Denver Keeps Sanctuary Policy Even After Arrest Of Illegal Deported Six Times

Denver Keeps Sanctuary Policy Even After Arrest Of Illegal Deported Six Times

The city of Denver has crossed a line that should have never come. The city officials have decided that it would be best for them not to cooperate with ICE and illegal aliens. They have decided that they will not turn illegal criminals over to them, so they can be deported. The issues center around one man that has been deported six different times. This time the murderer was the cause of a hit-and-run accident that led to the death of a person. He fled the scene to hide again from the law.

Juan Sanchez is illegal that hit a pedestrian with his car and killed the person. The very fact that he fled the scene shows that he cares nothing for other people or their lives. He cared more for his hide than sticking around and getting help for the person that he ran over with his car. The nasty Democrats hate ICE and are moving to keep cities from cooperating with them. In a way, they are turning their backs on the legal citizens of the country and putting them in harm’s way. The Democrats care more about illegals than they do their own country.

The woman that was struck was simply running an errand when Sanchez mowed her down with his SUV. He just kept right on driving like the pedestrian was a bug to be killed. The woman was hit so hard that she was pronounced dead at the scene. The liberal and uncaring city officials care more for the illegal than one of their legal residents. They are going to refuse to turn him over to ICE to remove him from the country. All Sanchez has to do is make bail, and he is gone. He will disappear into the night and will never stand trial for the murder he just committed.

Sanchez is a convicted felon multiple times over as he has entered six dozen times the country illegally. The government of Colorado is under the control of the Democratic Party. They have turned the state into a hotbed of crime and illegal activity. They have left no room for rational discussion or common-sense law. They flat out hate the laws that President Trump has imposed and will not cooperate with ICE in any way. Denver is very hateful of ICE and wants nothing to do with the organization.

Jared Polis who is the governor of Colorado has signed a law that keeps law enforcement from arresting an illegal based on the information provided by ICE. Law enforcement cannot even provide information back to ICE as to where the suspect may be living or hiding. Police also have to read illegals their rights before they can be questioned by ICE. This is a sad day for the state of Colorado. The Democrats are destroying what many people have come to love about the Denver area. The demented Democrats are treating illegals like they have rights when none of the rights of the citizens apply to them because they are illegal.

The statement that officials have to adhere to reads as “Pursuant to the Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act when the Denver Sheriff Department receives a request for notification from ICE the inmate is advised of their rights upon receipt and prior to release. We fax Ice notification of release when the individual enters into the release process. It is the responsibility of ICE to take the individual into custody. We do not do any secure handoff and do not participate in the transfer unless an incident would occur that would threaten the safety of the community.” On their admission, they should hand Sanchez over to ICE because he is a danger to the safety of the people. But the Democrats believe they are above the law and do not have to obey their legislation.

One ICE official has stated that “Under federal law, ICE has the authority to lodge immigration detainers with law enforcement partners who have custody of individuals arrested on criminal charges and who ICE has probable cause to believe are removable aliens. The detainer form asks the other law enforcement agency to notify ICE in advance of release and to maintain custody of the alien for a brief period of time so that ICE can take custody of that person in a safe and secure setting upon release from that agency’s custody.”

As a result of Denver’s unwillingness to help one has noted that “When law enforcement agencies can’t honor ICE detainers, these individuals, who often have significant criminal histories, are released onto the street, presenting a potential public safety threat,” the spokesperson added.


109 thoughts on “Denver Keeps Sanctuary Policy Even After Arrest Of Illegal Deported Six Times

    1. This is apparently a bot account, because I’ve seen the exact, same sentence in many, many comment sections. If you are real, is this the only English words you know?

      1. Maybe the residents of Denver that love the illegals so much,should move out of their homes and give it to them!Give them your card and daughters too!

      2. The FAKE News Media use’s The A.P. and other places to get their Hoax stories. Saying that this is a BOT account is STUPID. As the Fake News has the A.P. would not a Truthful Alternate News Source also be supplied with other Sites for Truthful Alternate Site Stories?

    2. The only good illegal alien is a deceased illegal alien………Its up to the LEGAL CITIZENS now to aid this problem for ICE……….


          1. I understand many places in Texas have “rattlesnake round ups” Why not take those rattlesnakes captured and put them along our side of the border. My understanding is rattlesnakes hunt at night and that is when the “invasion of illegals” is the worst. By the way David, I’m not advocating killing them just making them wish for that. You can survive a rattlesnake bite!

        1. You’ve obviously never grown up to make such a silly statement. Far too many are deported and just return. Yes, we need to go back to 3 strikes you’re out…..and that goes for politicians too.

