Ilhan Omar Flies Off The Handle

Ilhan Omar Flies Off The Handle

Ilhan Omar has yet to learn the meaning of tact. The left-wing Representative let a number of outbursts fly from her lips after one of the GOP leaders remember one of her fellow Squad members, Rashida Tlaib’s “impeach the motherfu**er” quote.

“Stop it!” Omar decided to fly off the handle, yelling it several times after Kevin McCarthy, the GOP House Minority Leader, recalls the infamous quote.

Tensions were high and Omar seemed to think it was okay to lose her cool in the situation. Rather than letting the comment go since it wasn’t specifically directed at her, she decided to take it like the amateur that she is. Her “Stop it” comments were reminiscent of the way that Whoopi Goldberg lost her cool on Meghan McCain on the ‘View’ just days before.

McCarthy made a good point, though. It seemed only natural to bring up that quote since Tlaib was intent on impeaching the president just hours after she took the oath to become a congresswoman in January. Since many of the Dems have made repeated efforts to get Trump out of office, it seemed appropriate to remind everyone what Tlaib said.

The Minority Leader shared quite a bit, which was presented live on CNN. He talked about how Schiff talked about having evidence of collusion yet that was found to be a lie. Then, he reminded everyone that they all stood in “this body” and swore that “we’d uphold the Constitution.” Many people started clapping for him. Then, he said a few hours later, Tlaib let rip her famous comment about impeaching Trump.

He repeated that those were not his words. He didn’t say them, which means that anyone who finds it offensive needs to take it up with Tlaib. She was the one that said those words within hours of taking the oath that she would uphold the Constitution. Essentially, she took an oath and went back on her word because she was willing to impeach President Trump without evidence and without proof. The call to the Ukrainian president hadn’t been made yet. There was nothing to impeach him on except that he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

Ilhan Omar yelled, “Stop it!”

Since then, a number of people have commented about why she was so upset. Was she upset that he was telling the truth? Was she afraid that it was considered a racist comment? Hearing the truth was obviously quite a shock to her.

The comments that made it onto the web were priceless, especially with one identifying that Ilhan Omar has proved that she’s the first woman in history to be a snowflake and a terrorist. Many have also pointed out that the Democrats “can’t stand the truth.”

Omar has shown that she plans to hold The Squad together. By McCarthy picking on Tlaib, he was picking on her – and she didn’t want to stand back and watch it happen. However, as the GOP House Minority Leader, he’s able to make comments to the entire body about what’s going on, especially after the vote that the House made, showing that a majority chose to impeach the sitting president.

What McCarthy said was not out of line. He spoke only the truth. Tlaib said the comments hours after taking the oath – and there were enough members of the press there to get it on record that it can’t be taken back. She was ready to impeach over absolutely nothing – and it proves the point that the Republicans have been making all along – the Dems will falsify anything and everything that they can in order to get their way.

McCarthy wanted to make it clear that the Dems had repeatedly tried to get Trump out of office. However, they may not be aware of how the impeachment process works as of now. They may have voted to impeach but it goes to the Senate for a trial. Trump can remain in office. Even if Pelosi holds onto the articles of impeachment longer, the fact remains that the Democrats have only succeeded in showing America their true colors.

As far as where Representative Tlaib was when McCarthy reminded the House of what she said in January, it wasn’t identified. Rather than fighting her own battle, she sat back and let Omar do it for her. However, yelling “Shut up” at a co-worker isn’t a very respectful thing to do. Then again, Omar has proven time and again that she lacks respect, professionalism, and even basic tact.


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