Why? The Nosy Democrats Demand to See the Cost of Protecting Trump

Why? The Nosy Democrats Demand to See the Cost of Protecting Trump

The Democrats are the noisiest group in Washington. They just think that they have to know what everyone is doing at all times. But when it comes time to check up on them, they certainly raise a fuss about privacy. For President Trump, it has been a never-ending attempt to keep him under the microscope. They just want to see and hear everything that he is doing. The insane addiction that they have is what is fueling every investigation and action that they have taken against him.

The latest attempt of control comes by way of a request that they have passed along to the Secret Service. They want to know what it costs to protect the president and his family. And just not any incident. They want to know what it cost while they travel. The demanding Democrats have put a price limit on what it takes to protect the president. But of course, if the president was a Democrat, then there would have been no request made or limit put on protecting one of their own.

Their intent is to try and limit him any way that they can. Bernie Thompson is the Democrat that sits as the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. He is the one that sent out the request to the Secret Service demanding such information. The investigation goes back to 2017. They want to know what has been spent on his travels since that time.

The reason that he gives is so pathetic. It is just a cover for a more sinister act of evil against the president. Thompson’s ridiculous request was because as he said, “In order to assess the agency’s forthcoming Fiscal Year 2021 budget request, I am seeking information on the expenses your office has incurred to support the travel of President Trump and his family throughout his time in office.”

The entire issue is coming down to which group should control Washington. Which should not be the issue at all. President Trump has the right focus. The executive branch and the legislature should be working together. But when the Democrats hate the president so much they are not even willing to work with him. They would rather investigate him for brushing his teeth.

In response, the Republicans are looking to place the Secret Service back under the Treasury Department where it belongs. It was removed and established as its own organization after the September 11th attacks on America. But before that can happen the Democrats want the records. For some weird reason, they think that they will have better access to the records. At least under the Treasury Department, the records would be safer than where they are now.

There is not a price that can be put on a person’s life. It does not matter if they are liked or not. The Democrats are at such a place now that they would rather no longer see the president than have to deal with him. They are very much like the Pharisees that hated Jesus to the point that they wanted Him dead.

Some numbers that have been released are said to be that the “Secret Service spent $1.6 million on four trips Trump took to his Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, Florida, in his first two months in office. It spent $390,000 protecting his family during three vacations abroad in January and February 2017.” With a budget in the trillions, it is hard to imagine a few hundred thousand dollars should matter that much. Surely there are other things that the nasty Democrats could investigate.

Tiring Thompson stated that “Although GAO has provided analysis on this topic, its review was focused on a select number of individual trips. The large number of protectees in the Trump family and their frequency of travel has already strained the Secret Service’s budget, making it important that this Committee fully understand the resources required of the Secret Service to protect the First Family.” The Secret Service needs a budget that is more than enough to protect the president and his family.


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    1. Absolutely post how much the treasonous Obama’s are costing us…as well as the Clinton’s and Bushes, and Jimmy Carter. Are they ALL still getting secret service protection? END IT ! Once they are voted out of office, cancel all perks. They are all rich in their own right….Clinton’s and Obama’s were paupers until they got
      involved in politics and became filthy rich by whatever means. President Trump donates his salary and the rest
      of the Trump’s work for free.

      1. Let’s include the cost of protecting the Speaker of the House and all the other so-called “leaders” in both parties. Surely, those that are squawking about the cost of protecting the President and his family, are the ones that need to be investigated for their high crimes and misdemeanors. Enough with this bullsh_t in-house fighting. Either work TOGETHER for the American citizens, or, get the Hell out of the business of governing.

        1. Thank you Dave H. I think everyone is sick of the Dems crap. They haven’t done anything since President Trump took office but bitch! They worry about the money on his security how about how much we spend on Pelosi’s alcohol. I read once and it was a lot of money. They all need to pay for their own alcohol. What about us having to pay for a second plane for the Obama’s to take their dog to New England on vacation, they never mention that and all of their trips to Hawaii for Christmas.

      2. Yes. Remember all the times that Obama and his wife travelled to the same destination on separate planes like they were some royal family that had to preserve the lineage. Also all the times Michelle went on vacay to exotic places without her husband but dragged her mother, her friends, etc all on the taxpayers dime.

