PETA Condemns AOC for Purebred Puppy

PETA Condemns AOC for Purebred Puppy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to promote herself as one of the best people to save the country. She’s always looking to improve things and she is extremely aware of the issues hitting the country, right? Well, her purebred French Bulldog would prove that she’s not aware that adoption is the best choice when it comes to being a dog owner.

PETA has recently slammed the Democratic Representative for choosing a purebred instead of going down to an adoption center.

Usually, PETA chooses to go after people for the most inane reasons and will shame them publicly. This time, though, it looks like they have good reason to do so. With someone like AOC who has quite a following, she’s considered a leader. What she does will impact a number of people, God help us all.

If she’s going to post pictures with her new, purebred dog, people will take notice. Perhaps they, too, will want a purebred dog.

That’s where PETA comes in to condemn the practice of buying a purebred when there are so many shelter dogs that need to be adopted.

After AOC tweeted about her new dog, PETA jumped on it, identifying that there are millions of dogs “homeless in shelter cages” that are waiting for homes. They addressed a tweet to her to say that she’s a “role model for how to live with kindness” so her new dog concerns them. They asked whether she really chose a purebred puppy as opposed to choosing one of the millions of animals in a shelter that is so desperate for a home. They also requested that she asked her followers to adopt as opposed to buying dogs.

The activist group decided to give Congresswoman a little bit of a break, sending out a tweet to say that “as a person who fights for justice” they doubt she realized the implications that were involved when she bought her French bulldog.

Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA, however, said that she contributed to the problem inadvertently instead of setting a compassionate and responsible example to the homeless animal crisis.

PETA is jumping to a conclusion, too. They’re making the assumption that AOC got her dog from a breeder as opposed to a rescue group. They do not know for certain how the Congresswoman came to obtain the dog. Further, AOC has not responded to PETA or any news outlets to confirm the breed of the puppy or its origins.

It’s nice to see PETA going after someone with such a high opinion of themselves for once. Usually, they go on self-righteous campaigns to destroy restaurants that serve meat or attack celebrities choosing to wear fur. PETA even shamed the late Steve Irwin on his birthday recently.

With AOC having the significant following that she does, it could cause a problem with the animal homeless crisis – and that’s where PETA is truly concerned. Although they gave her an out to say that she’s fighting for justice, the reality is that most people know that adopting is the better option due to so many animals being homeless. Perhaps AOC simply didn’t care. After all, most Democrats continue to prove that they believe that they are above the law. She may have thought that she would get a free pass just because she is the outspoken Representative that she is. PETA gave her an out, but their condemning tone was still present. They’re not happy, and their letter has requested her to basically apologize and ask her followers to not follow in her footsteps of buying a dog from a breeder.

AOC better hope that her little dog doesn’t let out any methane gas when it farts, either. That certainly won’t align very well with her New Green Deal that she holds so near and dear to her heart.

It’s likely that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already read the letter and the tweet sent from PETA. She spends so much time on Twitter, so it’s bound to have been seen. The fact that she bought the dog instead of adopting it is out there – and she can’t possibly have a good way to respond. She could choose to lie about the breed. She could choose to lie about how she got the dog. However, those lies would only catch up to her, so she’s staying silent because she knows what she did is wrong and worthy of PETA condemning her.



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