How the Senate Spending Deal Avoided Shutdown

How the Senate Spending Deal Avoided Shutdown

The Republican-controlled Senate has just passed the $1.4 trillion bill that will fund the government for the coming year. This budget passing was needed to keep the government from shutting down once again. The Democrats have delayed their efforts to pass a budget so long that it seemed that the bill would never make it to approval by the Senate. The Republicans know how to work together to get things done. The sad Democrats, on the other hand, cannot work with anyone so nothing they do gets done.

There are two parts of the bill that were approved that are now ready for the president to sign. Friday at midnight was the deadline. Any delay past that time would mean disaster for the federal government. The new budget will take the country on for another year. What is unique about the bill is that it provides several key items. The bill states that there will be “military and civilian federal worker pay raise, federal funding for election security grants and gun research, and a repeal of three health care taxes designed to help pay for the Affordable Care Act, alongside a wide variety of other provisions.”

The border wall funding will take a huge hit, but the president is wise enough to find the money in other places. The president has been waiting for the bill for some time. The lazy Democrats have been dragging their feet reading into the fake things. They have been acting like a stoned-out person waiting for their next drug infusion. The Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell stated that “A lot of hard work brought this appropriations process back from the brink.” He also stated the bill will allow the government to be “stable, full-year funding for our armed forces, including research and modernization” and “deliver on vital domestic priorities.” The funding will allow America to work on much-needed improvements for the following year.

President Trump negotiated the right to move money from accounts if the border wall amount was to be lowered. It was that deal that helped the bill gain the support needed to pass party lines. The border wall continues to be a point of contention because the Democrats do not want the president to be successful in protecting the people of the country. What they fear the most is that the people would love him even more than they do now.

The Supreme Court has also had to intervene to allow the president to use the money he needed for the wall. The Democrats and liberals have been fighting the president at every turn to keep the wall from going up. The more liberal sections of the Democratic party were not all that keen on allowing the president to have the power to move money but it was the only way that the deal could be approved before the deadline.

The Democrats were fighting among themselves to the point that they became frustrated with one another because each one of them has a problem relenting on part of their wants. They operate with the mentality that they should have everything that they want or nothing at all. Democrats are greedy people that want things for themselves. Amazingly, they were able to find common ground at all.

The bill also allows the Department of Homeland Security to establish a position to oversee immigration and the centers that the people are kept in. The person in the position will have to address “complaints and conducting unannounced inspections of detention facilities.” This person will be able to provide an actual picture of what takes place at the centers. The Democrats have over the past few months lied about the true conditions of the centers.

The new bill is another major victory for the president and Republicans. They were able to force the Democrats to deal when they did not want to work with the conservative party. This is a major victory that will help many Republicans win in the coming election in 2020.


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