      3. Yes they are still stealing from the Taxpayers, we need to demand that once they leave office they get NO MORE healthcare bodyguards. Security clearance closed, and we pay No more vacations, trips of any kind, they also need a lower retirement they all make to much writing books, and make it the same for congress senate

      4. So true! Stop paying these vile, American haters; they have stolen enough from the American taxpayers already! Look at the unnecessary war that that a–hole George W. Bush got us involved years ago with lies! There were no weapons of mass destruction; that b–tard just hated the leader of that Middle Eastern country! That war has cost the American taxpayers hundred of millions of dollars and will for years to come, and look at the American citizens who have lost their lives! That stupid man sits in his huge homes in Dallas and Crawford, Texas, and does not give any of this a second thought with his stupid self. And we continue to pay him a salary plus 70% of his insurance. This must stop! Let the wealthy a–holes pay their own way, and stop this security BS immediately! This country would be better off if they were all gone! The Carter’s, the Clinton’s, The Bush’s, and The Obama’s; let them pay their own security. They are costing the American taxpayers too much! As you can tell, I am not a fan of any of these vile low life thugs!

        1. No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Tell that to the 150,000 + Kurds, gassed in their own cities….every man, woman, & child….that lived in these small hamlets, all over Northern Iraq…..” gassed, by ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”….{ DUH! LIBRETARDS, CHOOSE TO IGNORE THESE FACTS: The United Nations, delivered over 100 “CEASE & DESIST”, orders to Saddam…..Saddam, & his murderous military, invaded ‘2″ sovereign countries…..Murdered, raped, & pillaged across the Middle East! Bush “DID” give Saddam, 6 months to hide these “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, THAT LIBRETARDS EVERYWHERE ‘TESTIFIED”, DID EXIST! So, when these Libretards, “Claim”, they DIDN”T……{ They are just being ignorant robotic dumbasses, that the whole *Demoncrat party consists of}……These *Demoncrats, are just too stupid, & self-indulged, to realize Truth for what it is! reality! *Demoncrat stupidity, is why Trump was elected, & will be in 2020!

    2. Yes agree once they leave office Taxpayers owe Nothing and that includes vacations any kind of travel, housing, or retirement, they go out and write books make their own money and pay for their own living expenses, everything is changed so they are no threat, and their security clearance need shut down. That goes even for congress senate and any government employees security clearance need closed,

    3. What about the cost of protecting the Obamas on their yearly Christmas boondoggles to Hawaii? Or the trip when Michelle took friends and family o. Safari or to England? The Democrats have “gone too far” with their hypocrisy and their blind hatred of President Trump and I for one am sick and tired of their despicable treatment and unfairness and constant lying about him and his motives. You subjected Americans to eight years of the unametican policies of Obama and his divisive actions and policies – he was the ultimate Manchurian Candidate trying to bring America to its knees and now you want to void my vote for the most patriotic president this country has ever seen who actually follows his oath of office to serve and protect the American citizens and is proud (and doesn’t apologize for) the country he so obviously loves. Democrats are pandering to illegals because giving them special treatment will make them beholden to them and supply them with future voters. Shame on all of you.

    4. Obama’s 2018 expenses will cost US taxpayers $1.1M: memo
      Published September 01, 2017
      Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the Palais de Congres in Montreal, Canada, June 6, 2017.
      Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the Palais de Congres in Montreal, Canada, June 6, 2017. (Reuters)
      Former President Barack Obama will cost taxpayers $1,153,000 next year, according to a Congressional Research Service memo.
      That amount will make Obama’s expenses the highest of the five living ex-presidents, the Washington Times reported.
      The Former Presidents Act, which became law in 1958, provides former White House occupants with lifetime benefits after leaving office. Each ex-president receives a base pension of $205,700 annually, but the budget requests they submit to Congress may also address additional expenses, such as for staff salaries, office allowances, travel and Secret Service protection.
      Obama’s $1,153,00 budget request for 2018 is nearly $100,000 more than that of former President George W. Bush, and around $200,000 higher than for former President Bill Clinton.
      Former President George H.W. Bush has requested $942,000, while former President Jimmy Carter comes in at $456,000, the Times reported.
      A large portion of the former presidents’ budgets go toward leasing office space, such as the $536,000 cost for Obama’s office in Washington, $518,000 for Clinton’s setup in New York City, and $497,000 for Bush 43’s office in Dallas.
      Bush 41’s space is much cheaper, located in Houston and costing $286,000, while Carter’s space in Atlanta is a relative bargain at only $115,000, the Times reported.