  1. Denver and all these other cities that accord illegals sanctuary are condoning and abetting criminality. period. The governing personnel of those counties/cities/states belong in jail. They are stealing money from the citizens to provide for the illegals.
    They are liable for two criminal acts.
    I assume these Aholes in Denver and other “sanctuary” areas are all DemoRATs looking to get more illegals to vote for them. That’s their third criminal act.
    They have to be put in jail, but instead they give felons the right to vote, give them all free shit and get them to vote for the Ahole Deomorats. Just stealing the citizens money.
    deBlasio is the biggest Ahole of the corrupt bunch.

    1. As a resident of a suburb of Denver, I don’t drive anywhere close to the city. Unfortunately, because of Hickenloper & Polis, the sports teams (Rockies/ Nuggets, etc) are suffering from falling attendance.

      1. Many years ago, I took my wife up to Denver to a well-advertised jewelry store to replace her engagement ring which had been stolen. It was a surprise, and all the way up I25 from the Springs she kept saying “Why we going to Denver? Anything we needing we can get in Springs!” (Excuse the imitation of her Japanese accent — BTW, she was right — it’s just that I’d already checked out the store.).

        For non-Coloradans, it’s about 65 miles between Denver and Colo. Springs. FWIW, I think if you could get an honest survey of Coloradans, you’d get results that weren’t pro Denver, except for some of those that live there. I really pity them.

    2. I live in San Francisco, the premier ‘sanctuary’ city in the sanctuary state of Commiefornia declared by ‘jerry the clown’ brown during his last and thank almighty God final term. How this no good thieving socialist bastard got three terms to screw the one time great state of California into the ground boggles the imagination. Surely his election as well as the election of his flunkee gavin’ giveaway the store and just about everything else ‘ newsom is voter fraud , pure and simple. After all there can’t be that many stupid clueless fools in California endorsing much less voting for all this socialist BS all while the place goes into the toilet and the taxpayers end up with SQUAT . newsom seems to be doing a fine job to keep up the destruction started by brown of this one time ‘golden state that’s now one huge rotting CRAP HOLE. On thing for sure if this bastard did this to anyone in my family, he’d get a nice friendly visit from cousins Sal and Frankie. They’d exchange a few niceties, rearrange his face and break his knees and make the bastard rue the day he F****D with my family. And they’d never find the body as it would be a clean and quiet job and save the taxpayers the costs of incarceration. We Italians don’t take this kind of disrespect lightly and we get justice, quickly. No use waiting around for some namby pamby liberal judge to give the guy a slap on the wrist and let him go free and do God knows what. My late Italian ‘nona’ grandmother used to have a saying : Basta cosi a questi piezzi de merde y morte a il bastardi per sempre. For those out there who don’t speak or understand Italian, it translates into English: Enough of these pieces of SHIT, death to the bastards for ever. Lastly awhile back, an illegal chinese driver in a large SUV ran through a red light going 90 miles per hour in downtown San Francisco and killed a neighbor crossing the street. The disgusting subhuman bastard didn’t stop but finally hit a telephone pole . Again, if the victim had been anyone in my family, the guy’d be dead if the accident didn’t do him in. This SHIT has been going on for years, why haven’t the officials allowing ‘sanctuary cities and states’ been arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for violating federal laws? Thinking minds want, need, and deserve to know why our tax dollars support this BULLSHIT.

    1. According to the Constitution (which the DEMS/RINOS never adhere to) those illegal aliens were supposed to be sent back to the country they came from the same day they arrived……….The CONSTITUTION also states that the people (legal citizens) are allowed to uphold that law………..All political figures that do not follow the CONSTITUTION can be extracted from office immediately………

    2. Great idea but it is your elected officials are the ones that are giving your money, food, lodging and medical services away to the damned illegals. Get a backbone and kick the politicians to the curb and close down the support of the illegals.

  2. to all the legal US citizens of America, is it legal to kill an illegal criminal outside the sanctuary city limit street? first, the illegal has no US Constitution protection. second illegal is not a registered citizen of the US. 3 illegal has fake ID to defend his existence in America 4 illegal can be shot on sight once he roams the street outside the sanctuary city limit. 5th and finally illegal has no standing within the US border. so if one kill any illegal, just throw away his ID since there should not be illegal person live within US border. where am I wrong on this illegal standing? if this illegal did kill one of your family members after let out by the Denver or any illegal sanctuary city, what is your option, kill or not to be killed by this same illegal again? even the Bible in the Old Testament set aside sanctuary 36 sanctuary cities for the innocent, not for the killer. once, either the innocence or the killer left the sanctuary city and the priest is still alive, he is dead meat. the avenger can hunt and kill him

    1. In the eyes of God it is not OK to kill anyone.
      I get your frustration but your solution is exactly what makes you look like the nut jobs the Libs have been trying to pin on us conservatives. Step back take a deep breath and think about what you are saying…there is a lot of space between the sanctuary city bs and just killing people for committing crimes.

