Setting Up Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Setting Up Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The rights that every American has been only because there have been people that died for the freedoms that exist today. The Democrats hate the freedom of America because they hate America. Every chance that a dorky Democrat has to rip off someone’s freedom, they take it. People are tired of being told they do not have certain rights that are guaranteed by the constitution. The citizens of Virginia are leading that fight with the Democrats that are trying to take away their right to bear arms.

The immoral Democrats love control without opposition. The easiest way to have control is to first disarm the people. The state Democrats won a majority at the state level, and they got right to work trying to take the rights of the people away from them. The people are separating themselves from the criminal laws that are now being established by the state. People are setting up regions that are being called Second Amendment sanctuaries. The people in these areas are being told that they can keep their guns regardless of what the state leaders say.

The new laws under the new leadership “forbid any firearms sale, private or otherwise, without the successful completion of a background check. It will ban certain dangerous weapons – though safe weapons, whatever those are, would presumably be exempt. Since this includes a so-called assault weapons ban, one can assume that anything that looks like an AR-15 or AK-47 is a dangerous weapon, and anything that looks like a traditional hunting rifle is not dangerous. And, of course, no more than one firearm may be bought by any person in a 30-day period.” The Democrats know that to disarm people they must first be unable to buy weapons.

The governor is also in favor of allowing the police to take a person’s weapon without cause. These kinds of laws are starting to make people form groups that are going to fight back one way or another. It has been reported that as of December 8th 40 counties and other cities have already declared themselves sanctuary regions for the Second Amendment. The state legislature has no right to take people’s weapons. People have the right to bear arms and there is nothing that can ever change that.  And within one week that number has grown to over 90.

The governor has already created an environment for war. He has stated that “If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books then there are going to be some consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.” What he has stated here is that he will force people with the threat of death to hand over their guns if they refuse.

He has effectively threatened war on the people of America. In one case he alluded to the fact that he might just use the National Guard to enforce his criminal laws. The nasty governor has even stated that he is considered to withhold funds from these areas if they do not comply with his evil dictator demands. The idiotic governor is pushing his state into a corner. He is making them choose whether to comply with demands that are unconstitutional or risk having the military kill them on site. The common-sense laws that the governor pushes are not common sense for himself.

He may be able to call up the national guard and make them do what he wants internally but to use the guard the way a president can just make him even more of a criminal. The president is the only one that calls up the National Guard on a national level. The governor of Virginia cannot do all of what he is threatening to do legally. At some point, the issue will reach a tipping point. The Democrats have once again shown that they cannot be trusted to defend the rights of every person. They have shown that they intend to take them all away.


59 thoughts on “Setting Up Second Amendment Sanctuaries

    1. Dear Governor Blackface, The bridge in question is the one at Concorde , Mass. Cross it at your own peril.
      Democrats trying to disarm Americans, means they are planning to do something, for which we would shoot them.

      1. Sadly the one time great mile high city of Denver will become like San Francisco the one time gem and jewel of California that’s become one huge open air toilet thanks to the liberals running this formerly great, affordable, clean and first world city into the ground that now has become so third world in many neighborhoods. And as for the liberals trying to ban guns, not on my watch for certain. Time for the American people to get smart and get rid of the democrats forever. I ask the following question: what have the liberals done for America in the last three years for America other than block the advances by Donald Trump? I’m waiting for an answer but do the answer being ZIPPO, I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer .If the last three years of acting like spoiled brats ’cause they lost big time hasn’t convinced you they’ve done nothing for America and will continue their antics,. you need to get your heads out of your collective crevices, and the sooner the better.