      1. Yep, and he is doing nothing more that projecting all of the characteristics that leftists are noted for, onto Trump, as all good little leftists do.

        1. Talk about redneck. Your very limited vocabulary and true ignorance of the disgusting actions of Putin and Hitler and the KGB and KKK put your comments in the trash with you where they belong. In other words you wouldn’t know a true patriot if one bit you in the ankle.

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    4. It is not surprising to see you doing nothing but sprouting out your hate for a man who, unlike your Communist, Nazi Democrats, is looking out for AMERICA. Quite frankly, I am more worried about your ugly, lying Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. How much of our money are they wasting taking vacations in other countries? How much of our money does Nancy Pelosi waste traveling to California every weekend? How much of our money is wasted on the lying Hillary Clinton, who was willing to ALLOW innocent Americans to die in BENGHAZI? And how about our money being wasted on the biggest Traitors in AMERICAN history, the LYING, HATE-FILLED, racists the Obamas. Michelle still sprouting out her hate while they build their five million dollars home among the Whites they despise and those Whites are too stupid to know they are being used. You liberals are the lowest class and stupidest people in the world.

      1. Betty Jay. Nancy Pelosi’s “bar tab” on just ONE of her flights, was over 150K!!!
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      2. They only want to know how many security details, are with them. Dems know full well, Trump will win the election.
        My guess is there is somebody going to be planning an assassination attempt sometime in the near future, and that it’ll be made to look like, a terrorist revenge.
        These people are freaking corrupt it’s sickening!

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    9. Say DUMB IGNORTANT ASSHOLE, how much do we tax payers spend to protect the USELESS Obama, the WORST president in the HISTORY of The United States. He is a multi-millionaire now he can afford to pay his own protection. If he can afford to own thre (3) multimillion dollar homes he can pay to protect his own useless ass!


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    16. Trump is trying to help the American people. The Democrat all they have done in the last 3 year has try to destroy and ruin the american people. They don’t care about the people as long as they have all the power. All they want is to control the people and tell you how you are to live your life and what you can do. That is what communist and that is what the Democrat are all about. TRUMP for 2020

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  2. IF communist democrats are so worried about the money spent for protecting the current President, we should perhaps look at canceling any and ALL Secret Service Protection for past Presidents and their families. Obviously if they are not in the White House anymore they don’t need the Secret Service. If they are doing things that they feel they NEED a guard for I’m sure they could find a private service that would provide them with security and they can pay for it out of their own pockets.

  3. What about the money to protect Obama and his family?! Not to mention the lavish vacations! Some of the vacations they took cost insane amounts of money! With Trump, his estate is his own, paid for by him, and he’s not taking or keeping the salary! It’s clear that they want to detract from what Obama cost taxpayers, and how much he truly cost us, besides his apology tours, apologizing to everyone about the U.S.. Obama was a traitor. Got the freakn nobel peace prize for what? Inspiring hope and change that never came? He was too busy bowing to other leaders, and sending piles of cash to known terrorists!! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  4. It’s amazing what the dems do. Before they look at the president and the secret service they should look at all of Pelosi’s booze filled jaunts and what that costs the taxpayer. I think the president needs more secret service people to keep Pelosi et al away from him.

  5. Again…he has nothing to hide..show them anything they want,.. But also ask the same for every Democrat that took a plane anywhere…or parties…or dining…or clothing…or even those stupid pens Pelosi passed out…bet we the public taxpayers paid for those also…and all the alcohol they consume…guess who’s paying for that…they are pathetic…November just can’t come soon enough…but then again, I’m enjoying watching them dig themselves deeper in shit…what a show…it took TRUMP to bring out the true meaning of democrats that we never would have known just how sick they are.


    1. Agree, and cut Congressional perks as well. Let them live like everyday Citizens. I’ll bet you don’t get as many fight for the fat cats job. They might be dedicated, however.
      God Bless and protect America.
      Richard Lewis

  7. I am all for taking away protection of all but the member of the President and his immediate families.
    Funny you did not mention all the congressmen and families who are getting protection, also using
    private jets and US Air FOrce jets traveling back and forth to their residence and other non business
    placed. Ask Poloski how much she has spent. You people are ate up with jealousy, greed, hatred.

