Boom Boom Pelosi

Boom Boom Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi really lives in her own little world. She believes that she has all the power of the world wrapped up in her little microphone. Instead of working with the president and hitting Iran for the murder of innocent lives. She is bent on trying to limit what he can do by way of military action. The very notion that Pelosi wants to limit military action brings her loyalty to the United States into question. The nasty Iranians attacked and killed a bunch of Americans and now she wants to protect them.

President Trump ordered the airstrike in retaliation to the attack in Iraq. Since that day Iran has launched rocket attacks against places where Americans are staying. They are trying to kill as many of them as possible. Iran has a long history of foul play. In 1979, there were 52 Americans held as captives by the Iranians. They were held without mercy for 444 days until Ronald Reagan became the president. The murderous Iranians hated Americans then, and they hate them even more today.

President is furious with Iran and wants to deal with them right this time. His plan of attack hits the Iranians where it counts the most. He went on to say about the problem that “They’re allowed to kill our people. They’re allowed to torture and maim our people. They’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people, and we’re not allowed to touch their cultural sites? It doesn’t work that way.” When Iran attacks people they do not care what they destroy or who they kill. To send a message to Iran they must leave America alone or face the consequences. The only thing Iran will respond to is defeat. They will stubbornly continue to kill people as long as they feel they have the power to do so. Their power must be taken away.

Pitiful Pelosi also wrote that “This week, the House will introduce and vote on a War Powers Resolution to limit the President’s military actions regarding Iran. It reasserts Congress’s long-established oversight responsibilities by mandating that if no further Congressional action is taken, the Administration’s military hostilities with regard to Iran cease within 30 days.”

The opposition that is coming at the hands of the Democrats goes all the way back to their hatred of President Trump. Iran could be marching on The White House lawn, and they still would not be in favor of military action against them. Simply because it is President Trump that is leading the charge. The Democrats hate America and all the conservative values that define the nation as a whole.

Pelosi had a wakeup call when the Senate Judiciary Chair, Lindsey Graham, stated that “To my Democratic colleagues: 40 years of Iranian aggression needs to be dealt with forcefully.” All of a sudden a few of the Democrats are telling Pelosi that they have had enough of her nonsense. He went on to show her that the weak response of the Democratic Party only fuels Iran’s motives and hatred for the west. He went on to say that “I will oppose any War Powers resolution pushed by @SpeakerPelosi so as to allow this President to have the latitude he needs as Commander in Chief.”

Nancy Pelosi needs to wake up and see the writing on the wall. At some point, there needs to be cooperation in Washington. Iran is killing Americans and seeks to wipe out Israel. There is only one president and that is Donald Trump. Pushy Pelosi needs to stop acting like she is the president. No matter what she feels or thinks about the president should not stop her from supporting him in times of war. Her freedoms are just as much on the line as that of everyone else’s. There is nothing that she can do to stop the president from doing his job. He has been doing his job a lot longer than the Democrats in the House have been. All they have done is sit on their hands and watch time flying by.


319 thoughts on “Boom Boom Pelosi

    1. Two people were talking, one said, Pelosi is stupid, the other said Pelosi was crazy. they couldn’t agree who was right so they they studied the meaning of both words and determined that That Pelosi was not only stupid, but was also crazy. So, there you have it folks, Nancy Pelosi is both crazy and stupid and of all things she is also a Democrat.

    2. As a native Californian and living in San Francisco for many years, who keeps electing this no good for anything much less America and the American people waste of air, DNA and downright POS that over the years has done SQUAT for America other than enrich herself to the tune of over 200 million dollars?. That’s right folks, she’s worth over 200 million dollars. This thief, liar, public leech and destroyer of San Francisco, her congressional district, recently earned the moniker the ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA and has become one open air toilet and the west coast’s version of the third world.. There can’t be that many stupid, clueless morons here who keep voting for this POS. After all who votes for higher and higher taxes all while the place hits the toilet and the residents get SQUAT? This along with the rigged election of nephew gavin ‘giveaway the store and just about everything else’ newsom as governor’s evidence of out and out voter fraud. Inquiring minds want, need and deserve to know why this BULLS**T continues. Are the people in California clueless masochistic morons who like paying some of the highest costs of living only to end up living in a huge CRAP HOLE or are they just plain stupid and ‘been smokin’ the wrong kind of weed or brain dead morons? Difficult to figure out.

