the freedoms that exist today. The Democrats hate the freedom of America because they hate America. Every chance that a dorky Democrat has to rip off someone’s freedom, they take it. People are tired of being told they do not have certain rights that are guaranteed by the constitution. The citizens of Virginia are leading that fight with the Democrats that are trying to take away their right to bear arms.

The immoral Democrats love control without opposition. The easiest way to have control is to first disarm the people. The state Democrats won a majority at the state level, and they got right to work trying to take the rights of the people away from them. The people are separating themselves from the criminal laws that are now being established by the state. People are setting up regions that are being called Second Amendment sanctuaries. The people in these areas are being told that they can keep their guns regardless of what the state leaders say.

The new laws under the new leadership “forbid any firearms sale, private or otherwise, without the successful completion of a background check. It will ban certain dangerous weapons – though safe weapons, whatever those are, would presumably be exempt. Since this includes a so-called assault weapons ban, one can assume that anything that looks like an AR-15 or AK-47 is a dangerous weapon, and anything that looks like a traditional hunting rifle is not dangerous. And, of course, no more than one firearm may be bought by any person in a 30-day period.” The Democrats know that to disarm people they must first be unable to buy weapons.

The governor is also in favor of allowing the police to take a person’s weapon without cause. These kinds of laws are starting to make people form groups that are going to fight back one way or another. It has been reported that as of December 8th 40 counties and other cities have already declared themselves sanctuary regions for the Second Amendment. The state legislature has no right to take people’s weapons. People have the right to bear arms and there is nothing that can ever change that.  And within one week that number has grown to over 90.

The governor has already created an environment for war. He has stated that “If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books then there are going to be some consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.” What he has stated here is that he will force people with the threat of death to hand over their guns if they refuse.

He has effectively threatened war on the people of America. In one case he alluded to the fact that he might just use the National Guard to enforce his criminal laws. The nasty governor has even stated that he is considered to withhold funds from these areas if they do not comply with his evil dictator demands. The idiotic governor is pushing his state into a corner. He is making them choose whether to comply with demands that are unconstitutional or risk having the military kill them on site. The common-sense laws that the governor pushes are not common sense for himself.

He may be able to call up the national guard and make them do what he wants internally but to use the guard the way a president can just make him even more of a criminal. The president is the only one that calls up the National Guard on a national level. The governor of Virginia cannot do all of what he is threatening to do legally. At some point, the issue will reach a tipping point. The Democrats have once again shown that they cannot be trusted to defend the rights of every person. They have shown that they intend to take them all away.


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