Iran Threatens to Attack 35 American Targets

Iran Threatens to Attack 35 American Targets

According to sources from a high-ranking Revolutionary Guard commander, Iran has 35 targets in their sights for attacking in retaliation for the death of their top General Qasem Soleimani. The commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Iranian General Gholamali Abuhamzeh, stated, “Most of the targets are U.S. warships in the region. The Israeli city of Tel Aviv is also a target for Iran’s revenge.” There is no doubt, these are dangerous times, and all warnings and threats are being taken seriously. Fox News and the Military Times have released the information on the targets most likely to be in the crosshairs.

Fox News reported, ‘ The Strait of Hormuz is a vital point for the West, and a large number of American destroyers and warships cross there,’ Abuhamzeh said according to a Reuters report, citing Tasnim news agency.”

“Vital American targets in the region have been identified by Iran since a long time ago… some 35 U.S. targets in the region, as well as Tel Aviv, are within our reach.”

“In addition to threatening the U.S. with a possible attack, Abuhamzeh’s remarks that the targets had been previously ‘identified by Iran’ seemed to confirm the State Department’s statement regarding the motivation behind the airstrike.”

The Strait of Hormuz is one of the best places to pick a spot for an attack, but Iran must not have put any thought into any of the targets they chose. America has minesweepers that graze the bottom of the Strait, exploding them before the ships pass through. Other support vessels will take care of any traps. Any airstrikes are highly unlikely as well since all Naval Ships are heavily armed and will down an Iranian jet immediately.

The Military Times wrote of other possible attacks. Here is a small clip from their thoughts on where the targets are:

“Iranian small boat threats, limpet mines and Tehran-backed forces armed with cruise and anti-ship killing missiles are just a few of the threats to the shipping channel in the Persian Gulf that supplies nearly one-fifth of the world’s global crude oil.”

“To bolster the security of US warships at sea operating in tight waterways around the Middle East, the U.S. conducted an exercise in December using Griffin missiles fired from the U.S. Cyclone-class ship Hurricane.”

“The exercise, which was conducted in the Arabian Gulf, showcased how U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships can counter small boat threats in the region. The Griffin missile, developed by Raytheon, is an air and ground-launched missile.”

“The Navy uses a version of the Griffin known as the Mk-60 Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System installed on cyclone class patrol coastal ships.”

Hezbollah is also another Iranian terrorist group to watch out for. They will be targeting American troops on the ground in different locations ranging from Syria, Iraq, and Israel. Since American soldiers have been stationed in the Middle East, small attacks have been active in these regions, and our troops are prepared and well aware of the threats. As compared to our great military, Hezbollah is a limited threat as their forces are no match to ours. They are mostly like mosquitos in the night and annoying.

One thing people who are siding with Iran like the Democrats and Iran’s allies need to wake up and realize is Iran is the one who defied the deal made when it came to having a nuclear program. They are building a nuclear weapon, not just furnishing the running of their plants. Iran’s top general, the so-called “shadow commander,” has taken out hundreds of American soldiers and wounded the coalition servicemen and women by the thousands. He is no saint and is guilty of those deaths and the deaths of many more he was planning to attack.

The State Department put out this statement, “The airstrike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans. General Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region. The United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world.”

We have every right to stop attacks from happening, and President Trump made the right call to put an end to the Iranian general. According to the Pentagon, “There are roughly 5,000 U.S. troops currently deployed to Iraq, and about 60,000 in the region. Some 14,000 have been added since May as the threat from Iran increased.” We are prepared, well equipped, locked, and loaded!


39 thoughts on “Iran Threatens to Attack 35 American Targets

  1. Iran kind of reminds me of the fox that starred in “the fox and the roadrunner” . The fox kept coming up with all of these ingenious methods to capture and destroy the roadrunner. What happened every time? Beep Beep
    Wise up Iran!!

  2. If the Iranians are stupid enough to begin blowing up are ships, or begin terrorist acts against American citizens, or attack Israel, we should strike back by blowing up their nuclear plants, their oil wells and production facilities and let the mullahs and the Revolutionary Guard feel the force of the mightiest military in the world.

  3. Sooner or later someone will have to deal with the Terrorist Regime in Iran. obam gave them over 100 Billion dollars and citizenship to over 2,500 people from a country that has been shouting ” Death To America ” for 40 years. Treason Much. What could possibly go wrong ? Well we now know Solemani was responsible for over 600 American deaths and thousands of people in the region, including Iranians. Biden backed the Pro Iranian person elected in Iraq instead of The Pro US person which gave Solemani more power and Iran more influence in Iraq.
    The obamanation administration was the most Anti-American corrupt administration in our history. Sad people are blind to the atrocities they caused in The United States and around the world. Vote all of these POS Anti-American Democrats out of office.