  1. Very revealing that the Dems think that harboring illegal aliens in sanctuary cities is fine but they don’t think there should be sanctuary areas for those that want to keep guns to protect themselves. 2nd Amendment protects the right to bear arms. This right is not given to us by the government but the government is given the duty to protect that natural or God given right. There is no right in the Constitution for people to enter the country illegally. Another attempt by the SJW Dems to subvert our Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! Politicians are voted into office to serve the people who elected them. Being retired Military, I can’t see where the guard would follow an unlawful order nor shoot their fellow citizens they raised their right hands and swore to protect and defend (as well as the Constitution or any part of it, not someone else’s rendition of it). Thomas Jefferson said “those who would beat their weapons into plowshares will soon find themselves plowing their land for someone else”! It’s obvious that the majority of Veterans would uphold their Oaths and would fight for Constitutional mandated rights along with like minded citizens and these areas would soon fall into civil war with the Governor and his cronies tried for TREASON. I personally would hate for it to come to that and am not promoting that, just stating fact! God Bless America and her Vets (Past and Present).

      1. One more thing. If you read the 2nd amendment it also speaks to” defense against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, and against a TYRANICAL GOVERNMENT”. Remember that last part as the Dems move ever closer to becoming that TYRANTICAL GOVERNMENT! Trump 2020 and impeach those morons and take away any pension or benefits from anytime served in Public Office!

        1. Very gd op Ed’s! I have read most of the comments here and must say I am very impressed with everything I have read. This tells me that more and more American Patriots are seeing the left to be the threat they really are.
          I know our President Trump has his hands full and needs every American patriot to speak up and let their voice be heard. I know this saddens all of us that have served this country, love the USA and the way President Trump continues to help and protect not only the USA, but all countries from government abuses. God Bless America and the honest and righteous Patriots of this country.

      2. The demoncrats want civil war. Then the UN can come in. They know our military will not act in the way they want. But UN troops from nations who hate us will. When will people stop voting in stupid politicians. Especially demoncrats. Repubs are not much better, I get it but the demons are worse.

      1. We need to remember though, that the Dino Demos do not care about this at all and that they will continue to do as they have in the past. RIG THE ELECTION’S WITH ILLEGALS AND THE DEAD, LIKE THEY HAVE DONE IN THE PAST. They, as already evidenced cannot be trusted. We have to do due diligence in helping our President Trump, by supporting his administration, using your voice and monetarily. I know money is an issue for some Patriots and like I tell them, every dollar helps.

      1. Unfortunately Joe, we cannot make some people understand, that some gr8 Americans only vote for a Democratic candidate, because their parents do or did. We have to educate ourselves more, so we can try and make sure people actually know who and what they are voting for.

    2. Yes, you are correct! If you really think about what you just wrote, the Dino Demos are following a pattern and if you really study it, you will see that it all leads to full blown government control. They cannot control us now, because we have deterrents to turn them away, but if those are lost and the Dinos are in charge……. Katie bar the door. The Dinos have already proven that they do not care about the American people who do not agree with them.
      This being said, what will happen if they should get control again? Unfortunately our children and grandchildren will never get to enjoy their lives and freedom we have. This bothers me more than anything, but I have had a life full of freedom and want no less for other American Patriots. “God Bless America”!

  2. This is the RIGHT thing to do when a POLITICAL party tries to strip away rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. What the Democrats are doing is CRIMINAL and need to be ARRESTED in HANDCUFFS for VIOLATING the citizens, rights. AT LEAST there should be petitions for having these Democrats REMOVED from office ASAP. what these democrats are doing is TREASON. You “get what you pay for” whenever you vote, RIGHT or WRONG. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. The Governor of Virginia is a POS! Does he really think he can threaten his citizens in this way and get away with it? Beware Virginia, the lunatic gun grabbers want to abolish our 2nd Amendment, that is more important today than anytime in history. They are seeing how far they can go! They need to be put in their place right now, not later! This can’t be ignored!

      1. Hello Will, I am in total agreement with you and would only like to say, that the Dino Demos ignorance is a threat to this gr8 country. What do other countries think about what is going on in the USA right now? They see a country that is struggling in its efforts to ensure that our government does not abuse its power and follows the Constitution. This unfortunately shows other countries our weaknesses and areas to concentrate on to further weaken our government. I am not telling anyone something they do not already know, but I am trying to heighten the American people’s awareness, in our struggle to be free Americans.