        1. I have changed parties I am now Republican I am not for Sanctuary States or Cities There is much more crime now&I don’t feel safe in the US I want Trump to go after these Sanctuary States for breaking Federal law&Constitution Recall your Politicians that r making this happen people!!! Wake up people!!! I sure DID Trump 2020!!!

      1. Preserving the laws & lives of LEGAL CITIZENS & their families, it is supported by the STAND YOUR GROUND LAW……..Ridding the USA of killers, rapists, robbers, and drug dealers is not killing, but it is preserving the GREAT USA we used to have before they arrived.

      2. Although I don’t agree with some of what Domaho said, YOU, Ed, need to read your Bible again! God said in the 6th commandment, “thou shalt not MURDER”, which is far different than to kill. God said there are three instances where the killing of man has no bloodguilt — 1) War, 2) Judicial punishment, and 3) Self defense.

        Killing an illegal just because they are illegal is murder, but to kill ANYONE who poses a threat to you, your family, or to others is justified.

        1. Well said, Rattlerjake. One of the troubles with the KJ version of the Bible is the older English: the use of the word ‘kill’ definitely translates, in contemporary English, to ‘murder’

    2. They are an invasive species such as wild hogs & states are allowing there eradication without a permit !
      sounds like a good idea to me ! better yet, place a bounty on them, say $10.00 a head.?

  3. Every American already knows what is going on. We almost got invaded while we were all sleeping or getting stoned? Anyway, now that everyone is somewhat alert? We have noticed that “old faithful” the Old Defender of the Poor and minorities? Has been Hi-Jacked by a bunch of Serious Anti-Americans. …. That leaves us my friend with the Republican Party. … Hey, We really need to think real hard about the Democrat s … They have turned bad on us, …. We do have the POWER to Vote Them ALL O-U-T. … Or we will regret it. I know. ( I miss the old party too.) But, honey they are long gone.

    1. PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020, and save the USA from all the anti-Americans……….In the meantime…….STAND YOUR GROUND as it is the law………..

    2. You’re just plain STUPID! If we had the ability to vote the all out, it would have been done long ago. Leftists are in office and remain in office because there are voting districts that are majority democrap. There is ONE way to get rid of them and that is by the citizens of the state filing a class action suit against the state and the representative for violation of their oath of office, violations of the rights of the citizens, violation of the Constitution, etc.

  4. When crime rises and your ski slopes begin to melt with visitors, don’t worry you have those dead to remember as well as the missing visitors. You just cut your own throats, by not being one who wants everyone to be safe, you have a real problem!

      1. You know the cant. Too many Demonic party would make sure no to. Just hope the Republican cops and judges, dont help the city daddy’s and mommy’s when they need help. When the illegals kill or rape or steal, just call the mayor, city counsel, governor, congress and senators. See if they get any action. Here comes the civil war II.

  5. My organization was considering a convention in Denver’s. 4500 people were to attend. We are now removing Denver’s from the list. We do not accept this sanctuary city. Your loss denver. A lot of money for your city.

    1. Oracle did the same in San Francisco a couple of months ago. after having their annual convention in San Francisco for years that brings 6 million dollars to the city in revenue. Oracle”s reason, too many homeless tent camps, dangerous streets reeking like toilets with piss, SHIT garbage and discarded drug needles, too expensive and no longer worth it. It’s doubtful this’ll be a wake up call for the progressives, ultra liberals or just plain socialists destroying this one time beautiful city that sadly has lost its shine and charm. Oracle’s gong to Las Vegas in the future, they’re tired of dealing with all the BULLSHIT as above.. And the idiot mayor london breed blew it off saying they’re (city hall) is trying to solve the homeless situation..What a load of BULLSHIT, Is this fool and disgrace for a mayor living on Mars or under a rock?, Under breed, homelessness had doubled in her 15 months in office. This and the exploding illegal alien situation could have been solved years ago if the fools here who evidently like paying some of the highest costs of living only to live in what’s been called ‘the doo doo’ capital of the west cost had the balls to get rid of the progressive liberal socialist idiots running this former jewel of California into the ground.