  8. Cost of protection for Trump after the Dems and liberals have campaigned to have him assisassinated–compared to what–all the parties the Obamas had in Spain, Hawaii et al with their whole family and friends? The Democrats are destroying the substance of the United States government institutions.

  9. The Democratic party of Death is a parasite on the Constitution of the United States and the American People. These Parasites need to be removed before they kill the host. Which is American and our Constitution.

  10. As a taxpayer and a 45 year registered Democrat, I want to know how much money is being spent on protecting the Princess Nancy Pelosi. Also, I want to know what her travel expenses have been during the last three years. She has always been a big spender and I think that she should be held accountable to us taxpaying citizens.

    1. If Drunken, nutty Nancy is still using the USAF 89th Wing’s 757 to travel back and forth to SFO, I’d like to see the manifests for those flights to see who is getting free rides, food and drinks on the taxpayers’ dime. If I recall correctly both Ryan and Boehner used commercial flights to fly back and forth to their districts.

  11. Does President Pelosi still force the Air Force to fly her and her family back and forth to the west coast? Perhaps I’m wrong, but I do not believe that expense is budgeted – nor is it legal. She was doing that some time back (in her previous stint as “Speaker of the House” and she was called on it.

  12. Maybe The Dems could give us an accting of Obumos. How about taxpayer $$$ taking a dz of one of Obumo’s daughters and her buddies to Mx City. Along with a dz SS. Plus having to pay for Mex help. Or all the vacations Me$$elle brought along at taxpayers $. Or Me$$chelles trip to Japan. Once there . Me$$hele demanded a whole floor of this fancy hotel… making the hotel moved all the guests on that floor. Me$$helles mother raised so much trouble for the staff, the staff was overjoyed when they /grandma left. Plus how about the $160000 pension the Obumo’s got grandma…. because she “b abysat” while being waited on full time…. and so on it goes. How about all the Booze Pelosi would load on her plane when she would go back to visit Calif. $$$$$$$$$ booze paid for by taxpayers for her different “events”. Check out Pelosi’s son and his Hunter Biden type deals…. along with her husband

  13. I’d like to know how much the government has spent on food and booze for military planes that Pelosi reserves, and then doesn’t fly on, and also why the government is paying for alcohol for military planes, I don’t recall ever being allowed to drink when I was on a military hop, why should congressmen/women? Just put them on a C-130 if they need to fly.

  14. Sadly we have allowed politicians from both parties to feel that they are rulers not servants to the people. They need to be reigned in and given a short leash. Is the Secret Service giving protection to our 100 Senators, plus the 300 + Congress Reps. ? How much money is that equate to? Why are we protecting ex-Presidents. Why does each one get a Presidential Library. Give all their docuements to the Library’ of Congress. We are allowing these want to be royals to waste tax payer dollars.
    The problem is that most Americans are dumber than dryer lint. They follow a media that has never been truthful since 1783. Lenin called the Russian people ” useful idiots”. The democraps are definately saying the same thing about the citizens of the U.S.

  15. Republicans should demand a complete audit of the costs involved in protecting Obama when POTUS plus Clinton and other leading Democrats including Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff. How much was spent per annum historically and how much is being spent currently?

  16. All prior presidents should pay for their own security. It seems they have ALL become multi-millionaires, in one way OR ANOTHER! They can afford it. All politicians should be forced to have and pay for the same medical plans they voted upon for the American Citizens. After they leave office, they should cease to be on the taxpayer teat. CUT THEM ALL OFF WHEN THEIR TERMS END. There should be TERM LIMITS as well. The Secret Service should include copies of the “previous ‘Resident’ of the White House” along with any response they make to this request. It is very sad to watch the Democrat party trash this nation just because they lost an election they thought they should win. They obviously under estimated Trump’s voters when they ‘fixed’ all those voter machines. And in that vein……we should DEMAND PAPER BALLOTS in 2020. Much harder to ‘FIX’ paper ballots.

  17. I have always thought that Presidents should pay for their own security once they are out of office. They are all wealthy and taxpayers should not be burdened. The Obamas were awful while in office. Michele had to have 100 hangers on along on her trips. I guess she needed that many to make herself/himself presentable. I would like to know how many democrats give up any part of their salaries to charities as President Trump does. I doubt a single one of them does anything like that. Marauding Morons.