  3. The British tried this and started the revolution war and you know how that worked out, ther will be a lot of democrats hanging, keep up the shit and see what happens.

  4. What the governor of Virginia is doing is unlawful. I am a former army ranger with 2 tours in Nam. I still honour my code to defend America from foreign enemy and homeland enemy. Democrats are homeland enemy. Believe me you liberals won’t another civil war for you will certainly loose.

  5. I really condemn the attacks on the 2nd amendment. Let’s save our Republic from the inside. While we are fighting each other, outside observers will be instigating plans to pick up the pieces of a broken Republic, once strong but now gone.


  6. I really condemn the attacks on the 2nd amendment. Let’s save our Republic from the inside. While we are fighting each other, outside observers will be instigating plans to pick up the pieces of a broken Republic, once strong but now gone. Remember the 5th column!

  7. I live in the gunshine state, however this i’ ve been following this and i think the president should cut off all federal funding and the people should revolt and remove these people out of office before bloodshed begins.I can;t beleave this is happening in this country..

  8. Just remember the democrats believe in an imperial government. They will follow thelaw(constitution) only as long as it serves their purpose otherwise they ignore them. The situation in Virginia is very dangerous and unnecessary. Follow the law.

  9. If the people don’t wake up, they will be left behind to deal with this by themselves, and nobody will be left to help them. it comes down to the few who stand up and the others that try to ignore what’s coming. get off your phones, tv, and your head out of your ass. and be ready whatever they try to do against the people of this country. f–k the democrats and the whores they have hidden.

  10. The Second Amendment protects NOTHING! It was written by men, and can be revised by men at any time. What the Virginia legislature has proposed is “common-sense” gun reform, something that’s been needed in this country for 50 years! The governor has every right to impose those laws on the citizens. Failure to comply will mean consequences. Anybody who resists with a gun in their hand will likely be shot. That’s the law. A 2019 law supersedes a 1792 amendment to the Constitution. It’s better not to resist common-sense gun reforms. NOBODY is taking away your right to bear arms. Let me repeat that for you swamp-dwelling creatures: NOBODY is taking away your RIGHT to bear arms. Go back and read the law. And get off your damn high horse! You have no idea what you’re talking about!

    1. Thanks, Jack, you made a good joke that made me smile for quite a while. Perhaps others will enjoy your satire and pretended non-sense.

    2. Spoken like a true TYRANT!! And regrettably correct (written by men, can be revised by men) But stop and think how long that amendment has stood up to attack? Think about all the REAL AMERICANS that fought and died to defend that right. Finally, think about those that will fight and die TODAY to defend that right. Although not a Constitutional expert like yourself, I don’t believe that a State law trumps an article of Constitutional law. Like cooking a frog in a pot of water; start out with cool water and gradually raise the temperature to keep the frog from jumping out until its cooked!

  11. We will stand with you Virginia!!! When the shit hits the fan they will have wished the day had never come. Best thing the Democrats can do at this point is pull back before it gets ugly.

  12. Let us all pray that Santa puts a brand new “assault rifle” under our tree this Christmas, along with plenty of ammo, of course! Let the resolve of our Patriot brothers and sisters not be swayed by the threats of tyrannical elected servants. No one would allow their hired gardener to dictate how many or which type of firearms we are “allowed” to acquire, why let anyone else do it? Back in George Washington’s day, he would have grabbed these politicians by the nose, kicked them in the ass and told them to behave or lose their government job, including any future retirement benefits. This is what happens when nobody is minding the store and the hired help pilfers away our sacred Rights.