  6. Wait until that city is leveled FLAT because of this decision and ALL other Left Wing Liberal decisions, and THEY (NOT us) are going to have to contend with these HORRIBLY BAD decisions. It’s about TIME to start KICKING out of office these INSANELY STUPID Left Wing politicians. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. It won’t be long till Denver is a shit hole like California . I say stop all state revenue from our government . Let them stew in the shit pot they made . Guess our country laws mean nothing . Is everyone above the law now ? Won’t be long befor the democrats turn our country in to a 3rd world country shit hole . Good job democrats

  8. this is why im running for governor in nevada in 2020 i hate politics but these cocksuckers here are trying to do the same thing this prick sicilack is making this a sanctuary city , if i win here i will make police deport all illegals a country without laws is like mexico where the cartels run it

  9. The time will come when the good citizens of Colorado will tire of CRIMINAL illegal immigrants, and start “taking care of business” themselves. This is going to happen all over the U.S if the DEMOCOMMUNISTS that are trying to replenish their depleted “plantation” with illegal voters continue to do so.
    People, YOU had better take a stand NOW, or expect YOUR state to be turned into a SH**HOLE like california, all for “cheap labor”, and illegal votes for DEMOCOMMUNISTS.

  10. It will tickle the crap out of me when these illegals start creating chaos in these dumber-than-chit cities and victimizing liberals big time. I feel a huge cackling laugh coming on.

  11. It will be Denver’s demise eventually. They will end up looking like Chicago or Los Angeles, overrun by illegals and transients who won’t care a damn for the city. Good luck Denver if you are THAT stupid. Hopefully Sanchez will decide to take a vacation to another state that is run by someone with a brain and they will get him for his deeds. These idiots are going to ruin the Country if they continue. These people dodging ICE aren’t immigrants who want to come here legally, they are criminals who are into nefarious deeds.

  12. Way past time to stop funding to all Sanctuary locations in The United States helping illegal invaders. Any official who allows an illegal invader to be let free needs to be arrested and made to serve the sentence for the crime the illegal committed that they let go free. The Democrats policies are getting Americans killed in every location they have enacted these illegal invader Sanctuary rules.

  13. All you have to do is look at what has happened to Europe, it’s a mess the government there cared more about the immigrants than the citizens and that’s what’s happening here to our country.

  14. Dear Denver: Call your old uncle Detroit and ask him how much time you have before reach the same destruction. YOU (THE VOTERS) have made the choice. It is one of the early signs of insanity. This street leads to this destruction. This other street does not. YOU, once again, have chosen the street to destruction. When it hits and some one asks you why you made that choice you will give the usual response ‘Well, the Republicans forced me to do it’.

  15. A sanctuary city is a city without law and order. Eventually the decision to allow sanctuary to criminals will be their downfall. The streets of Chicago and small upstate New York cities are filled with MS-13 criminals and gang members. Drug dealers from the Mexican cartels have crossed over into California, a sanctuary state, because they know they are safe and will not be prosecuted. From these sanctuary cites the run their deadly poison into the Midwest and southern states killing our kids, polluting our waters with drugs. No one state is safe anymore.America is on the edge because we are the last country standing for freedom.

  16. If you think the rich republicans that own large companies. Big business. Large industry don’t want illegals here your crazy. They need the larger work force and the cheep labor. Even trump had many illegals working for him unfortunately they are here to stay

  17. ICE is there for a reason, Denver who is going to pay for all the illegals, Homes ,food, schools. You in Denver can pay my share. I,am not paying my Taxes for you to waste. If they want to come here, do it the right way.

  18. Shut off ALL Federal Funding to any City or State that protects illegal aliens from ICE !
    Do not give them a penny ! All Politicians that promote a Sanctuary Policy should be arrested and put in Prison for no less than 10 years .

  19. Have to wonder what these loving Dems will want to do when an illegal felon, or other, will do when one of them rapes (or worse) one of their daughters or sons. I’m concerned that you will get what you ask for in the way of more lawlessness and filth on what used to be our fair city streets. We are told we’ll be fined if we don’ t remove snow on our sidewalks in front of our businesses and homes but what about the filthy trash, “camping”, etc on OUR sidewalks. C’mon, Denver. Wake up before it’s too late to do anything constructive.

  20. DemocRATS are a dictatorship…NO We may have to have the (3rd Revolutionary war ..Eliminate this stupid 2 party system…put all names in the hat, select the best qualified, now THE PARTY !

  21. It takes big time CRIMINALS to write legislation to protect criminals. Just look at Calif., Oregon and Washington State. Now the CROOKS in power in CO are doing the same thing. Send ALL OF THESE CROOKED POLITICIANS TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS GO AND DO NOT COLLECT $200.00……


  23. The family of the deceased should file one hell-of -law suite against the well as the law enforcement involved in the failure of them turning him over to ICE. I bet it would be a different story if the lady that was killed was kin to the Gov or the Sheriff or maybe the Chief of Police.

  24. Who needs Denver? Let it go no one cares. It is nothing but a drug infested hell hole and will always be the liberal down fall of drug country. Let them suffer. Denver was a perfect city in the 80’s.

  25. Once an illegal alien is released instead of being turned over to ICE, the District Attorney, the Attorney General, the Governor of the state, and any other officials who are involved should be charged as an accessory before the fact to any and all crimes that illegal alien later commits.

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