Teacher Suspended for Racist Opinion to Students

Teacher Suspended for Racist Opinion to Students

Teachers are supposed to be people that teach facts and not opinions. They are supposed to represent the best that can be offered students when it comes to their education. Students should feel safe in their classrooms and not have to worry about the ludicrous statements that some people feel that they have to make to the next generation. One teacher in California has been suspended again for making racial comments about other nationalities. The problem is that they were statements that should never have been made.

This person stated that Mexican’s needed to go back to their own country and stay out of America. The teacher even tried to drag the border wall into the story to try to prove the necessity of the wall. But what they failed to prove was that President Trump loves people that are in the country. He wants to keep out the illegals. This person saw Hispanics and assumed that they were all illegals. The students had every right to be upset and report this teacher for accusing them of being illegals.

But the assault from the teacher did not stop there. The teacher went on to say that slavery should be brought back and that students should be tortured, and the flesh should be eaten. This is not a teacher. A teacher should never have a political or moral agenda to push on the students. This wacky person should never stand in front of a classroom ever again. The place where they taught is made up of 70 percent Latinos with African Americans making up the next largest block of student nationalities.

The school has followed its policy and placed the infidel on leave. The students in mass have been complaining about this person. The school district needs to listen to their students before the teacher does something physical to one of the students. The school has had to waste money on two different occasions to hire an investigator to get to the bottom of the accusations. All that has been stated is that the teacher was investigated once and then had to be done so again for the same reasons.

The school district spouted off the following comment about their teacher “Employees are entitled to contractual rights, labor law, and due process.” That may be true but the students are entitled to a learning classroom and not a political rally. This teacher is very angry towards Mexicans as many of their assignments target them intentionally. One student revealed that “It would be uncomfortable for me as a child of an undocumented person to go in that class and suck up all her words and her nasty comments. Imagine being an hour in that class and having to hear her talk about how we shouldn’t be here, about how we live off of white people’s money, and we’re just stealing their jobs.” These comments have no place in the ears of the young.

Another student claimed that he failed the class because of his ethnic background. After he was switched to another class the teacher treated him with disrespect. The young student said that “She would make you feel weak.” Alluding to how he would feel after being around her. Another student ended up with detention for skipping the class because they were sick and tired of the comments. They would say that “I didn’t want to go to my teacher’s class that would talk bad about Hispanics. I don’t think I was supposed to be there. I feel like she has no right to talk bad about our race.”

This problem is more than a few students trying to get rid of a teacher. This is nothing more than a teacher-bashing students because of where they came from in life. The teacher should be a person that wants to help the students become what they are destined to be. But instead, she is bent on tearing them down and making them feel unsafe around her. The teacher is a threat to others and herself.


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