If There Was Any Doubt AOC was Rogue Before There Isn’t Now!

If There Was Any Doubt AOC was Rogue Before There Isn’t Now!

The far too often discussed and headline-grabbing Alexandria Oscario-Cortez, yes the socialist shouting face of the Democrat’s “Squad” is now striking out at her own party. Who that is, however, may be open to interpretation. That can also be taken figuratively and perhaps literally, as one recent story reported.

The literal part of that equation the story shared, is attached to the “… $250,000 fee that’s associated with being a member of the Democratic Party.” Now, guess who said they aren’t going to pay that fee? Of course, AOC has a valid answer for her refusal to pay, and who would have expected anything less from the rogue Rep. (D -NY)?

Her excuse and reasoning? According to our aforementioned story, “The party won’t support… progressive candidates who challenge incumbents, like Ocasio-Cortez herself.” And since her own party won’t support her and her progressive left-leaning agendas, she won’t support them either! Sure – that makes sense.

Imagine a Republican party member not paying membership fees because the Party wouldn’t cater to them. How dare the Party not bend their ideas and everything they represent around my ideas and thinking! Sure, for an absolute narcissistic mindset, that makes perfect sense.

There is a voice though, now rising above the crazy-making ways of AOC and her constant bashing of – well, everything. That voice, as the story also went on to report, belongs to Scherie Murray. She is the Republican candidate opposing Cortez in the upcoming election and she seems to have a pretty good handle on what is really going on, at least with AOC and her seemingly socialist-heavy agenda and rogue thinking.

Our story stated that Murray “believes this is a prime example that proves AOC is in politics for herself,” regarding her refusal to pay her party’s membership and affiliation fees. She went on to say that “Democrats are frustrated with her,” and that “…this is just another example of AOC trying to deliver socialism to America and she’s trying to recruit radicals to do so. I do think it’s a shame she doesn’t want to support her own party and be a team player.”

That sounds rather accurate, doesn’t it? Does this mean that AOC can or will no longer run as or be labeled a Democrat? Would this make her an independent? If she isn’t in office, does anyone care either way? It has been said before and it could be said again now, that the writing is on the wall for Alexandria Oscario-Cortez.

Whether or not that happens sooner than later will depend on the next election, but it seems inevitable doesn’t it? There are many places and areas where people can be successful as lone wolves, but the political arena isn’t one of those places.

It seems to appear to most, at this point in her political career, that she is about to cut ties with nearly everything and everyone who she could have relied on for support. Some of us still aren’t sure how she rose to the heights Congress, to begin with, but it doesn’t seem likely that she will maintain that altitude.

The decision not to pay the DCCC dues has gone without notice or backlash from her¬†fellow¬†Democrats either. While some who threw out words like “deadbeat” remained anonymous, other Democrats such as Rep. Gregory Myers (D-NY) joined in a common chorus of failing to support team and unity.

Yes, it looks like the saga of AOC is finally coming to its final chapters, and it was a story that made us laugh and cry, but who will be really that sad to say goodbye? We had our suspicions all along, that this new face and mouthpiece of the infamous “Squad” was a wildcard, a rogue with her own plans. Now, it is official, and soon it will be an island of one for AOC.

Of course, if she is a lone wolf and a rogue soul out for her own good, then maybe that is exactly what she wants after all? The good news is, once she’s out, she will have fewer sheep to lead astray! And the government will have one less loose part to worry about too.


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