Strong Right Wing Voters Say Civil War Inevitable If Trump is Removed

Strong Right Wing Voters Say Civil War Inevitable If Trump is Removed

All across the country, small booths are being put up across the country selling Trump/ Pence 2020 merchandise.  Some of America’s finest restaurants are selling menu food items with the Trump campaign as the main course.  The entire country has exploded with new and great ideas to support our president.  As Democrats try to drown out all the praises, President Trump is receiving glory across the “Land of the Free.”  It’s the store owners and the sellers at the booths who are saying, “Don’t Tread on Me!”  Ask any one of these strong supporters, and they will all say the same thing.  They will fight for our president, just like the military fights for America.

These are the people we call “Patriots.”  They claim if President Trump is removed from office either by the impeachment, which is highly unlikely or if he is voted out in 2020, there is no doubt another civil war will start.  There is a lot more than what people think, and the numbers are significant.  It is also unlikely President Trump will lose this election because people are showing up by the masses to show support a year before the election is started.

Great American Pizza & Subs has on their menu the “M.A.G.A. Subs,” the “Liberty Bell Lasagna,” and “The Second Amendment Pizza.”  It comes fully “loaded” with sausage and pepperoni.  People are flocking to places like this to support the president and to support America.

Democrats and the media have played such a bad role when it comes to those who support President Donald Trump.  We have been called some of the worst names possible.  Do we care?  Nope!  We keep right on supporting him.  Democrats even try to claim President Trump is racist.  One guy, Guy Taiho Decker, had this to say, “They label us white nationalists or white supremacists.  There’s no such thing as a white supremacist, just like there’s no such thing as a unicorn.  We’re Patriots.”

Another Arizona resident took it a step further to explain Democrats to the world, “There is no difference between the democratic socialists and the National Socialists.  They are the heirs to Adolf Hitler.”  To some degree, this is true.  Looking at how Germany tried to take over the world and how Democrats are handling their business, their party is run the exact same way.

Liberals get confused when it comes to keeping our country safe and our culture intact.  The first thing out of their mouth is we are “racist.”  One Arizona resident stated, “I don’t have a problem with Muslims, but can they take the rag off their head out of respect for our country?”  These are people who are welcomed to believe how they choose, but the problem is, they want us to change our culture to suit them.  It doesn’t work that way.

If anyone wants to know what “a racist” is as a president needs to look at former President Obama.  That was “racist,” and he divided this country more than any other leader in history, not just president, but a leader!

Not everyone will support every single thing any president does, even those who actively support the president.  The people of Golden Valley, Arizona, who live in rural communities which claim Trump is the champion reclaiming our country from outside forces and those who are trying to do away with America’s values and morals from within.  Most in this city do not support the wall or travel bans, but they support everything else he stands for and has put forth into the economy.  They love his love for America.  No other president has come close, other than President Ronald Regan, to these standards.  Still, the people in Golden Valley and others see President Trump even greater than Regan.

Arizona is one of the battleground states, and many see this state of being the foundation, which is a crucial factor in winning the election.  It is not the biggest state, but it draws the support and fire needed to “get the ball rolling,” so to speak.  Laurence Schiff, a Republican campaign official and a psychiatrist in Mohave County, stated, “We like to call this the ‘Red Wall of Arizona.  Winning the state starts here, with us.”

With all we have witnessed in these last few years with the Democrats, no one could dream of the worst nightmare.  Everyone who follows Trump will say, “He fights for America, we fight for America.”


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