  13. The Dems have no problem with the use of force to get what they want. They know that resorting to force is the only way the can take the guns from the hands of law abiding Americans. Furthermore, they know a new world order cannot be achieved while citizens still have the means to defend themselves. Unalienable rights are by definition, rights that can never be taken away so that leaves the Dems with no alternative other than taking your guns by force, an action totally acceptable to them. They’re moving us closer and closer toward revolution, Remember that when you vote. Peace is always a better choice than war,

  14. Now just remember once they start moving on taking away our guns and shxt hits the fan, all of our rights will end, executive orders kick in and thats what they want so then we be treated like cattle,dont forget UN waiting for their Q their equipment stashed in every state,all the Fema detention/prison/death camps with guillotines even crematoriums with railways connected across America stocked with trained personal ready and waiting ,remember all the thousands plastic coffins stock piled in Georgia,this all been planned for years once marshal law gets called in our constitution and bill of rights all ends,no moe rights for us worst yet obumer signed executive orders in that they have total control of food water homes equipment trucks cars farms cattle anything they want,so when they start taking .peoples guns and when you.resist will prob be shot least hauled off to a fema”quote” camp, this is why they so basin in all this to get the people pissed off to start,the revolution so they can execute next faze of their well planned agenda and if the people dont then you can bet ur ass they have false flags trained and actors,ready to look like we started the killing [war]esp, with the fake news and the media[MSM most of social media they own now to follow there Q with more fake false flags to follow their agenda and to start that next faze with NWO at the helm

  15. The liberal States are few. The liberals are opposed to guns so theoretically do not have them. They depend on the rest of the Country for food and water supplies. The rest of the Country is big and they have citizens that have guns. They have the water and produce the food. A civil war would destroy the Liberal cities.

  16. For the edification of those who are unaware of the text of the second amendment I quote “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Apparently there are those unfamiliar with the last phrase “Shall Not Be Infringed” and have no knowledge of the definition Infringed. Just Saying

  17. Being a “nam” vet I am sickened by the attempts to bastardize and pervert the constitution! The democrat party has become a mouth piece for socialism that has never worked anywhere except for those seeking POWER! And this encouraging of illegals and giving them all drivers license so they are registered to vote is enough to make me puke! They have only proven that they are a group of power hungry perverts that will by any means attempt to gain their agenda by any method that they can use. But you can see that with the introduction of legal attempts to sell dope in so many states. Even though it is still listed as a criminal offense by our government! They have dumbed down education,introduced stupid ways to do math and preaching socialism is our schools and dropping subjects that go against their plan of attack to pull our nation down to a third world existence! I can’t see where they think the american public is so stupid and gullible that they will put up with this! All I can see coming from this is another war that will be as bloody a one ever fought. If nothing else Americans will defend their rights and freedoms. And to hell with politicians who think they can do anything they decide! KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY! Its coming!

  18. A “friends” son is in the Guard. If ordered, he will NOT ignore the 2nd Amend……oh, I’m sorry Officer, I’m an old
    phart & forgot the “friends” name….. & golly gee whiz ALL my guns were stolen 2 weeks ago. etc. etc. blah blah
    If the Socialists in VA don’t wake up the other 49 then stand by to repel boarders.

  19. We should not consider these actions as “Second Amendment Sanctuary policies”, but as “Constitutional Compliance policies”.

  20. Blackface or KKK Governor Northam and any official wanting to take away citizens rights is violating their oath to uphold The Constitution. He needs to be removed from office for cause. Recall the Governor.

  21. This idiot, {BLACK FACE} thinks he is Hitler, but in reality, the people will prevail. Calling out the Nat. Guard, well that is just plain b.s. The people will form their own MILITIA and show this a. hole what the core of this country really is and he will have a civil war on his hands. I truly believe if this jerk attempts to pull this off, he will find that many other Americans will migrate to Virginia to join a local militia and show this jerk where to get off.
    He and all the other democraps that want to grab guns from us will find out that not only the millions of NRA members, but others as well will be more than happy to join in this fight and he will have a full blown CIVIL WAR on his hands. “WE THE PEOPLE” have spoken..,. “IN GOD WE TRUST” not crooked politicians.