  1. Pelosi does not belong in the government. She has lost her ability to lead the House due to her age and mental state of mind.

  2. I think PELOOSI has DEMENTIA where she is in HER MAKE UP WORLD wher SHE is in FULL CONTROL and everything is ROSEY in US and the WORLD. Worst part she is in that WORLD ALL DAY EVERY DAY and we do not need that from her or her FANTASY FRIENDS like SHIFTLESS, WATERS, SCHUMMER, NADLER, SWALLWELL and all of the other MERRY DEMWITTS. Time we cleaned HOUSE IN 2020 and WIPE THESE OLD FARTS OUT!

  3. I believe it was John Kerry who recently said that the Iranians are a proud country and people with history that goes back 5,000 years. What he neglected to say was they have been at war with someone the majority of this time. War is part of their life and heritage. No matter what is done they will remain at war until the ability to wage war is taken from them.

  4. Actions speak louder than words. Pelosi has shown want a narcissistic individual she actually is. She wants to be informed of events the President is making so she can disapprove his actions; yet when a call from the White House comes in, she arrogantly says “tell them I’ll call them back”. As if she is the supreme leader of this country. Send her back to her crap filled city. She is a disruptive anti-constitutional snobbish elitist,

  5. i think more is going to come out about the Iran deal, I saw a site late last night, an Iranian said they are going to release a list of all of the people that took bribes in that deal. The Dems are so involved, all they have been doing is trying to cover their own a$$es. They want control of everyone and thing. They want to be the only rich people and to have all of the power over what we have, say and think. COMMUNISM!
    People you need to wake up.

    1. I can’t help but wonder how much of that cash really got on the plane for Iran. All that cash was too tempting for some of the Democrats I have heard about.

  6. Pelosi needs a stronger missile up her as… and every Democratic in the Congress and Senate. To free this Country of tyranny. This doesn’t another revolution or civil war or depression. The Democrats have a page from Cuba where doctors make $30 a month, is what you want?

  7. The dems, and Pelosi are after only one thing, get Trump out and then Pence. She would then be president
    How dare that witch think she could over rule the president of the United States? She is just a power hungry whore who needs to be put in her place. Senator Graham has said it best. She needs to be gagged and stuffed in a closet somewhere until the upcoming elecltions when she will be put away for good. How long will we put up with her arrogance? Why doesn’t someone within her own party step us as they can see what she is doing to this country?
    I for one am a combat Vietnam Vet. I have gone to war for my country and can’t stand what she is doing to it. I will personally pack her bags and send her back to Frisco so she can live in the filth and homeless who she supposedly represents.
    “WE THE PEOPLE” need to stand up to these idiots and boot them the hell out of D.C. Career politicians are the root of the problem, they have no idea of the reality of life that we live. GIVE THEM THE BOOT IN

    1. You are exactly right. The American people need to stand up to her and her band of stupidity followers. She think she has the ultimate power over everyone. She’s a snotty, uppity, vulgar person that looks down her nose at everyone. You can’t get a straight answer for any questioning anyone does with here. I tell you what Nancy you aren’t the king tut you think your power has went to your head. Your the one who isn’t above the law and thank god your not President because we would all be in a disaster. You need to do what the advisors told Hilldabeast go home close the door sit down and shut the hell up. You have destroyed you and your parties credibility with all your bs and lies. Your power trip just put it over the top. Democrats look so stupid right now because of you. Just because you want to whine because no one tells you anything there’s a reason why fool and you already know what it is. You are so fake Nancy.

  8. All pelosi & the rest of these liberals do is to live to think up how they can be even more of a criminal scumbag tomorrow ! They ALL need to be in GITMO awaiting fulfillment of years of high treason maximum sentences .

  9. I left one msg and maybe that was the “BOOM BOOM” addressed here, no big deal. She is on verge of taking any of what ever she has done good in the past and drop it with her “IDOL” “OBAMA”. They are both on the “No Legacy left list”, what most call File 13. We are American’s or we are not American’s. Those who are worked as our “President” is doing to keep us “American’s”. When you don’t you are a traitor and don’t deserve to be any thing but what the Alligators in the swamp eat! “S—” & the gators even throw up on even the thought we have to keep feed them that Crap! Won’t be long and they will be gone. KAG

  10. I think it is time someone put this lady in her place and remind her that she is not the president nor is she some kind of divine powerfull entity that dominates this nation,she is acting like she is the drop of water in a desert, obviously she is totally outhercorruptedmindand think that everyone in goverment has to go as she imposes her will, its time to wake her up and hopefully send her back to her district full of feces and drug infected streets after all she hasnt, and is not doing anything for her constituents while in congress all she is doing playing god. Vote her out of congress for good.