    1. Yes, all of them. Imagine how our country could flourish with them out of power. They do nothing but send out hate all over the country.


    1. If anyone but Trump and his crew said Iran had targets I, would believe the report. Trump should take the responsibility for the killing of 173 innocent people. He caused Iran to be on guard for further attacks. Iran would not intentionally kill their on people.

      1. That is simply BULLSHIT. Why was a Commercial Airline allowed to fly during that period. Why was the airport not shutdown? It was Iran’s stupidity that caused the destruction of the Commercial airliner and unnecessary death of 176 people.

  5. If Iran which really means “I ran away” sends any bombs into Israel I would expect them to have already said their final Prayers. Even though Israel is a small Country in size only they have the backing of the Best Military in the World and would be turned into a 4th World Glass Toilet Bowl. Iran shot up millions of $ of missiles and completely missed and some of them didn’t even explode which tells me it was just an appeasement show of force and their military crap is so old that they would be better off with Fly Swatters so they better keep the rhetoric to themselves and not be listening to John Kerry or the demoncraptic socialists like ms. pisslousy.

  6. President Trump did the correct thing in showing Iran the U.S. will take NO MORE SHIT from them when it comes to attacking Americans…
    If any additional attacks take place against the US… We should Level a number of their Military Sites.

    My family will be Voting for TRUMP IN 2020 and beyond “If Required”. Keep going President Trump”


    1. Obama never had the B—-s to do anything! BUT, had he wanted, Pelosi & Schumer, along the treasonous Fake News would be jumping all over to support and encourage him! It is sad that the Dem voters chose to put their country in danger rather than support Trump to put an end to the constant attempts by Iran and soon the encouraged Russia China who see the American dysfunction as an opportunity to escalate to the next level to knock the US down! Hate and socialism with idiots that can’t even tie their shoe laces, will be the US’s fall

    2. Agree100%
      Trump needs to level that place blow the whole lot of them up now not the time to back down. He must set an example of them for the entire world to see. And our supreme court needs to gather up the entire obama administration, the clintons,bidens, the so called squad along with every corrupt congress member and each should be charged with the most high form of felony treason to this country and the american people as well.our beloved soldiers should have a say in what their fate would be concidering they are the ones who have faught and sacrificed so much to keep the constitution and our freedoms and protect us all as these goverment idiots in congress and former president moreless spit on them with their yes blow everything up level it and then deal with all the corrupt anti american, race baiting,criminals here at home createing the strife and problems at home not doing their jobs we hired them to do.these idiots are just as bad if not worse than the terrorists. All I know is something must end and Democrats created all this mess for trump to have to clean up now complaining because he is takeing care of the problems.
      If we back down the whole world will think we weak All I can say is lay it to them trump don’t let up put God back in all this as we always did and he will see us through it right.

  7. This is to all Democrats and individuals of Hollywood who are screaming about the killing of a terrorist.

    Please show some class and have some faith in the good American men and women serving in our military. Why? Because even if you don’t support them, they are supporting you. They are intelligent and trained to deal with threats of which you have no clue. You are letting your Trump Derangement Syndrome get in the way of ANY thinking. To our military, I say Thank You for your support and Keep up the great work!

  8. iran is unaware of our capabilities, and what do they expect to do? This will be a 20 minute war!!!
    Our lasers alone can cause havoc on 60% of whatever they decide to get rid of, and the rest that they have will be running in the opposite direction.

    1. All these folks who are hollaring trump is to blaime need to realize obama and his administration gave these people our money he funded all of this by stealing off of us so these terrorists had the means to do this crap gave sanctions made back door deals corruption .let them take a good hard look at what they upheld and stood and cheered on.
      Praised the atheist, go both ways,anything goes abomination for scum that placed nothing good in anything he done. This is what comes from a corrupt goverment.
      Through and through they was in office so long they got use to siding with the enemies behind closed doors.everyone best wake up.and yes I do beleave when these fools make threats of targeting innocent americans
      Our soldiers will not play with them .just think about Omar laughing along with the rest of the foriegn members they probley truth be known leaking info out to these terrorists.
      They a danger to the american people as well.
      I just hope trump is smart enough to do this the right way we know he has a pair and he means buisness I do beleave u are right
      I think he will order that place to be leveled so they won’t be a threat to Israel or the united states but I don’t think he will sit back and tolerate the threats or cowar down as previous presidents did we just have to wait and see.

