Bernie Sanders Says Joe Biden Isn’t Corrupt – What a Relief!

Bernie Sanders Says Joe Biden Isn’t Corrupt – What a Relief!

Well, it is official, Joe Biden isn’t corrupt! How do we know? Easy, all we had to do was ask Bernie Sanders. Whew, what a relief.

This revelation of Joe Biden’s character was revealed in one story covering these assurances from our trusted source, Vermont Senator (D), Bernie Sanders. In that story, Sanders was quoted as saying, “… it is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way.” Well, that settles it then.

Now we can lay to rest those glaring ties between Joe and his son hunter and all that Ukraine business. It means all of those allegations of inappropriate behavior can finally be put to rest.

And even our aforementioned story, in which Bernie Sanders was responding to the suggestions from a prominent Sanders’ supporter, that Joe Biden “has a big corruption problem and it makes him a weak candidate,” can, at last, be answered.

Hey, it was the unblemished, infallible, always charismatic and… Wait – what’s that you say? Senator Sanders also has serious issues regarding his character?

There is a shock! These are certainly just nit-picking and minor issues, like being on the wrong side of a topic, right? No? These are serious allegations you say? In fact, another story recently reported on some of those very serious allegations of misusing and funneling taxpayer funds.

Yes, you know where (or to whom) he funneled those funds to.

These weren’t peanuts, or even bags of peanuts for that matter, this was serious money. The story reporting those allegations, citing the book Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite said, “they funneled $83 million through this media-buying company…” referencing Sanders’ 2016 run for Office.

Of course, these aren’t the only question marks in the Senator’s curious and questionable career as a politician, so it doesn’t really bode well for his endorsement of Biden as a decent human being either. One criminal vowing for the character and integrity of another criminal somehow doesn’t instill confidence, does it?

This story and these two men contending with their own scandals, however, may have more than a few interesting scenarios brewing between them. While Bernie stood up for Joe, it begs the question, what will Joe do when the time comes because they are chasing the same crown, after all.

It is also evident that at least Sanders has some appreciation for the former Vice President, even saying, “Joe Biden is a friend of mine. I’ve known him for many, many years. He’s a very decent guy.” And, let’s not forget that Sanders used emphatic words to defend Biden when saying his pal was not “corrupt in any way.”

Those are strong words. So when his buddy and opponent, Joe Biden, has the opportunity to discuss Bernie Sanders… ?

In an already muddled field with no-favorites, no true front runner but a slew of front runners, drawing closer to your competition may not be an advisable move. Not if winning is your goal, but they are friends – “partners in crime” – right?

(Sorry, that pun was too obvious to pass up!)

That also makes it difficult to take much of what either of these candidates has to say seriously, and that includes the endorsement of another candidate. When we get to the finish line, however, regardless of who is left standing, it may not matter.

Barring the miracle of the Democrat’s only real plan to win the Presidency, namely that circus on the Hill to remove Trump, there isn’t a Democratic candidate strong enough to win. There is nobody currently in the ranks of a fractured and far-left leaning Party that is strong enough to beat the President.

Of course, that smoke and mirrors show up there in D.C. will pass, and the show in Washington will go on. Then the Democrats will be exactly where they are today, a year from now, trying to figure it out.

The good news is that Bernie Sanders has a friend, at least we think he does, but time will tell!


29 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Says Joe Biden Isn’t Corrupt – What a Relief!

  1. Dems definition of corrupt when it comes to Good ol’ Grandpa Joe, and Brutal Boaster Bernie is anything we do is the best for you!

  2. So, seems ole Bernie does not really want to be President- he defends Biden even though there is plenty of evidence of misconduct i.e. being corrupt in this election, in the 2016 election he defended corrupt Hillary on national television saying “No one wants to hear about her Emails!” …yep seems he just does not want to be president nor is he anywhere near qualified if he gives in that easily to his opponents! Imagine what he will give to Putin or N. Korea!

    Or is this simply a case of one rotten apply looking at another and saying Nope don’t see any corruption here- how could you say such a thing he seems fine to me!

