Military is Going Through New Intense Training in the Event of Future Attacks

Military is Going Through New Intense Training in the Event of Future Attacks

All United States Military and special agents must be ready a moment’s notice to respond to the threats that threaten the nation. The people that are trained go through a tough training regimen. The training that they are provided with is taken so seriously that the government has opened a brand-new training center in Blackstone, Virginia. The new center is called the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center. Here the trainees go through the course that lasts five full days.

The center was built on a 1,350-acre area to give the training that could someday save a life. This particular group of trainees was from the Department of State employees and people from foreign affairs. The families of the trainees are encouraged to invite their families to go through the training. This is important because they too could have to go through this kind of situation someday. Michael Evanoff, who is the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, stated “Training is the bedrock to protecting lives. If you are a trained foreign service officer and you go through the training we give you, you will be better prepared to react.” The idea is to be prepared for anything that could potentially happen while people are serving or working for the United States.

The training that the people receive is done on a rappel tower, tactical maze, smokehouses, and a gun range. They are also trained to drive on hazardous roads in the case that they flee while driving. The vehicles are armored SUVs. They are taught to perform controlled skids as well as how to drive back from an ambush site. These methods of training are real-life scenarios for some agents and people that work overseas. They are pretty much-trained experts on just about anything that they might face in the workplace.

The 1,350-acre course is also the home for MOUT. Which are military operations in urban terrain simulator. Here, people are trained to deal with elections protests to dealing with a threat on the streets of New York City. People have to prepare for anything that the enemies of the country can throw at them. In this simulator, people are paid to be townspeople, protestors and other members of society. The military has made it as real as possible.

The deputy assistant secretary for training, Wendy Bashnan, stated: “The world is becoming more unstable, with increasing terrorist attacks worldwide, growing instability in government and rising discontent in economically disadvantaged countries.” The idea is to make all the trainees confident that they can respond in the right manner if something were to happen. The training they receive might just be enough to save lives or even stop things from going too far.

The agents that are being trained will protect United States diplomats and citizens. These agents will put their lives on the line to save the lives of other people. The training that they receive is the least that their country can do for them. The dangerous Democrats and their failure to protect overseas diplomats have led to the need for this type of training. One report noted the need for this facility by stating “The critical need for a new, state-of-the-art facility was underscored by almost-simultaneous attacks on Aug. 7, 1998, at the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as in Dar es Salaam, the capital of neighboring Tanzania. In all, 224 people died and another 5,000 were wounded. Among those killed in Kenya were 12 U.S. citizens.” The right training and placement could have reduced these numbers dramatically.

Evanoff would also state that “New threats are constantly changing and we are constantly looking at the threat matrix. We feel that we can’t be stagnant. We have to be ahead of the curve.” Good training is only one way that people can be prepared for whatever their day may hold. Aligned with good intelligence the lives of people around the world can be saved if the United States military forces can know where the enemy is located and what they are doing.”


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