Florida Man Killed in High-Speed UPS Chase, Family Seeking Investigations

Florida Man Killed in High-Speed UPS Chase, Family Seeking Investigations

Policemen and women have some of the toughest decisions to make at times where a split second can change people’s lives forever.  Many times a cop may draw their pistol, and they can only hope it will scare the criminal enough to where they will stop in their tracks.  Sometimes, they don’t.  When these situations arise, policemen and women have to take into account their surroundings.  The first thing they must always remember is protecting the innocent should be priority number one.  When catching the criminal becomes before protecting the innocent, innocent people get killed.  This is what happened in Florida when Richard Cutshaw was shot and killed while the Florida police were involved in a high-speed chase with a hijacked UPS truck.

The Cutshaw family wants answers and an investigation from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement because they do not know for sure whose bullets killed Richard Cutshaw.  Matt Morgan is one of the lawyers who is representing the family and is trying to determine if the proper procedures were followed by the police during the high-speed chase.  The family wants to know from start to finish what caused the violence and gunfire to be exchanged in a high traffic area of the city.

The Cutshaw family released this statement, “What happened to Richard is a tragedy that no other family should have to bear.  He was sitting in his car on his way from a job he loved when the intersection around him erupted into a war zone. We cannot make sense of what happened to him; it’s unfathomable.”

Police explained, “The incident began with police responding to a robbery at a jewelry store shortly after 4 p.m., police said. Two suspects fired at police fled and hijacked a UPS truck, taking the driver as a hostage. When the suspects got stuck in rush-hour traffic, they fired at officers approaching the truck.”

Morgan said, “Cutshaw, 70, ended up stuck in the crossfire. About 20 officers from four different agencies discharged their weapons, firing some 200 bullets.

Another attorney is representing the Cutshaw family, Adrian Mendiondo stated, “Cutshaw’s death was not inevitable.”  He is questioning if the outcome could have ended without the deaths of Cutshaw and the 27-year-old UPS employee, Frank Ordonez.

Mendiondo stated, “There is not a well-written pursuit policy in this country that doesn’t have termination requirements and recommendations for when what’s happening is causing more danger to the public than it’s preventing.  Because, at the end of the day, when police begin a pursuit such as this, especially in a crowded area, especially with civilians nearby, their focus is not just catching the perpetrator but, more importantly, not injuring third parties.”

Mendiondo said he is working with and in close contact with Ordonez’s attorney as well, and stated the UPS drivers had a nationwide moment of silence for Ordonez after they learned of the shooting.  Cutshaw had a memorial service the week after, and Mendiondo added, “Cutshaw worked as a field representative for the Government Supervisors Association of Florida.”

Ordonez was taken hostage in the situation as the robbers took him and his truck to try and escape.  A post was sent out to all the UPS divisions across America, which read, “Viewing for our fallen Teamster brother, Frank Ordonez, will be held on Monday, December 9, 2019, at 5 p.m. EST.  #FRANK MOMENT of SILENCE MONDAY DECEMBER 9,2019 17:00 EST 14:00 PST.  If in a safe place to do so, UPS drivers across the nation will have a moment of silence with 4-way flashers on while parked.

USA Today reported, “Ordonez, 27, was driving a UPS truck that two men soon after robbing a Regent Jewelers at Coral Gables, Florida, hijacked Friday afternoon, leading to a high-speed chase that ended when the vehicle was caught in traffic at a red light.  The suspects opened fire after police approached the truck, leading to a shootout that killed Ordonez and bystander Richard Cutshaw, along with the two robbers.”

This unfortunate incident is being reviewed by all the police departments across the board as it leaves the question of which bullets killed the UPS driver and Richard Cutshaw.  Most times in a robbery, the robbers do not intend to kill anyone, but if cornered in such a way, they will go to the extreme so long as they don’t get caught.  Either way, the lives lost that fateful day can never be replaced.  Bullets fired have no steering wheels.


109 thoughts on “Florida Man Killed in High-Speed UPS Chase, Family Seeking Investigations

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  2. A few more well trained snipers and less policemen firing massive amounts of bullets might be the answer in the future. Too bad that poor driver was caught up and killed in this incident.

    1. That was basically my idea. Why aren’t these officers trained more on accuracy of their firearms?. 200 rounds being fired??? How much of that is fact. That would be a lot of reloading. No officer should have to reload with only one shooting back at him. Take your time and make that shot count. Spend more time on the range if need be. The average officer should be able to have at least a 90 score. Our troops do!

