Pardon Denied for ‘Making a Murderer’ Criminal

Pardon Denied for ‘Making a Murderer’ Criminal

The governor of Wisconsin is living up to a standard that he has set for himself to not issue pardons to people convicted of crimes. The latest denial came at the request of a man that was convicted of rape and murder. The man was a teenager when he committed the crimes for which he now sits in prison. This sick person has sold his story to Netflix which is making it into a series called the “Making a Murderer.” He is looking to make money off of crimes that he did towards other people.

Brendan Dassey is the scum ball that along with his uncle, Steve Avery, raped, and they murdered Teresa Halbach. Both of the men then took her body and burned it in a bonfire in an attempt to hide their crime. Dassey’s request does not meet up with the requirements of a pardon. He is still serving his sentence. He is also being told that he will have to register as a sex offender. Dassey sent a letter to the governor with hopes of having his sentence commuted. But Evers has denied this man’s request.

Dassey has even had his case sent up to the Supreme Court which has already refused his request. He is out of options and it looks like he will spend the rest of his days in prison. There has not been a soul pardoned in Missouri since 2001. He has been behind bars for 14 years. And since he is in prison the country is a safer place because of it. He and his sick uncle premeditated the rape and murder of a person and then burned the body. There is nothing in this world that can ever make what he did right.

Dassey wrote a letter that stated the following request, “I am writing to ask for a pardon because I am innocent and want to go home.” What he does not understand is that the person he helped murder and raped just wanted to go home as well. Every person in prison believes they are innocent. They all believe that they should be released. His attorneys are pushing for the request to be reviewed again.

Dassey may be a different person but it does not mean that he should be let out of the consequences of his actions. His lawyers stated that “We will continue to work, respectfully but relentlessly, towards the day when this governor recognizes in Brendan Dassey the gentle, cheerful, and kind human being whom we have known for twelve years. A good teacher never forgets his most vulnerable students; a good Governor never forgets his most vulnerable citizens.” This is a good appeal but the governor has not forgotten about his vulnerable people. The person that was murdered is the vulnerable one. Dassey is not a victim, because he was the aggressor.

There is nothing flawed about the legal process as his lawyers would have everyone believe. He has to answer for his crimes. And when no one around will help him, then he must just sit and wait until his sentence is finished. His lawyers maintain that he was led into admitting to his crime and told a story that he was led to believe. The truth is that he knew the truth because he was the one that wrote the story by his actions.

It will be a long time before Dassey sees the light of freedom. It is his word against the word of the police. Prosecutors maintain that his testimony is his own and that they did not lead him along. His uncle was already a felon for related crimes of which it was later proved he did not do. But he was later arrested and convicted of committing the very crimes that he was exonerated for years earlier. This is still not a good reason to believe that this is the case with this issue. Dassey is a convicted sex offender that will have to live up to the consequences of his actions. There is no easy way for him to get out of answering up to his crimes.


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