  22. There are two problems here. Number one being , people have VOTED these people into office , and Number two ,these people ,who were voted into office, hire PEOPLE WHO CAUSE AS MUCH TROUBLE as those elected. when #1 is NO longer in office, #2 is still there. and can’t be removed.

  23. What I don’t get is how do these people think that we will just stand by and let them gut our constitution, they are only one person or a handful at the most and if we wanted them out, they’d be out. Even if we had to go do it personally,they’d be out. I refuse to let only one person change our lives just because it’s what they want. The needs of the many outweigh the wants of the few. Anything as important as our constitution should be left up the us to decide on, not some politician with any agenda to add or subtract from it. It should be ours and ours alone to decide in a change, and that’s an amendment we should add to it, no politician can change anything outlined in this document, only a vote by us unanimously can make a change to it. And all state and local laws and constitutions must have to at least follow it with local attributes available. Now that’s the only way to keep democratic hands off of it. No more of this local says you can’t carry a gun here, or advertise them or carry out an impeachment that doesn’t follow constitutional law, or these damn red flag laws. No governor has that right anymore. If somebody has mental issues that will limit their abilities to own a gun then that person should be under supervision, quit trying to undermine our rights, especially when we know the only reason you want to do that is to make it easier to control us. Not one person, in the world uses their weapons in an iradical manner, only those with mental issues do things like that, but by God we will if the need arises and that is the sole purpose for the 2nd. and the democrats know it too. This governor of Va. has the job of governing, not making laws, that’s not in the job description. You people in Va. have the entire country’s future in your hands, once one gets away with it, the rest will follow so tell him to “Shut up and Sit down!”
    One more thing, every night I watch the news and they have another story about somebody getting killed or raped by some illegal, it’s always some hispanic type, and I think we have the God given right to defend ourselves. Especially against illegals, it’s the same as defending our homes against the VC in ‘nam, they were the enemy and we fought them off. We need to be on the defense and protect our own. Sorry I been on the soapbox too long now but these are important issues, please take action for them, thank you.

  24. The people of Virginia need to take a look at Australia and the other countries who gave in to gun confiscation and how it worked out for them. This is exactly how Nazi Germany met no resistance going into WW II. Once the citizens are disarmed (and the military/government is NOT) they are in control. At that point, the population has no choice but to abide by their rules and hope for the best or face the consequences. Once that point is reached, the government can do ANYTHING they want, including taking your property, home, your possessions. You end up on the street with no shelter, food or money. People in Germany and Poland ended up dying from starvation and exposure. If Virginia gets away another state will be ready to follow.

    It appears that many modern day democrats are simply socialists in disguise. They are against Capitalism and want the population to be dependent on them. Remember, if you don’t want this to happen in your state, don’t vote them into power. It’s as simple as that!

    How many American patriots (possibly even some of your own family members and relatives) have died defending the Constitution?

    God Bless America!

  25. Of Course what the Democratic Governor and his Demoncrat cronies are tryin to do is wrong and illegal on so many levels it boggles the mind. Trying to disarm the citizens of Virginia will be met with strong if not deadly resistance not just from the citizens of Virginia but from others within these United States. Any violation of the rights of any American is an attack on all American’s rights, and they shall not be infringed. While this Governor with meet strong resistant from its citizens and other citizens for other states, the part that amazes me is this! Where is our Attorney General? He should be acting on this immediately to arrest and remove the body of the government of Virginia for treason and sedition against the Bill of Rights and Our Constitution. The Governor and his partners in crime. They have forgotten that part of their swearing in process for their office they have sworn to defend the Constitution of these United States. It is clear to me they have violated the trust of the people they are sworn to protect from enemies foreign and domestic, domestic being them. Also to defend the Constitution of the United States against all that would seek to discredit it. True I am not a lawyer, but I am mystified at the lack of action by our federal Government in excising control over the rouge Government of the state of Virginia.

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