  11. In her twisted, drunk mind, Pelosi IS the president. She’s already said she has the same power as the president. And she’s running scared of the “Squad” who are waiting in the wings to get rid of her.

  12. Can somebody tell me who these people in the Government are suppose to be working for.
    Democrat or Republican remember your pay check and benefits are coming from the voters.
    Foreign Aid will no longer be available to line your families pockets.

  13. Pelosi thinks that SHE is the Pres. & not Trump. Just where did this power come from? She’s got a lot of reps. in D.C. because Ca. is such a big state, but they know nothing about running their own state! Look @ it ! Filthy cities, homelessness, drug addiction disgusting streets with feces & rats & electric cut off whenever the winds get high. They are taxed to the max & get nothing in return! Too boot her nephew-in-law Gavin Newsome, the GOV.!! He’s married to Nancy’s niece. Did anybody know that Nancy’s son Paul Jr. is also involved in Ukraine oil? That Nancy did a video for the oil co.? How come NOBODY knows about this stuff???

  14. On our money we have imprinted “God Bless America”, I think it is now time to change that while Pelosi and her crew of the
    far left liberals, ‘the Obama far left-overs’, to “God Help America”. . .

  15. Pelosi, the Dems and the Fake News know that they have no credible candidates and that Trump will be re-elected so their response is attack on everything! They have wasted tones of money on their baseless and phony Russia and now Ukraine accusations, having done ZIPO for the American citizen who pays their salaries and will vote accordingly!

  16. Boom Boom Pelosi and accomplish Schumer should be tried for treason for colluding with the Ayatollah against the president!!

  17. I’m SURE coffee is served in the PRISON “Chow Line”. . . she needs to go there for SEDITION and TREASON, with the REST of the TRAITORS. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. We shouldn’t have to wait for an election, we should be able to get rid of these people that were voted in and are out to destroy America. There are several that need to go ASAP and they are Pelosi, Shummer, Schiff and several more. There should be a way of signing a petition and remove those that you have voted in that are openly destroying the American People. They do not have the right to destroy us and make decisions on our lives. They all need to resign before the people take things into our lives and destroy them. The people can not be so stupid to believe all this crap that these Democrats are dishing out. Stand strong people and use your brains, don’t be persuaded.

  19. One thing we can say about “M F Pelosi” she has led her party to destruction, Come Election, she and her sisters that control her and all the GD ones that you know, and we know you know, are taking away everything America ever was. We are not going to let it happen or you think the Civil War has issues wait till you get the Reconstruction adjusted. One thing some will never walk alone, if do won’t be very long before they are escorted to the SUPPER!

  20. Every now & then I check on this site to see how low everything goes !! PATHETIC
    You call yourselves Americans – Patriots, but you can’t see the forest for the trees.
    You sound like you are ALL paid Russians to post this crap and amplify the GREAT DIVIDE
    that trump is tying to do. I wish you could see the wool that he is pulling over you eyes.
    If you think he is fighting for you – think again. All he cares about is himself (and Putin).
    The OLD Republicans would NEVER let this con man get this far ….. for the country’s sake PLEASE take a cold hard look at how evil this man (and his puppets) is/are .

  21. I’m a Canadian and can’t believe the how corrupt the Democrats are
    You have great President who loves his country and citizens who only goal is to clean up the corruption in the government
    And half the country hate him so much they want to destroy the country
    Pelosi, Schiff,Schumer and Nadler are the most unethical and corrupt people in USA politics
    If their mouth are moving their telling lies
    It’s seems the Democrats want open borders and no family values and decay of morality
    I use to love California it was the most beautiful place in the world and now it a lawless dirty place with rampant drug use and homeless people
    They have disease that were extinct making a come back
    With out borders and controlled immigration you have no country
    With out laws being enforced you have no society
    You should hold Soros and his Democrats accountable and get back on track as a country
    President Trump is the best thing to happen in politics in many years he is a true world leader and has earned the respect of many people
    God bless the President and his family

  22. Pelosi has never really ventured far from her Pacific Hts. mansion so she needn’t speak for the rest of us as she knows not of what she speaks.

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