  9. What are these terrorists doing to retaliate? Targeting and shooting down a Ukrainian airliner full of Iranians and Canadians. Brilliant!
    I’m sure that fills the rest of the world with terror. I know I’m shakin’ in my boots!

    1. Unfortunately you never, in the past, had a situation of incompetent people having unlimited control to take down their country because they are hungry for power and Trump has been a savior this far!

  10. Sure hope & pray President Trump gets back in again! Will vote for him every time! You go Trump!! Show the world how great a president we have!!!

      1. Yes, because God help us all if they take office again, every seat in the democratic members need to be emptied out and refilled cause what they have caused and created over pure hate like toddlers pitching tempor tantrums cause they didn’t get their way.useing fear tactics to spread lies telling folks to commit crimes or break laws,litrally trying to remove our constitution and take our God given rights
        Going against God himself and persecuting conservative Christians.
        No this is the wickedest party yet right down to killing babies up to birth.
        You are right we all need to be praying the masses wake up and see the truth of what’s been truely going on so they can fix this before it is to late.
        It truely is scary times and I feel sorry for and worry about what world our children are going to have to live in once we are all gone.its ashame to say the least

  11. Anyone looking at this the way I am. The missile that shot down that Ukrainian plane was not an accident, it was a test and lives don’t matter to Iran. They testing the resolve of the Democrats and how much Iran can continue the charade they are using. The missiles fired at the US Army bases in Iraq weren’t guided by Iran to miss their potential targets to save lives. It was the newly Installed and Hi Tech anti missile defenses and were guided away from their intended targets by US Army operators. When have you ever heard of Muslim Terrorists trying to save lives and apologizing for errant killing??? Just now in the news I hear that Iran is threatening 35 American military targets and also Tel Aviv and other targets in Israel. That would be a big mistake as Tel Aviv has mentioned in the past, that it are backed against a wall in a conflict, they will load up their bombers with nuclear bombs and deliver them to the offenders. Iran will continue to push their objective hoping to gain more strength in America, make a few killing and say “oops” it was a mistake, and then Democrats will send them flowers!! Iran is still on a killing spree of vengeance for the death of their star murdering Terrorist.

  12. If All these Communists Democrats love Iran why don’t
    they all just move to Iran so they can get in bed together and have a good time with them all.
    It’s not all about the Democratic but the want to be Republicans Democrats is the problem.They say one thing any do the opposite so you can say thank You to
    Our President Mr:Donald J Trump for having a BACKBONE and the BALLS to the right way to Life for
    Great AMERICAN People and the 2nd AMENDMENT to
    keep and Bear Arms!!!!!!!
    Thank You. May God Bless America

  13. We have enough personel to monitor these sites and they have what is necessary to thwart or delay. This is more fear, than real. But Iran knows what the consequences will be, even if they do one. this is the price of freedom. Recalling our stupidity doesn’t help.

  14. I have read some interesting comments here, but the one from Carson Taylor said is ludicrous at best. He is forgetting that Iran targeted us first. They have been doing it for decades. The recent attack on our Embassy in Iraq is the latest and an attack on sovereign US soil. Earlier they had killed an American contractor. They also need to remember it was an Iranian who fired a Russian missile at a civilian aircraft, not Trump. Taylor also needs to face the fact appeasement gets you nowhere with these people and only emboldens them. The next act by Iran which causes us to respond will not be pretty for that regime.

  15. I don’t think that IRAN is SOOO stupid as to attack U.S. interests as targets. We could EASILY turn IRAN into ONE big parking lot by BOMBING them into the STONE AGE . . . and there is not ONE thing that they can do about it. They are SO cowardly by fighting PROXY wars rather that take the U.S. on DIRECTLY, because they are DEATHLY afraid of US. Apparently they have forgotten about their TERRORISTS and GENERALS that were BOMBED into the GROUND, their REMAINS being SCRAPED off the pavement before being sent by a nondescript box back home. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. Anyone in this country who is in any way a follower of the ways of liberalism should be shot. Our Founding Fathers would have already been hanging these terrorists of our country. Get rid of them all! Sorry relatives that are on that anti-country, anti-God trail, but you should be taken out of the US!

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