    1. You damn well hit that on the head, He is too old anyway. He would never complete his term. 78 avg age true for men but this is not our man whichever you want. All of them have that last card *Racist-Bullies, boy have these senile ancient relics teach our children well. They see noting different today than they wet their own pants.
      The Domestic-Racist-Democratic-Terrorist Group. You see it. We have to show our kids what we preach about Terrorist , not let them do what you see here ever single day Our President Wins and before. We are going to KAF , Im 78 too. I know what 78 is and it is not 16.

  3. Oh, and this site might want to stop paying ปั้มไลค์ for comments/reviews honestly he is on several sites and says the exact same thing. You are so not getting your money’s worth!

  4. SAD! Se n Bernie who I backed in 2016 has lost his mind. Maybe this heart thing and brought about senility on things he is now doing and saying. He almost would have beat Trump if Hillary and DNC had not scammed him. Later when he heard the e mails she Hillary attacked him and the DNC he mainly ignored this why he lost? Now he defends Biden. WHY Bernie they do not care for you. You voted with them and they now toss you aside. Why I this time cannot back you you lost your SOUL to the company store. Gabbard knows what they did also and left the DNC and you see what they tried to do to her a soldier attacked by the witch Hillary a mean lady . Go home Bernie and finish up being a Senator and enjoy your life not going to see Socialism

  5. Bernie is as CORRUPT as the whole Biden Family! . . . I wouldn’t trust EITHER of them as POTUS. None of the Democrats are POTUS material. Don’t vote for Any of them if you VALUE your country. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. How could anyone with a stable mind not see that trump is corrupt and lawless. He thumbs is nose at the constitution and spits on the rule of law can’t you see what will happen if he gets away with his crimes. He is leading the US into a dictatorship you fools mite want to live under a dictator but real patriots don’t

    1. At least you have your opinion, that is what it is about. I sure don’t want to go back to Obama days. He took at 78 my bed, business, home, was kind thou I have a day bed. $300. but I know you are winning too. have to be. but maybe not all of what you want. You have your real reason’s. Would be nice to wake up tomorrow a millionaire for the rest of what ever my years are. but Obama has no fears, has lots of you money hiding off shore, you know it, not a single one didn’t do the pay for play. Thats the real reason. Believing in him cost me my whole life. I don’t want anyone to have to endure that, what ever age you are now. 78 comes quick. Pick the good things and work on the bad, with Common Sense. Most people don’t have and other words, don’t really care, but don’t hesitate to just pop opinions on no logic reasons, Ask the second ? they have no idea what the first was. Stable mind, well you have the answer. you would be in closet like the last decades never knowing you reason for who the hell didn’t care anyway. Here we know what is going on, and if you are unclear just watch the replies. you will see more of what no one wants you to know anyway. count on it our President is for American’s (ALL) PS, liked your above, you know your real reasons, read them all between lines. you get your wins too.

  7. Yes Bernie and I am the pope When you both are around eighty you seem to miss some facts when you talk. Oh!, lets leave this out don’t want to alarm anyone, OK JOE

  8. What the hell does Obama have to do with trump and all his crimes. If Obama done something wrong dose trump have to follow him think. Trump has been in office for 3 years. Are you better off today than 3 years ago. NO

  9. So the commie PROTECTs Bidens CRIMINALITY of UKRAINE just like he did for HILIARY when she stole the 2016 nomination from him !!!

  10. If Joe Biden weren’t corrupt he would be the only so called Democrat in the race that wasn’t, but he is corrupt so we don’t have to worry about it.

  11. One should run for president and the other for his vice president. Sanders is senile and Joe has no idea where he is half the time. They make a great pair.

  12. So is Bernie saying he would be open to being a V.P. for Biden? I don’t think Biden is will to be a V.P. to Bernie!
    I’m begging to think.. all the Dem Candidates are seeing ahead to a brokered convention to have a candidate get the nomination… so many are trying to out do ‘give it away for free’ that there is little setting them apart from each other.

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