  18. Fuck You Steven, did you care when obummer took his extended family to hawaii for 40 million taxpayer dollars you scumbag looser.

  19. Compare the $$ spent by Obama et al on their lavish vacations, exorbitant staff and family paid as staff that they trucked along with them on every trip. Trump’s expenses will be cheap.

  20. Let this guy instead of questioning what it costs to protect the president and his family, question what it costs to protect him and his family as well as the rest of congress a-holes.
    What about past officials of this country? What was the cost, and better yet, what about Barry and Mike?
    Why are we still paying to protect that commie bastard? Barry is still ripping off this country, look what he stole from Chicago for his “LIBRARY” THE LAND THAT HE STOLE! …
    This guy is just another democrap who wouldn’t fight to save his country, or for that matter, his own family if push came to shove. He sits in his government paid office, on his fat ass and has the balls to question how much it costs for protection for HIS BOSS, who signs his paychec!!
    What a dumb ass!!

  21. The Democrats are just angry because they can’t get to Trump! They don’t worry about the money they spend! Look at Obama, taking his posse to Central America where the pure cocaine is! Democrats are vile, putrid people, the dregs of society, and right now they are creating anything that will get attention away from the crimes they committed in Ukraine! If you wait and listen, they will blame Republicans for the crimes they actually committed. They’re like a kid, guilt ridden, who comes to his parents and says I didn’t spill the milk, when nobody else knew milk had been spilled!

  22. The United States of America would be way, better off without Democrats! They spend money like there is no tomorrow, the nerve of these people! Every paycheck that I ever earned, had money coming out, going to people I didn’t know, because of Democrats! That turd Lyndon Johnson, who said, “These blacks are getting too uppity, we need to give them something, not a lot, just enough to pacify them, I’ll have those ni__ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”
    Well thanks a lot you turd, taxpayers will be paying them for nothing for the next 200 years! They want to talk about spending? Please! President Trump doesn’t even accept his pay!

  23. Democrats are everything wrong with America, if they were anyone else, we’d be sending them packing! They are a giant tumor on the brain of America! All they do is seditious, they lie to everyone! They cheated their own voters in 2016 cheating their own Party’s Presidential Nomination Election and their voters just accepted it!
    Nancy Pelosi decided that Bernie Sanders couldn’t beat Trump, so they stole it out from under him and put Hillary in there, and she lost! Some say that we wouldn’t have Trump had Nancy left things alone!

  24. Look at the money the Obama’s spent, then compare that to what President Trump has spent! It’s laughable! They never stop! Truth is, they all got a piece of Ukraine, and we need to keep the spotlight on this! You can always tell when you’re on to something with the Democrats, Nancy goes camping, and lights another Forrest fire!

  25. The Democrats are angry because their precious Hillary lost to a never politician! The kicker is the fact that Hillary never should have been in that race! They cheated to put Hillary running against Trump, and they are angry because he beat her!

  26. 1) Democrats cheated to put a known ineligible Obama in office! Both he, and his father, were born in Kenya, according to Harvard! The DNC knew it, but went with it! That is treason!

    2) Hillary Clinton was not the DNC voters choice, but they cheated, and she ran instead of the winner of the DNC Presidential Nomination Election, Bernie Sanders!

    3) The DNC was going for the trifecta, the first black POTUS, the first woman POTUS, and the first tranny POTUS!

  27. Now, the DNC is in something that they can’t get out of, the Ukraine Deal, operation Eastern Europe Jackpot! The Windfall Criminal’s Dream, the perfect score! The most corrupt government on earth, second place was the Obama fiasco! The outgoing Ukraine government, bones picked by the American DNC!

  28. ..and I want to know how much it costs to put a stop to weaponizing the impeachment power that the panic stricken House Democrats are pursuing to stop Americans from re-electing President Trump for a second term.

  29. First off he doesn’t take a pay check,second most of his so called vacation time is at his own property.He doesn’t fly his dog around on a special plane

  30. The democrats are worried about how much it costs Trump for his security yet the spent OUR social security money on their bogus impeachment.