  3. Guess we should pre deploy snipers along all roadways, incase some criminals commit a felony somewhere. Then we could systematically terminate them without hurting any innocent party. Yea! That makes sense.
    Get real, the ONLY people responsible for those deaths are the TWO career POS that decided to commit a jewelry store robbery!
    That’s the LAW. We need Criminal Control, not Gun Control

    1. Well I feel as you – I am a Marine that has been in similar situations – just not on American soil – and we have had to back our men down in situations where civilians were in the mix and take them out as “carefully as possible” which ment snipers along with your best shooters – but it does not always work for the best – in this situation you had gunmen – that if they are going to fire on a police officer – they would shoot a innocent civilian in a blink of an eye – and the police not only know this but know they need to stop this shooter as fast as possible to avoid even more innocent civilian casualties – now even when you have practice on the range and your a top shooter – put that top shooter in this adrenaline rush shaking hands situation – he is not hitting at 100% he is hitting down around 30% not his fault – try it some time – when bullets are flying past you – the real world disappears- I truly hope it was not a police officers bullets that caused the death of the innocent – I have a suspicion that the UPS driver was murdered by the gunmen on purpose to get him out of their way – when someone makes the decision to rob a Jewelry store- this is not the same mind set as the common theif – they enter this with the thought of “I will die before getting caught”- this makes for the most dangerous gunman that could be loose on society – again the police know this and know they have to bring them down as fast as they can – so lets add a hypothetical situation to this – they have already shot the UPS driver – they get stopped at the red light but had an avenue of escape – there is a mini van with four children and a young mother waiting at another light and the gunmen approach her car un seen – door is opened by the gunmen – they wont take the time to gently remove the mother and children – they just shoot everyone in the vehical dragging the dead mothers body out of way – and the police know this – I am truly sorry for the loss of innocent people in this – the blame here is that two criminals made a bad decision that cost others their lives – to help avoid this situation in the future – maybe every other police car is armed with a good snipper rifle and the officers trained in how to use it – but I know our police carry AR15’s – this is a very formidable weapon for singling out targets with the right sites – and very easy to shoot well even for the not so experienced with snipping – but I like to think that if the driver and the man in the car had been carrying a firearm themselves – this may have turned out better then it did – but you can not blame a police action in this situation on the police – there could have been MORE innocent victims then there were if they did not contain and deal with these gunmen on the spot

    2. Robbing monetary items from a jewelry store does not justify lethal police action when innocent bystanders are present…period! Those overzealous officers should be duly terminated and prosecuted for 2nd degree murder…period. Anyone condoning otherwise is twisted and sick. The law enforcement system in this country is badly broken and requires immediate restructuring…period. To kill innocent citizens is the ultimate injustice. No more meeds to be said.

  4. Robbers open fire on police what choice do they have but to shoot back? Two innocent people were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    1. So that gives the police the right to kill innocent people??? What about if it were one of your family who was killed in this wreckless shootout by the police??? I bet you would be singing a whole different tune!!! The police needs to be held accountable for their actions in the same way a civilian would be if he shot at a bad guy without regards to innocent by standers!!!

    1. If thats how you feel go back to your homeland where the police are crooked and murder civilians for fun – there are planes leaving by the 1/2 hour – be on one

  5. The GREEDY Lawyers will F’ up the works…guaranteed. Does not matter whose “right” or “wrong”, they will
    screw things up royally. Look at our political system. Why are 95+% elected officials LAWYERS. Why is EVERY
    LARGE METRO AREA SOCIALIST? Let’s have some answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wanna blame someone besides the perp’s? Blame UPS for it’s lily livered Gun CONTROL policy. Had the driver
    had the means to protect himself he might still be with us. But no, we can’t, must not, allow those bad nasty ol’ guns. If YOU don’t wanna protect yourself & family that’s on YOUR neck….but here’s my message to Mr/s.
    Bandido….stay away from moi’ or I’ll turn your lights off..

  6. Let me see……. The busy time of day. A crowded intersection with people and cars. A gun battle erupts between police and the bad guys. ONLY 2 people were injured during this entire hailstorm of bullets. Unfortunately their injuries proved to be fatal. I believe I would have to chalk this up as a win for the police. It’s a wonder there weren’t 50 civilians killed or injured.

  7. Ask and receive seek and find, is not used, around the world. People end up stealing what is not theirs. people end up in a made dash, trying to retrieve whatever. People end up being killed in the possesses. People who don’t want Christs teachings, to be implemented, will want what happened, to happen over and over again. The is only a part of what happens, as a result of money, being used.

  8. We live in a GODLESS nation. There is no more HONOR. INTEGRITY. MORALS. it is only going to get worse. and the blind will keep leading the BLIND.

  9. Why is it always the first thing to blame the police? Yes, unfortunately innocent people died in this, but why are the police being blamed and there is no blame on the CRIMINALS who are the actual cause of this case. It seems that the criminals get more protection than the innocent victims and the people who are charged with upholding the LAWS. In this day and age of SUING for every little thing, all people can really see is “WOW” here is an opportunity to have their 15 minuets of (S)fame and make a bundle of money. This is a GREEDY PEOPLE, money first mindset that is tearing this country and its citizens apart.

  10. As a former police officer familiar with police tactics, I feel that this was handled very poorly. They had a similar experience years ago in North Hollywood with a standoff and new police tactics were developed for handling this type of situation. Admittedly, I was not there when this went down. But, from the description, if they were trapped in rush hour traffic and had nowhere to go, this could have become a negotiation scene instead of a pursuit of robbers. Tactics could have changed dramatically when the officers realized that the suspects were trapped in traffic and had nowhere to go. They could have simply stopped firing, surrounded them and brought in the negotiating team rather than risk civilians getting killed. Both the driver of the UPS truck and the driver in the car that got killed would still be alive.

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