  31. The Democrats want to know how much money the Secret Services spend protecting Trump. If they are truly trying to make a balanced budget LOL. they would have more than even they could spend if
    1. When politicians leave office they loose their medical coverage forcing them to enroll into what they expect their voters to use.
    2. Politicians income be reduced to what they paid into Social Security when they retire like the rest of us. If this were to happen our seniors wouldn’t be making less than those on welfare as they are presently.
    3. Politicians should have a budget that they have to live by (we do) and provide a factual accounting of where the taxpayers money went.
    4. Past Presidents should be able to pay for their own security. Same goes for any other government office (Congress, Senators, Judical ….)
    President Trump should ask how much is it costing the taxpayers to have so much manusha tact on to decent bills that are lining the pockets of crooked politicians.

    There is more than enough money out there that could be better spent in other areas than on politicians
    1. Livable income for those over 65 on Social Security
    2. Livable income for our military and their families.
    3. Affordable insurance for those unable to work.
    4: Money would be available to train the unemployed for jobs that are in desperate need.
    5. Money would be available to fix this country’s infrastructure that is crumbling faster than it is being repaired. Great opportunity for increased employment for the current unemployed.
    5. Money would be available to fight the wild fires. Another employment opportunity.
    6. Money would be there for replanting decimated forests. Another employment opportunity.
    7. Promote sorting our own trash for recycling. Employment opportunity.
    8. Promote ways of using recycled plastics, metals, glass, and paper. Entrepreneurial opportunities. Thus employment opportunities.

    I could list more, Let’s make AMERICA GREAT. AGAIN! Trash has replaced natural resources. We should explore all the possibilities it offers.

  32. If they want a cost accounting of what security for President Trump and his family cost, then they should also provide a cost accounting of what was spent on the Obamas, especially when Michelle insisted on:
    flying separately from Barack when they went on vacation;
    taking multi-million dollar vacations that taxpayers paid for; and
    going on shopping sprees abroad with her daughters that were paid for by taxpayers.
    And while we are on the subject of accounting for costs, I’d like to give a big Thumbs Up to Patty Deeg-Metz who enumerated a number of very good points.

  33. I want to know how much it cost us taxpayers to fly oblamo, his “wife” and his DOG on separate flights!!

    But they don’t care about what oblamo cost us then AND now!!

  34. How about we look to see how much taxpayer money you Rat Bastard Democrats wasted on the Russian Colusion and your Circus Impeachment in the last 3 years. Check and see how much Obama ripped of this country with his frequent vacations air travel and security, then you can question President Trumps cost to protect him. Till then shut the hell up and do your jobs ifyou remember how !

  35. Ever DemocRAT in the House and Senate should pay back the tax payers every cent for three years of for causing harm to the country by not securing our borders and accomplishing not one thing in that time! They are worth less than a tick on a dog!

  36. Has nothing to do with being nosy. Americans have a right to know exactly how our tax-dollars are being spent. Not that we will get the truth.

  37. What about the cost of protecting the Obama Family, the Clinton Family, and the rest of the past Presidents? Why do they get personal protection when the rest of the Citizens of this country must fend for themselves, (or, if the Liberals get their way, be totally UNPROTECTED)? The President and Vice President, and their families, should be protected WHILE THEY ARE IN OFFICE, but once they are out, that protection should be removed. For no other reason is that they were in a TEMP job, and most TEMP jobs don’t have benefits once you are no longer working. They deserve Secret Service protection no more than any other person who has worked for the US Government (this would include every veteran).

  38. The Democrats are NOT being nosy!!! They are entitled to this information! And your what-about-ism right in the lede is certainly unwarranted! Democrats don’t make a fuss when someone wants to check up on them. You just made that up!! You are corrupt! You paint the Democrats’ request as wanting “control.” You are sleazy.

  39. Better yet; I would like to see how much it is costing the American taxpayers to foot the bill for this totally bogus impeachment scam, as well as what we – the American people – are paying Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and the rest of the do nothing Democrats to do nothing. Let’s start there before scrutinizing how much money is paid to protect our POTUS and his family.

  40. Lets face it..the United States spent a fortune on security for Obama including a huge amount to send Michelle and the girls on shopping trips and vacations all over the world with her huge host of travel companions. Trump is deserving of all his security and the they would welcome protecting an American champion of Presidents rather than the witch of the White House in Hillary.

  41. I demand to see to see the records of how much was spent on hiding the filth of the Demonrat party plus their tax records and how they became so individually rich on their salary, plus why they get world class benefits instead paying for their own as we do AND all of their offshore accounts where they hide their bribe monies.

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